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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: 'Shadow People' Infestation in Military Hospital -- Horrifying Close Encounter -- Bizarre Light

'Shadow People' Infestation in Military Hospital


I send you this email from France, from a city in the North called Rodez.

I'm sorry for my english skills, I understand better than I wrote.

I've heard about the shadow people long after I've started to see them. I'm not the only one. We're four friends, we met this year and we feel almost "haunted" by something hidden in the shadows. At the beginning, we thought it was a ghost haunting one of us, or a place but it's largest. So we found this speculations about shadows people and we knew it was it.

We're going to a school in a military hospital, with a psychiatric annex. Today, we sleep in buildings built to keep soldiers with psychic troubles.

My mum is someone with a big influence on the "supernatural" world. She see ghosts, she can feel them. She thinks I'll be just like her when I'll get older.

I just don't know if the "older" is now. I'm almost 18.

Coming back to our "guests", we don't really know what they want. We haven't seen red eyes, but my friends saw a hat. I just saw it in a corner of my eyes, it moves too quickly to be sure that I really saw something.

But I feel it. When we were in our room, one night, my bed cracked under it's weight. I felt it go down, so I'm sure something was there.

We also hear it walking, it opens doors and close it. One of my friends saw it. It was a "free-stander", tall and it was watching at us. The second, smaller, walked on my bed.

We always see a shadow, but once, I've saw something like the air get thicker in this place. And it was a human torso. Just head and shoulders.

I'd really like to know if we can protect ourselves from it. Because even if it's just watching, it start to scare us. M

NOTE: this does seem to be a 'shadow people' infestation. The location is no doubt a problem...allowing the entities to gather a variety of negative energies. There are likely more than 2 entities on the site. I gave the writer several ideas on protection and ways to calm the activity. Lon


Horrifying Close Encounter

I live in Puyallup, Washington. At the time I was living with my wife and our first son in University Place, Washington. I'd like to mention that I do not believe there are aliens from other planets. I'm more in line with the late John Keel, believing that these things are indeed happening, but they are more of a malevolent spiritual type of entities. I don't know why I never reported this before; I suppose one reason might be at the time this happened there was no internet to speak of. Another reason I hesitated to report this is because part of this whole experience seemed like it was a dream, but part of it seems like I was awake. That makes it hard for me to nail things down from a factual standpoint.

I don't recall the exact year this happened, but it was in the early 1990's. I don't recall the month, but I do remember it happened around 3am.

It started out with me dreaming that there was some sort of panic in the house; I remember hurrying back and forth from the back door to the front door to the windows because there was some sort of UFO over the house. I remember seeing it, but can't really describe it. What freaked me out more was when I looked out the front door, there were two (maybe three) humainoid figures that were dark in color (either black or very dark gray). They had no facial features or any features to speak of. Just dark shapes.

This is where it gets confusing for me because it suddenly switched to me being in bed, my wife sleeping next to me. There were one or more of the same exact entities at the foot of the bed. This is the part where I could swear I was awake. I remember looking over at my wife, who was sound asleep. For some reason I could not make a noise, even though I tried. There was a heavy weight on my chest. I tried calling out the name of Jesus, but I could not speak. The fear was incredibly strong. It was fear on a level I had not experienced before. I don't remember them doing anything to me other than what I would describe as very strong oppression and a feeling of being physically paralyzed.

At some point I was able to move and there was no longer anything in the room. My wife woke up and told me to grab my Bible and hold it close to me. So I did that, and I was able to go back to sleep. There were no other problems that night. When I woke up in the morning, I was still holding my Bible and I noticed my chest hurt a lot, like someone had punched me in the ribs really hard.

I don't have any idea what brought this on, and there were one or two other times later on where this same type of thing happened, but it was never even close to being as horrifying as the first time. - MUFON CMS


Bizarre Light

Verne in Lake Elsinore, California called in to tell of something bizarre that happened to him and his wife while visiting Canada:

“My wife and I were visiting in Barrie, Ontario in our relatives home by a lake there, near the Labatts brewery. Anyway, we had retired for the night, and I was awakened by a light coming in through the curtains, into the room. It was a single bed and I was sleeping by the wall with my wife on the other side. It woke me up but she continued to sleep. I just had a sense that something was... no noise, it was completely quiet – but I just had a feeling or a sense or something that this thing with tremendous power was approaching or coming over the house. When it was completely over the house and the light wasn't coming in through the windows anymore but I could see the light outside, I immediately fell asleep. The next morning, when I woke up, I had a headache and my wife, who slept through the whole thing, also had a headache. That's the only time in our lives that we both awakened at the same time with headaches.”

Source: Darkness Radio – February 22, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Bria



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