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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Living With Alien Shape Shifters -- NZ Town Plagued by Biting Vampire Attacks -- Volcano Erupting Off The US Northwest Coast

Living With Alien Shape Shifters

Willis, TX: Please watch my videos that clearly shows Alien creatures. I have just posted the videos a few days ago after much prayer and thoughts. I have since moved (Dec. 2015) and I was followed. I am still afraid to sleep at nights so my hours are messed up because most nights I don't sleep. They say a war will come or begin in December 2016.

It's better if you just watch the videos and listen. If I try explaining first...I will sound like a nutcase.

I haven't included a detailed description with the videos yet. I'm working up the nerve because that means I will have to listen to it all again, open myself up...and that is very difficult.

I don't know what they are. They claim they are the Anunnaki and later The Greys. I just know they are shape shifters and liars. I have no one to talk to about this and it has been going on a full year now.

There has been times, I thought I was going crazy despite the proof of the videos. I still question why me?

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5

Strangely by some unknown force or perhaps luck, I just ran into Karla Turners books a few days ago online and I am on the 3rd book...Into The Fringe. Very frightening because for there were moments I shook me up very badly and I would have to stop reading...it was too familiar.

I won't provide a last name but the number I provided is correct. I live in Conroe, Tx....and two are here with me at all times. The nights are the worse because I am afraid to sleep because there has been times...recently...hearing voices, sinister. A few days ago, after up all night, I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up hearing voices. I opened my heavy eyes and saw a small child size female leaning over me. I don't remember her face, I recall seeing a childlike arm, the shirt was black. She had black hair and he, the male had a pointed chin, flesh colored but not human, and black eyes. I felt drugged. It was hard to move. I was trying to wake up, move and then I heard a male voice say my name and that is what broke the trance or whatever it was.

Anyway, I have more videos that I won't post...videos of them talking and one is very disturbing...they are doing something to me and my mother is in the other room. It sounds like a drill and I clearly hear my own pain.

I just want to know how to stop them. Blessing the house, prayers from the bible helps me but they're here. They say they are trying to protect me but I learned recently they are the same two creatures from the first video. They lie.

They have said the USA Air Force has many UFOs that have been seen in the skies but some are not man made. They say this year nearly 19,000 ships will come, that they are traveling now. It's crazy. I sound Crazy...I know. Just watch the videos on YouTube and then we can talk....YouTube: puresimplicity44

Thank you and I wish you a wonderful day - MUFON CMS


NZ Town Plagued by Biting Vampire Attacks

Locals in a small New Zealand town are worried that vampires have set up camp after a spate of biting attacks has plagued the area.

Three incidents have been reported over the past week in Napier, which police have described as “weird” for their similarities.

A woman was arrested after she allegedly bit a shopper’s ear during a brawl between three females outside the New World supermarket.

A Hawke’s Bay District Command Centre spokesman told Stuff: ”It was a fight between three females and during the fight one of the females has bitten another one’s ear and drawn blood.’

“She hasn’t bitten it off, but quite badly so she needed some medical attention.”

A fight also broke out later on that night outside the Thirsty Whale bar that saw a woman jump onto a man fighting her brother, sinking her teeth so far into his neck that he was taken to hospital after suffering major blood loss.

Bar owner Chris Sullivan said he has no idea who the people who were fighting are, adding: “We’ve never seen these people before – they’re certainly not locals.”

A family row also turned violent in the same week, with another person being bitten during the argument.

A police spokesman said: “It is a little bit weird.”

If it is vampires, New Zealand is a bad place to live - it’s always sunny for a start. - Are Vampires On The Loose In New Zealand Town Plagued By Bite Attacks?


An Undersea Volcano May Be Erupting Off The US Northwest Coast

Geologists have good reason to believe that an active underwater volcano, the Axial Seamount, is erupting about 300 miles (482 km) off the coast of Washington and Oregon. Remarkably, two scientists predicted the event almost perfectly.

For the past week, the region has been subject to thousands of tiny earthquakes. Geologists Bill Chadwick of Oregon State University and Scott Nooner of the University of North Carolina Wilmington interpret this activity as magma moving toward the surface. What’s more, the seafloor has dropped by eight feet (2.4 meters), which suggests that magma is escaping from a reservoir under the summit. The researchers say the eruption is not a threat to coastal residents and that earthquakes at the Axial Seamount aren’t powerful enough to trigger tsunamis.

Back in September 2014, Chadwick and Nooner predicted that the Axial Seamount would erupt sometime in 2015. Looks like they nailed it, but more data is required for them to prove it.

“It isn’t clear yet whether the earthquakes and deflation at Axial are related to a full-blown eruption, or if it is only a large intrusion of magma that hasn’t quite reached the surface,” noted Chadwick in an Oregon State University statement. “There are some hints that lava did erupt, but we may not know for sure until we can get out there with a ship.” Read more at An Undersea Volcano May Be Erupting Off The US Northwest Coast



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