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Friday, November 29, 2013

Daily 2 Cents: UFO / USO Flap At Indian Rocks Beach, FL -- Boy Hit By Meteorite -- British Village 'Devil Cat'

UFOs & USOs - Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

Indian Rocks Beach, Florida- unedited: Far to much to list I have called MUFON twice asked to get investigators out to my location. Since 9pm October 27th I have brought dozens of witnesses including law enforcement to watch craft come out of the water, space and within our atmosphere. We have witnessed on 2 occasions 2 different entity types and had HD cameras rolling for all events! I have Hours of HD video and after the past month I can read through MUFON reports and tell you a few other reports people made I have seen with my own eyes. Please call me after 8pm or before 11:30am mon-fri or anytime on weekends. You will not be dissapointed! - MUFON CMS

Click for video or go to http://goo.gl/pQECqW

Also....Black Triangle Sighting and Round ball of light turns and heads out to sea - Indian Rocks Beach, FL

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Boy injured after being hit on head by meteorite fragments

7-year-old Steven Lippard from Loxahatchee, Florida had to have three staples in his head after his dad says he was hit with meteorite fragments while playing in his driveway.

Initial testing at Florida Atlantic University indicates the little stones - pea sized and smaller - are metallic, a good sign they came from space.

His dad Wayne initially thought it might be from a golf ball or maybe a bird swooping down.

Moments later they found the little rocks. Scientists are now doing further chemical testing to confirm that they are meteorites.


Did Comet Ison Survive?

According to early sources, the 'comet of the century' didn't survive its close encounter with the sun and appears to have broken up.

While it was always a possibility that the solar radiation and gravitational forces of the sun would prove too much for the comet to endure, astronomers are nonetheless disappointed that things didn't go quite as hoped. All indications point to the likelihood that Ison failed to survive its close encounter with the sun and has instead broken up in to pieces.

Not all is necessarily lost however as there have since been signs that a piece of the comet may have survived. A single glowing chunk of Ison has been picked up by observatories and there is a chance that its tail could grow back. Due to the unpredictable nature of the comet however it is too early to tell exactly what will happen.

Even in the worst case scenario there is still a silver lining for scientists though, if Ison has indeed broken up then astronomers should still be able to benefit from having the rare opportunity to observe the comet's interior.

Though...this Sky News story paints a different scenario - Sky

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'Devil Cat' sending British villagers to hospital in attacking spree

A pet cat in a British village is accused of attacking residents and pets, putting them in the hospital.

According to The Telegraph, Shiny has been nicknamed "Devil Cat" after police received five calls over the feline's violent behavior.

Locals of the Cornish village of Little Treviscoe say that Shiny chases children, fights dogs and bursts into their homes to claw and scratch them, The Telegraph reported.

Residents say that they grab hoses and mugs of hot tea when they see Shiny on the street.

According to The Telegraph, police are powerless because laws designed to combat dangerous dogs do not apply to cats.

Shiny's owners tell the newspaper that they are trying to stop the cat's antics. He has been neutered and is going to see an animal psychologist.

"[My mother] had a large skin tear down the arm, which we had to dress every day for about three weeks, and two big puncture wounds on the back of her leg," Carol Ballsdon said. "It is just four sets of claws and a set of teeth coming at you."

"Twice when I've gone out to get my cat and it has attacked me," Julia Terry said. "I had to throw hot tea over it, it was the only way other than bashing it against the wall to get it off my arm." - Fox News



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