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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Reports of UFOs Causing Electrical Disturbances

Last night, I received the following information from a reader in Indiana. Incidentally, several readers have told me that Plainview, IN is well-known for UFO sightings. This report concerns a wide area and some of the strange events he has noticed recently:

Lon - I just read your report from Plainfield, Indiana and it kind of struck a chord with something I've noticed recently.

I'm interested in UFOs and other phenomena - I live near Richmond, Indiana, the same town where the woman saw a flying manta ray and reported it to you. I think her sighting was that of a unidentified intelligent craft.

In the past 2 weeks, there have been many reports of power outages and electrical interference in the Louisville / Cincinnati / Indianapolis triangle. I don't know how many square miles this area involves, but these metro areas are all within 100 miles of each other.

In the same time period, myself and others have noticed an increase in UFO sightings in the same general area.

The string of lights seen by the witness in Plainview, IN was also seen in another location near the Ohio River west of Cincinnati just a few days before.

I believe the 'MIB' reported by the witness actually came from the Wright-Patterson airbase near Dayton, Ohio. These guys in the dark berets have been noticed in north central Kentucky and also had Ohio license plates.

Most of the UFO sightings have been orbs or cone-shaped lights of various colors - but mainly white and red.

I will continue to monitor this area and let you know if something else happens. Scott

NOTE: The reader seems to suggest that the electrical anomalies may be a result of UFO activity. It's been suggested at other sites before...I just don't know if such a wide area could be consumed. It's interesting to note that the following report was posted on the MUFON CMS this morning. I'm sure this is related to Scott's report...Lon

On 02/15/2015, at approximately 0105 hrs, my husband and I returned home in Borden, Indiana following an outing. First off, let me advise we did not see an object...but what happened, has not been explained satisfactory to any degree...AND SOMETHING BIG HAPPENED!!

Anyhow, as we stood in the kitchen of our home, the lights flickered throughout the entire house. They went completely out for about 3 seconds, back on again, completely out again for about 3 seconds, and then a very brief out again and back on. At the time, I thought nothing of it until I seen a post on Facebook from our local news station WAVE 3 news.

At 0154, they posted "Reports of power outages and lights flickering near Lower Hunters Trace. What are you experiencing?" First off, this area is located in Kentucky. No where near where I am located.

Also, It is not on the same power plant, lines, or grid as my area.

Louisville and the surrounding areas in Kentucky are supplied by the massive LGE and KU companies. While I receive power from a rural Co-op located in Hamburg, Indiana. I opened to comment that we had experienced flashes in Borden as well and was stunned at the comments that came prior to mine.

There were reports not only of power outages and lights blinking, people reported that their cars stalled on the highway requiring them to restart the vehicle. Although there were over a thousand comments, I seen no less than a dozen reports of vehicles stalling, headlights dimming, and the radio inside of the car going to static.

Shortly after all of the reports started coming in, I began to notice the widespread area over which these reports were coming in. As far West (of those who reported issues) as Corydon, Indiana and Brandenburg, Kentucky. As far north as Columbus, Indiana. As far South as Elizabethtown, Kentucky. And as far East as Madison, Indiana and Carrolton, Kentucky.

Further, one person commented and posted photos of a field fire caused by a transformer blowing at a substation (In Kentucky)managed by LGE. LGE issued a statement that the problems and outages were caused by this blown transformer and subsequent fire. Quickly most everyone (including the media) dismissed all of the electrical issues on this blown transformer and went on. The rest of us,...not so much.

Although the transformer could have caused the problems with electricity in Kentucky, it would have Zero effect on the power of Indiana residents and even less so, the electrical system in a vehicle, or a radio signal.

Those of us not so quick to dismiss, know something BIG happened. We know it affected Houses, Airports, Cars, and we believe that whatever happened...CAUSED the transformer to blow. However, we do not have answers even though we searched. Solar Activity was low, so the possibility of a flare was ruled out. We were left with debating only 3 possibilities; Computer Hack, an EMP; Extra-Terrestrial interference.

I don't know if anyone WITNESSED anything in the sky that night, but I do know a very widespread area experienced (a very scary) a massive electrical disturbance all at the very same time. I have included a map that shows the locations where people experienced issues. The locations were pulled from the people who commented in response to WAVE 3 asking if anyone else was experiencing outages and flashing lights. The reported locations are notated by the red stars.

Now mind you, this wasn't just a few houses with a flicker in the light bulbs, people commented they seen all lights go out at Standiford Field Airport in Louisville, Kentucky. All lights going out in a hospital (she didn't list which one), all lights going out in an entire Amazon Warehouse in Jeffersonville, Indiana, all lights on the Kennedy Bridge spanning the Ohio River blinking out, peoples cars stalling (who were 50 miles apart) on the road.

I am writing you because this was dismissed as a tranformer blowing "Equipment Malfunction." There is no way that this was the result of what everyone reported. - MUFON CMS

NOTE: OK...if anyone has more information, I'd appreciate a shout. Thanks...Lon

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