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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Non-Human Entity on TV -- Chased by Squealing Hairless Humanoid -- New Sea Creature Found

Non-Human Entity on TV

“New years eve '98, I was in a very busy bar in Spain. It was jammed packed full of people. The music was really loud and I kinda didn't feel like being there - wasn't in a party mood. I had been very ill and I was freezing (this was way up in the mountains... it was cold) but did my best. I sat down with my friends in a row of tables with a television set in the corner. Nobody was watching it and it had no sound on but as I was facing it. I couldn't avoid throwing a glance at it every now and again.

The news came on with a female newscaster and suddenly, the sound of the loud crowd in the bar just felt like a mumble underwater and I felt like I was in some sort of bubble from one moment to the next... and like time slowed down somehow and my eyes were fixed on the TV screen, where a face of non-human origin suddenly appeared as if right through the news lady. I looked around me, glancing to see if anybody else saw this but it appeared as if everyone was moving in slow motion somehow. The sound all around was the same, like mumbling underwater and this being just stared straight at me from that screen.

I do not know how long it lasted, but my best estimated guess would be around 7-8 seconds - that felt like it was never ending. And then there was a quick "snow" on the screen of a second or two and everything just popped back on normal – the TV and the crowd and noise around me, and it really startled me, so much so the person sitting opposite me asked: What happened? You look like you've just seen a ghost. I just excused myself and walked out and took a taxi home.."

Source: ThoughtTank, Youtube Comments / JLB

Here's another similar incident:

"I have an addition for your collection which causes me to write this to you. A friend of mine (who wishes to remain anonymous) showed me this photo over a year ago. It was taken In New Jersey about 1987. It is presently in the possession of his girlfriend who got it from the woman who took it. This woman was taking a picture of her grandkid. The scene is a typical living room with the kid in one of those kiddie walker things. In the background of the photo is a TV. The TV was off. You can see the halo from the flash on the screen. But you can also see an ALIEN face in the screen - very clearly. Very malevolent looking. I have black-barred out the kid's eyes. I know enough about computers and retouching etc, to know that this could have been faked if someone really wanted it to be. But having held this photo in my hand and examined this photo plus having worked in print production in NYC I have determined for me that this is no fake".

Source: anomalies-unlimited.com


Chased by Squealing Hairless Humanoid

Hobart, Indiana - 2016-11-08 - 9:30PM: An entity crossed our path, turned and began a very distinct high pitched, pig-like squealing. It started chasing us as we ran down a path out of the field. We stopped half-way, and again it started squealing louder. It walked on all fours and appeared like a hairless, greyish human-like creature. First appearance before we ran it seemed very long and low to the ground, stopping midway it looked perched up. I don't believe it was trying to attack though.

Earlier in the week we'd been out on the trail and noticed that in spots the grass had been pushed to the ground. I know many native and non-native animals, and this experience cant even possibly be any I know. - MUFON CMS


New Sea Creature Found

An extremely peculiar creature with a bulbous transparent head has been spotted by a diver in Bali.

There are some very strange-looking animals living in the depths of the world's oceans, as evidenced this week by a viral video showing a remarkable jelly-like sea slug.

The footage was recorded by a diver who admitted that he had no idea what it might be.

In the video, the animal can be seen inflating a bulbous balloon-like sack on its head which it apparently uses to scour the sea floor for smaller organisms to feed on.

Some Internet users have suggested that it could be a sea slug species known as Melibe viridis.

NOTE: Yeah...I thought 'walking penis' as well. Lon


Do You Have Post Election Stress Disorder?

This election season, people have been blocking and un-friending those on “the other side”, families have been arguing, it’s been a lot of stress. One side may feel the stress associated with the loss and Dr. Sanam Hafeez, a New York City-based licensed clinical psychologist and teaching faculty member at Columbia University Teacher’s College has a term for it – Post Election Stress Disorder.

And some thoughts on the signs of such Post Election Stress Disorder and what to do about it.

1. Upset stomach

According to Dr. Hafeez, stressing out about the future of our country can manifest itself in physical discomfort, such as stomach tension, nausea and lack of appetite. She advises that you take a break from news coverage and discussing election results.

2. Inability to focus

If you are worrying about the next 4 years of your life, it is difficult to give full attention to anything else. Her advice is to go for a walk or exercise or even color in a coloring book. Anything that doesn’t require a lot of attention.

3. Lack of sleep

A true sign of anxiety and stress is lack of sleep, says Dr. Hafeez. Sleep is when our bodies turn over cells, fight off illness and should be fully relaxed. When stress disturbs sleep for a prolonged period of time, it has been correlated to a slew of illnesses including depression, mental illness and heart disease. Avoid watching the news before bed and you should probably avoid pure streams of digital information being sent directly into your eyeballs with a tablet.

4. You’re angrier than usual

If you feel on edge and angry, screaming in traffic and irritable at work and that’s not just another weekday, you need to get some perspective. And maybe a massage.

5. You’re not in the mood for love.

When stressed it’s common for sexual desire to wane – especially if your partner voted for the wrong candidate. Try holding hands, generate some feel-good brain chemicals, be happy “The West Wing” isn’t still on television.

Remember, if your candidate didn’t nab the presidency, things could be worse. YOU could be President and inherit a $19.3 trillion deficit. Now is something to be stressed about.

Excerpts from science20.com



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