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Monday, February 16, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Alien on the Basement Stairs -- Florida's Past Feed Modern Phenomena -- The CIA and Weather Weapons

Alien on the Basement Stairs

In late August of 1994 i was riding back with my mother a close friend after A Friday night bowling session we did weekly. As we approached a farm area in between Oxford, Michigan and Lapeer, Michigan I saw an extremely bright area in a field on the east side of the road. I thought there was a football game or some event going on not realizing where we were. The field was completely illuminated at least a hundred yards and as I observed this I noticed a large triangular object. It had 3 bright white lights one on each Point of the triangle. In the center there was a dome with a laser like red light in the middle of that. The bottom of the craft was so intricate I could see the metal beam structure that it was made of. the craft was only a 100 feet from the ground and was hovering silently.I was so mesmerized by the object that I didn't make a noise until I realized that no one else was looking. So I started yelling Hey look over there what is that? I did not receive a response from anyone in the vehicle and observed they were in some type of trance I shoved my friend and He was almost as stiff as a board.also my mother who was driving was glued straightforward staring at the road in front of us. At that time I realized we were stopped in the road and there were no other vehicles around us.for the moment I ignored them and paid attention to the object again and watched how it began to turn sideways like an F 16 and stayed hovered on its side for about a few seconds before it shot off instantly at speeds beyond any technology we have and became a dot on the horizon a second later.at that very moment my friend And my mother snapped out of whatever state they were in and started yelling where? Where? And I pointed to the horizon in the West sky where the object was now and they sort of shrugged it off and kind of laughed at me.we then continued home and arrived 10 minutes later. I mention the weekly bowling because every Friday we would go to the Oxford bowling alley for my mother's league. Well the next week came around and on our way back that night I witnessed the triangle object higher up in the sky and following me home. This happened for 3 weeks in a row.

The last week I saw the object I had a sleepover at my neighbors house. In the middle of the night I woke up to a sound. Everyone was sleeping in the basement that night and I was closest to the stairs. I woke up to see a small 3 foot being creeping down the stairs I became terrified and yelled out I see you! The Being peeked through the stair banisters gazing at me before ducking and disappearing out of thin air. My description would be a standard grey alien only a few feet tall large black eyes and long arms. I was so terrified that night that I just close my eyes and went to sleep and tried to forget about it.a couple weeks later I was watching TV and a show called unsolved mysteries was on and the next thing I knew they had a special on the triangle UFO and apparently there were tons of witnesses all throughout the United States all around the same time that I was witnessing my encounter. I also read about the Belgian wave and realized that it was the same craft that I saw. Only I had a very close encounter with it.to this day I can still remember how clearly I could make out the structure of the object. I never knew where to report such a sighting until I started watching the Science Channel. All my life I have had multiple encounters with objects but this was the most Defying experience - MUFON CMS


Florida's Past Feed Modern Phenomena

Part of Florida’s past is still alive in paranormal sightings today. You have to go beyond the white, sandy beaches and bright, sunny days, into the dark waters of Lake Okeechobee, between Kreamer Island and Observation Island. Just under the surface of the water is a bone-chilling secret that has haunted the lake since the early 1900’s. Local fishermen discovered a massive amount of skeletons just lying in the bed of the lake, looking up at them, from a watery grave.

The fisherman of today still recount their stories of “catching the skulls” on their fishing line and reeling in the heads of a skeletons. No one lays claim to keeping one of the skulls.

With every unmarked grave there is a mystery of who, how and why. Are they the skeletons of an ancient people or the Seminoles who reigned in Florida in the 1700’s? Or, perhaps, they were victims of the 1928 hurricane that killed thousands of people.

Every year there are at least a half a dozen reported paranormal sightings around the lake. People report seeing shadowy bodies floating just above the water.

There is something about a grave that brings reverence to a face. It commands a pause, respect and acknowledgement. At the corner of 3rd Street and 10th Avenue South, in Naples, the first pioneer families and orphaned children were buried in Rosemary Cemetery. But, they were not allowed to rest there in eternal peace. In 1930 the residents of Naples decided that a downtown cemetery was a waste of real estate.

Edward W. Crayton, resident of Naples, donated 20 acres of land on the outskirts of town, along Pine Ridge Road between U.S. 41 North and Goodlette-Frank Road, so the graves could be relocated. Today, the only “remains” of the original Rosemary Cemetery have been reduced to a plot of land surrounded by a fence next to a parking lot on U.S. 41 North and Pine Ridge road, where a shopping center was built over the graves.

Over the past eighty-five years, there have been rumors of hauntings, told by local residents, who see shadows walking down the road and hear children crying. Strangely, businesses built over the grave site don’t live very long!

When you talk about ghosts there is always talk of “rising from the dead”. If you venture to Koreshan State Park, on Corkscrew Road, Estero, Florida, you might just meet the ghost of Dr. Cyrus Teed or one of his followers rising from the town inside the park.

In 1869, Teed, a 30-year old Chicago physician, had a revelation that he was the Messiah. In 1894, he led his followers into the muggy wilderness of Estero. He claimed it to be the new Garden of Eden. By the turn of the century, the population was estimated at 200 people. The town thrived with businesses, manicured gardens and a theater, it appeared a real utopia.

Teed died in December of 1908. His followers propped him up in a tin bath at the town theater, assuming he would resurrect after three days. When the three days passed without a resurrection the town’s people put him in a mausoleum by the beach. For 13 years his followers kept vigil, thinking he would resurrect. It was a hurricane that finally raised Teed’s body up and washed him out to sea.

The stories of Teed and his followers haunting the town are still alive. Many visitors recant hearing whispers behind them, soft crying and seeing glimpses of shadows. Many believe that the ghost of Teed did what he couldn’t do in life, rise up!

If you are taking a boat down the St. John’s River in Seminole County, Florida, you might want to avoid the Round Cypress Head. The centuries-old trees hold many paranormal activities. Residents and visitors describe seeing ghosts as shape-shifters that transition from human shape to animal shape. With thick leaves, no light and up turned roots everything is dark. Fisherman’s lore says that fisherman have gone missing there and they still hear them moaning and the smell of their bodies.

As you explore the paranormal of Florida, remember, you may not be alone. - Naples Herald


The CIA and Weather Weapons

A senior US scientist has expressed concern over the use of climate data by US intelligence agencies.

Climate scientist Alan Robock of Rutgers University in New Jersey has called on government agencies to open up about the real reasons behind their interest in funding both climate change research and the development of geoengineering techniques.

At least one of these methods, which involves the release of stratospheric aerosols in to the atmosphere to bring about an overall cooling effect, has the potential to be turned in to a potentially destructive weather weapon.

Of particular concern to Robock were the reasons behind the CIA's decision to partially fund a recent two-volume National Academy of Sciences report in to methods for tackling climate change.

His suspicions stemmed from a strange call he received three years ago from CIA consultants who wanted to know how they could determine if another country was controlling the climate.

"I think they were also thinking in the back of their minds: ‘If we wanted to control somebody else’s climate could they detect it?’," he said.

"I think this research should be out in the open and it has to be international so there won’t be any question that this technology will be used for hostile purposes." Read more at the Guardian


Huge, Alien ‘Air Monsters’ in the Clouds?

UFO sites such as UFO International Project suggest that some UFO sightings – and just really weird clouds – might in fact be soaring, vast alien monsters which fly around hundreds of miles above the Earth.

In a blog post which makes you feel as if you’ve just accidentally ingested a vast amount of LSD, UFO International Project suggests that the creatures even may fall to earth in the form of ‘star jelly’.

The site says, ‘So-called atmospheric monsters have been with humanity for a very long time, in fact centuries! Descriptions range from vaporous, cloud-like beings to “air whales” and “air krakens” to translucent, floating jellyfish that dip in and out of clouds with no visible means of aerodynamic propulsion.’

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, says, ‘The idea that ET type sky creatures exist in our skies was put forward by Charles Fort who was a great collector of mysteries in the early part of the 20th Century. In his book Lo! He notes:

“Unknown, luminous things, or beings, have often been seen, sometimes close to this earth, and sometimes high in the sky. It may be that some of them were living things that occasionally come from somewhere else.”

‘Arthur Conan Doyle the creator of Sherlock Holmes even penned a story in 1913 called The Horror of the Heights that imagines semi-solid sky creatures gobbling up aviators. When the hero of the story goes up to get evidence of their existence he never comes back, all that remains is a blood stained notebook that ends with the words:

“Forty-three thousand feet. I shall never see earth again. They are beneath me, three of them. God help me; it is a dreadful death to die!”

‘Ufologist, Trevor Constable, pioneered the photography of UFOs using infrared film during the 1960s. He considered UFOs to be biological beings, which live in the sky. As they come closer to Earth, they become more visible and they can fire bolts of lightning to defend themselves. In his 1958 book They Live in the Sky he says these creatures are invisible to our eyes, but infrared film can capture images of them as they fly above us. Today, some ufologists have adapted video cameras to capture infrared images of UFOs.’

‘Perhaps there are luminous or ‘invisible’ jelly-fish like creatures that inhabit our skies, I’m not totally convinced but it is a fascinating theory that makes a change from starships loaded with anal probing aliens.’ - Metro



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