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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Winged Cryptid: Pterosaur or Flying Ray?

I received the following report today:

Hi Lon, I've been searching the internet for years for an explanation of what myself & husband saw back in July 1997 in Bremerton, Washington on a warm summer night about 10pm. They began to glide over the evergreen tree line into the moonlight which made them visible.

There were 2 of them. Very large (wing span of Cessna airplane) transparent flying creatures flying or swimming high in the sky near the Bremerton beach & over my in-laws house. The head was clearly similar to a prehistoric bird with a pterodactyl type beak & although the body/wings reminded us of a sting ray (no feathers), it had feet & a long prehistoric bird like tail. They seemed to glide in the air.

They glided about ten feet above our heads (colorless & transparent) like wonder woman's airplane. Hold a glass under water & examine how that looks. You can clearly see the shape but not much more. That is exactly how it looked in the moonlight. It took on the reflection of everything around it as if reflective glass when the light hits it just right.

They made no noise...completely silent. One swooped down so low that if we had stood on his dad's truck we could have reached up & touched it as it flew overhead. It glided above us & seemed to almost run into the neighbors house, then veered & glided down the street & then into the darkness. We heard no wing flapping. It was silent.

None of the family believed us. I wouldn't have believed my husband except I saw it with my own eyes. We didn't feel threatened by them, & they didn't seem to be stalking us, but rather cruising by.

I hope one day this mystery is solved, but I did think maybe it's two dimensions colliding for a brief time?? It seemed so prehistoric. I'm religious so I had also wondered if it could have been spiritual. Anyway, glad to know we are not alone in similar sightings. Some comfort in that.


NOTE: Even though the descriptions were similar to pterosaurs, it seemed to have the same qualities described in many of the flying ray sightings I've been investigating over the years. Some these factors included body shape, transparency, stealth, silence and near water. The state of Washington has a history of cryptid bird sightings...notably, smaller pterosaur-like creatures. Are these manifestations or flesh & blood creatures? Lon

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