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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Daily 2 Cents: Mothman in Japan? -- Lady Gaga Space Performance -- Giant Rat Gnaws, Kills Baby

Mothman in Japan?

Source & References: Marcus P.

I was in Japan on business and had emailed a lifelong friend who was living in Japan and teaching English at a local school. He had insisted on my staying with him for the duration of my stay, saying it would help save me money and make my expense report look better when I turned it in.

My friend (I will call him Tim for the sake of his reputation and career) was a lifelong bachelor and had a fairly large apartment all to himself and his cat.

After several days of day long meetings and group seminars, we had decided to go out to get a bite to eat and take in the town.

After a fairly large meal and hopping from one night spot to another we decided to go toward the ocean and check out the moonlight reflecting off the waves.

My friend stated that he wanted to check on a biology station that some of his graduate students had set up near a large power plant. Continue reading at Cryptomundo


Baby dies after giant rat attack in Yemen

A one-year-old Yemeni boy died after it was attacked and partly eaten by a giant rodent at his house in the Arab country, according to press reports in Yemen.

The mother has just stepped out and returned home when she saw the rodent gnawing at the body of her screaming son, Yemen Press agency said.

As she overcame her shock, she carried her son and rushed him to a nearby medical centre but the boy died on the way, it said.

The incident took place inside the boy’s bed room at a mud house in the western Yemeni province of Al Hudaydah, the agency said.

“The mother is still in a bad psychological condition after seeing the giant rat feeding on her own baby,” it said without giving other details. - Emirates247


New super-predator dinosaur discovered

A new 80 million-year-old relative of the Tyrannosaurus rex has been unearthed in southern Utah.

The newly discovered dinosaur has been named Lythronax argestes, which means "king of gore". At 30ft in length and with a vicious set of teeth just as deadly as those of its more infamous cousin, this slightly smaller species lived before the T. rex but was still the largest predator of its time.

"It's always exciting to find new species but what's really significant is what these species tell us about their ancient world," said study co-author Randall Irmis. "This was a very different place 80 million years ago. It was a very lush, wet, tropical environment and there were no polar ice caps at the time."

Despite the slight size difference, Lythronax possessed many of the characteristics of Tyrannosaurus rex including the massive jaws and binocular vision that helped to make it such an effective predator. Read more at BBC


Lady Gaga to perform from space

The eccentric singer is set to become the first ever pop star to sing a song live from outer space.

Chris Hadfield serenaded his YouTube viewers with a rendition of David Bowie's "Space Oddity" from the International Space Station earlier this year, but now he's about to be upstaged by none other than Lady Gaga in a world first space-based performance.

The 'Born This Way' singer is set to sing one of her songs while flying aboard one of Virgin Galactic's fledgling vessels as part of the Zero G Colony music festival in 2015. The three day event will take place at Spaceport America and will feature a plethora of popular artists.

According to sources, Gaga will need to undergo a month of vocal training in preparation for the attempt and has also taken out a "ridiculous" life insurance policy in case anything goes wrong.

The spectacle is being billed as "like nothing the world has seen before." - Contact Music

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Lady Gaga Authentic Autograph 8x10 Signed Photo



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