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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

From Bad To Worse...Entering 'The Twilight Zone'

I recently received the following account:

"This happened to my eldest granddaughter and myself in 2001, February. My granddaughter's wi-fi company closed its doors in San Diego just before Christmas that year, and my granddaughter had been offered a job in Eugene, Oregon. I pounced on the offer as I just wanted something different. We planned on stopping in San Francisco to visit some friends she had living there. I hadn't been in San Francisco since the Treasure Island World's Fair in 1939, so I was excited about that. It was decided we would leave San Diego on or about February 15, driving up I-5.

Everything started going wrong from the first. She learned she would not be receiving the severance pay she had been promised as the company simply didn't have it; then, things went haywire on my end---family problems, which I got fixed, but left an uneasy feeling with me. Had a very nice flight to San Diego on the 10th of February, planning on loading the car over the next two days as well as getting it road ready. THAT chore added to my uneasiness--took nearly ALL of one of my credit cards to do the job, then, the trailer hitch she contracted for wouldn't fit. Then, the weather turned bad----storm after storm lashed California, and I was beginning to think it would be better to head east towards my home in Phoenix than northward, but, her friends in Oregon kept pushing for her to 'come on up if you want this job!' So, over her own misgivings, we loaded up and headed out, what made it even worse, I-5 was shut down because of high snowfall, that meant we had to use Highway 101 up the coast.

As we approached Irvine where we would take the highway to Los Angeles, it began raining---hard. Then, a massive SUV passed us (we were driving her unknown year Chrysler convertible towing a small UHaul trailer) and disaster struck--that thing DROWNED us in a massive wave of water. The car coughed, hiccuped and stopped----she barely got it to the shoulder. This was repeated for the next hour--until the poor thing just gave out. We called the AAA, and waited for several hours until they could get to us---mainly because there were accidents and breakdowns all over Southern California. To make that portion of the story shorter, we spent the next two weeks sitting in a motel while the garage tore the Chrysler down to the block---and then discovered our whole problem had been water getting into the gas----something my granddaughter had told them to look for in the first place!

We FINALLY got headed towards Oregon.

We were so happy when we approached San Francisco, but, we weren't planning on turning in to the Twilight Zone.

We admired the lights from the Bay Bridge reflecting on the water, and the lights from the city just added to the beauty. That's when our highway turned onto a detour which led us to a dark street. We weren't concerned, however, figuring we would just follow the signs----only, there weren't any! We saw big wire construction fences, no lights, no signs. We were afraid to stop, afraid to go on, but that was the only way to go. We finally saw a routing sign near a brightly-lit Shell Station--but, it was PENCILED ON A PIECE OF CARDBOARD WHICH WAS TAPED TO A LIGHT POST! Oh, yes! There were NO street-lights lit, either! We approached a red light, rather relieved to see a bit of civilization, but when a car pulled up next to us and turned left, we started wondering again----it was a 1940s model Sedan, didn't see the make, and the people inside were not dressed in 21st Century-type of clothing. Further on, a car on our left turned right from a side street, and IT was even older than the other one! About 1938, I think! By this time, we were getting more and more freaked out, but were too afraid to stop, afraid to go on, but, when we realized there were no pedestrians on the street--remember, this is a busy, very populated world-class city, but no pedestrians!

Then, we realized we were approaching the Golden Gate Bridge, and began worrying about the toll charges. Then, we saw something we STILL don't believe: The toll booth was dark, and so was the bridge! As dark as the inside of a black cow! The ONLY time that bridge was dark in my memory was during WWII---WHY was it dark on this night?

I suddenly noticed my granddaughter was gripping the steering wheel so tightly her hands were white. Upon questioning, she said " SOMETHING OR SOMEONE wants me to go back to the city, but if I do, I shall never leave---alive!" We finally were able to leave the black mass of metal behind, and headed for Crescent City. My granddaughter had to sit for a few moments to let her hands relax to let go of the wheel.

A few weeks later, she called me, saying she had spoken to her friends in San Francisco who were most put out we hadn't stopped in. She told them our story, then they hit her with something neither of us could believe.

It seems our very dark street was very much alive and jumping the night we drove through. In fact, there was some kind of celebration going on with people on the sidewalks, in the stores and bars---in fact, the male friend had even gassed up his car at the Shell Station (which was open 24 hours, but closed tight when we passed) we saw. Could it have been the time of night we went through, she asked (we had passed through between 11:30 PM to maybe 1 AM). Her friends hooted, "No way," they said. "Some of those places were open all night!"

OK. So where were we, and what did we experience? Neither of us ever wants to go back to San Francisco ever again!" - LW

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