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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Daily 2 Cents: Thermal Bigfoot? -- Ghost in the Graveyard...Oops! -- Huge Rare Hookskate Landed

Thermal Bigfoot?

This thermal image was posted to Facebook on November 25th by Derek Randles, and shows what he describes as a “very large creature” crouched partially behind a small ridge. Mmmm...not sure what I'm looking at, but I hope Randles has other images.

The photo was allegedly taken from a video recorded by the property owners at an unnamed location in Grays Harbor, Washington.

I'm not a big fan of thermal images...especially in regards to Bigfoot. But I'll keep an open mind in the meantime. What do you think? Lon


Students Allergic to School

Eight schoolchildren at a high school in Bergamo, Italy suffer from breathing problems and itching as soon as they enter the classroom, with medics unable to pinpoint the cause, according to a report in the Italian press.

The pupils get as far as the entrance hall of Falcone di Bergamo high school, but as soon as they enter the classroom they are overcome with a "mystery illness", with symptoms including breathing problems and rashes, Corriere della Sera reported.

Just eight pupils are affected, with five of those experiencing severe symptoms, the newspaper said.

The bizarre reaction to school has baffled teachers and medics since October 7th, when at first two schoolgirls were hit with symptoms upon entering the classroom.

The symptoms - which mysteriously disappear after they leave the classroom - soon spread to two of their classmates, before affecting four others in a neighbouring classroom.

Environmental tests have been carried out on the rooms, as well as medical tests on the students, but experts from the local health services have so far been unable to find a cause, Corriere reported. External factors have also been ruled out.

There have also been cases of other students fainting in the school, but it is not clear whether the two problems are connected.

“We've seen it happen several times,” one student in the second year told the Corriere della Sera.

“There's nothing wrong with them when they come in, then as soon as they enter the classroom they start to have difficulty breathing; they say their throats swell up, and after a little while they start to itch all over their bodies.”

They are forced to stay as far as possible from the classroom, though their fellow students are able to continue the lessons without problems.

“For now, all we know is that it's some kind of allergic reaction,” headteacher Enzo Asperti told Corriere.

He explained that the school had followed all the directions given by the local health authority, including cleaning the school and keeping it aired as much as possible.

The school is considering teaching the afflicted students over Skype if symptoms persists. - TheLocal.It


'Tasting' Words & Sounds

It probably wouldn't be that unusual to say a subway station smells like putrid meat or cabbage water, but to James Wannerton, the stops along the London Underground taste like that to him. The 54-year-old British man has lexical-gustatory synesthesia, a neurological disorder in which senses that are usually experienced separately are linked so that he can actually taste words and sounds. As a boy growing up in north London, he noticed that each station along the Tube's route created a distinct taste and started taking notes. Forty-nine years later, Wannerton has created a comprehensive map that shows how each station affects his palate. "These tastes and textures are a real mouth feel and not simply an association," Wannerton told MSN. "They are all involuntary and the taste and textures cannot be 'turned off' or 'toned down.'"

Wannerton is working with the U.K. Synesthesia Association, and he says the map has been of interest to university neurology departments.


Ghost in the Graveyard...Oops!

From WhoFortedBlog.com - Paranormal Investigator Calls Ghost Photo “Most Impressive of Entire Career” [UPDATED]:

Paranormal radio show host Mark Johnson posted the image to his Facebook page yesterday, telling his friends that the image might just be the best one he’s ever seen in his career.

This photo was taken by a friend’s son last month in a cemetery in Wantage, NJ. This is without a doubt one of the most impressive apparition photos that I’ve ever seen in my career. No description is necessary.

One of the main reasons I’m impressed with this photo and don’t feel it’s a fake is that the friend who shared it with me did so on a whim and showed them to me on her phone. I asked her to send me a copy. She and her son have absolutely no reason to fake a photo. They are not seeking publicity and they would have no reason to try to fool me. I know that we have are a skeptical group of researchers and we call into question everything we see, but sometimes I think we can over-think things and the simple answers may be more in line with the truth. Yes, this could be a fake and we really have no way of proving it one way or the other. So all things being equal, I lean towards it being genuine based on the facts surrounding how the photo came to me.

Oops...ghost app. BTW, the modern scarf added to the vintage image shouldn't have made it that hard to debunk. But...consider the source I suppose.

Go to Paranormal Investigator Calls Ghost Photo “Most Impressive of Entire Career” [UPDATED] for more on this story

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Huge Rare Hookskate Landed

The well-known shark fisherman who snared the 800-pound sea creature below told ABC News it was like "a dinosaur."

“It was very old. It had barnacles all over it,” said Captain Mark Quartiano, a controversial charter boat operator known as "Mark the Shark."

The creature was a whopping 14 feet from head to tail. Quartiano identified the monster as the rarely seen dactylobatus clarkii, or hookskate, according to Local10. The hookskate is a species about which very little is known thanks to its penchant for living on muddy sea bottoms up to 1,000 feet deep. There's more at THP

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