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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

'Haunted' Laptop on eBay

A Texas eBay auction seller claimed his 8-year-old MacBook levitates and uses pen and paper to write notes after it was left at a graveyard next to an abandoned mental hospital all night:

A creepy computer allegedly possessed by a dead person was up for grabs online.

The haunted Apple MacBook was being sold on eBay by a man from Austin. (the owner has since ended the auction)

Would-be buyers don't appear to be spooked. At least 130 bids have pushed the price over the $3,000 mark. The auction was supposed to end on Sunday.

The seller claims the gadget first became bewitched after he accidentally left it in a graveyard next to an abandoned mental hospital all night, Time reported.

The seller had been sketching headstones, using the computer to play music. But he left it behind.

When he returned to collect it, he claims, "Things started to get downright weird."

"First, I noticed that ALL of my songs in iTunes had become scary or haunted. Second, the desktop background was changed to a scary photo," he wrote on the auction site's description.

"I occasionally saw the computer levitating. In some cases the screen and keyboard would open and shut quickly, as though the computer were attempting to speak," he added.

The seller, who goes by the user name of Wfatzinger, also says the computer communicates by penning handwritten messages from beyond the grave.

"(It) grasps a pen between the keyboard and monitor and (writes) on pieces of printer paper from our home office," he wrote.

"As such I am given to believe that this ghost may have lived in a time before computers, for he appears to be quite unaware of the purpose of the machine he inhabits," he added.

Wfatzinger said he had tried to "cleanse the spirit" of the 2007 model, which comes with a 2GHz processor and 4GB of RAM.

But he said the device still appeared to be possessed. - (Information obtain from various sources)

This reminds me of the Dybbuk Possession and The Newest Dybbuk Possession Rendition. Here is the full story of the Dibbuk Box that sold on eBay in 2001. Lon

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