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Friday, February 19, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Mysterious Bi-Ped Reported in Quimper Peninsula -- 100+ Dismembered Corpses Found in Colombia Jail Drains - Psychic: 'I knew it was coming'

Mysterious Bi-Ped Reported in Quimper Peninsula

"We live in the Pacific Northwest on the Quimper Peninsula in Washington State. Twice now, we have spotted a creature that is about just shy of four and a half feet tall, bipedal with a terrible screeching sound. It sounds like a monkey. It is much larger than any raccoon we've ever seen, though at first that was what our logical minds told us it was. We only see it in the very early hours of the morning. My hound dog, who I usually have to keep from chasing an animal of any sort, is frightened of this one and when he encounters that he will run as fast as he can back to our door." RK


Hey folks...today's offerings will be limited to two posts today. I have a few errands that must be taken care of. Thanks for reading. Lon


Psychic: 'I knew it was coming'

67-year-old Rachel Williams is a psychic who works out of her house in Anaheim, California.

And around 4:30 P.M. on Friday, a guy in a pickup truck lost control and PLOWED through the side of her house.

She was hit by some debris and had to go to the hospital, but she’ll be okay. And her son was in the room where the truck hit too, but he wasn’t hurt.

And Rachel says that she wasn’t surprised by the truck hitting her house for two reasons. One, it’s the third time someone’s done that. And two, she had a VISION of it coming.

Quote, “Yes, I knew it. I didn’t know what time, but I had that spiritual feeling.”

She also told the cops she had another psychic feeling . . . that the driver was DRUNK. So now they’re investigating to see whether that was true. - A Truck Crashed Into a Psychic’s House . . . She Says She Knew It Was Coming


Coffee Tycoon's Ashes Interred In The Iconic Pot He Made Famous

In life as in death, it was all about the coffee for Renato Bialetti.

When the 93-year-old Italian entrepreneur who brought the stove-top Moka coffee maker to the masses died on Feb. 11, his family decided there was only one way for him to be buried. They placed his ashes inside one of his iconic, octagonal aluminum pots.

Bialetti's remains were blessed by a priest in his hometown of Casale Corte Cerro, 60 miles northwest of Milan, on Tuesday before being interred in the family tomb in nearby Omega.

Bialetti's father Alfonso acquired the patent for the coffee maker in 1933. According to The Local, Alfonso struggled to sell the gadget and made just 70,000 units before his son Renato took over the company in 1947.

The younger Bialetti launched an ambitious marketing campaign, imprinting a caricature of himself on the side of the pot, and went on to sell more than 330 million units worldwide. They range from single-cup makers to pots that can brew up to 24 servings.

The Bialetti family sold the business to another Italian company in 1986, and the percolators are now produced in Romania, reports The Telegraph. - Coffee Tycoon's Ashes Interred In The Iconic Pot He Made Famous


Scores Of Dismembered Corpses Found Inside Drain Pipes At Colombian Jails

Remains of at least 100 dismembered prisoners and visitors have been found in drain pipes at a jail in Colombia's capital that houses drug traffickers, Marxist rebels and paramilitaries, investigators said on Wednesday.

Body parts were found at La Modelo jail in Bogota, one of the Andean nation's biggest penitentiaries, as well as in jails in the cities of Popayan, Bucaramanga and Barranquilla, said Caterina Heyck, an investigator at the attorney general's office.

"The number of victims is unknown, but we know it's over 100 and could be considerably higher," she told reporters in Bogota.

"Remains of prisoners, visitors and others were thrown in the drainage system."

Colombian jails are among the most overcrowded and violent in Latin America and accommodate leftist guerrillas alongside their right-wing paramilitary enemies. - Scores Of Dismembered Corpses Found Inside Drain Pipes At Colombian Jails



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