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Monday, November 11, 2013

Additional Alien Encounters

Here are a few more submitted accounts:


Hey Lon, last night I read your Personal Reptilian Encounters, and the lead off user story literally made my jaw drop. The same exact thing happened to me many years ago.

I was in my early 20's living with my mother back in Los Angeles, Ca. It was pretty late, just about 3:00. I remember the time clearly because back then most TV programming would go off air at that time with maybe 1 or 2 channels showing reruns, but the major networks all did the national anthem and ended their broadcast day and then the station would go off.

I recall laying on the couch (on my side facing the TV) with one arm hanging off the edge of the couch on the floor and sensing a pressure in the room which literally made my ears pop. Suddenly the TV station went blank with no sign off and as I started to get up to reach for the remote control I realized I couldn't move.

Suddenly the couch creaked from the weight of some unseen force and I was literally pressed into the couch. I heard and felt hot breath on the right side of my neck and felt something like 3 fingered claws...very thick grab the back of my neck. I struggled but the weight of whatever was on top of me was too much and this "entity" was very powerful.

Somehow I managed to get my left arm that was on the floor to force myself up while my right arm was still pinned underneath me. As I forced myself up I remember saying the Lord's Prayer loudly (Our father who art in heaven...) and suddenly the pressure that was in the room vanished, just as quickly as it had came. Like popping a balloon and I could hear the TV snowing in the background.

I got up but nothing was there and turned every light on in the room but what really spooked me was that the couch I was lying on was less than a week old and whatever forced me into it was so strong that two of the supports had actually cracked under the pressure.

After reading the story submitted by your reader I am certain that what she experienced was the real thing.



Unknown creatures have been seen by the two male residents of the house. The creatures are short, whiter than white, long tail, looked like it had a cat-faced mouth. The creature had real pointed legs, walking on the two back legs. When you try to hit or touch the creatures, you are stunned and cannot move, until the creature has moved past. No noise! We do not know when the thing is coming but this has been going for at least a year. Sometimes varied but much the same. They touch my Dad on his leg, his knee, they seem to jump on the beds or land on the beds, because you can feel the movement. They mess with me but it is like I am knocked out and when I wake up, I cannot remember. And I am not a drinker or druggie, so I cannot imagine what is going on to me.

Now I have a dog, a pitbull, that I thought would scare these things away but they freak my dog out and he is gotten so hyper that I have to get the dog some anti-nerve medicine.

Sometimes there is more than one creature in the house. They come to the house on Wednesday afternoons and stay until Thursday night. Sometimes we can hear boxes drug across the floor but when I get up and check, there is nothing. This week I found weeds and grass from the outside bushes by the back door, on the patio deck. There was NO reason for that to be there!

I have two movie cameras, set on night vision, set up and whatever these things are, they manage to avoid getting caught. One night I was sleeping, that was on camera. All of a sudden my feet started moving up and down, and it was not me doing it. But nothing was caught on the camera other than my feet and me sleeping.



These images were captured with a digital camera in David Eckhart's bedroom. If you're not familiar with David's ordeal, please use the search tool at the Phantoms & Monsters blog...there is a lot of information available. I have posted several clips of alien activity in the master bedroom at Phantoms and Monsters YouTube Channel...notably the eerie sounds that reverberate throughout the house.

This image depicts the uncovered face of a Reptilian-type being (circled in yellow). David contends that some of the Reptilian entities use some type of 'mask' that resembles a Grey (circled in red). These Reptilians can appear in a transparent state and wear masks to cover their identity when necessary. The flash from David's camera penetrates the being and reflects off a wall mirror behind. I know it seems weird but I have little reason to doubt David's assessment...he has seen these beings in several different states.

According to David, these Reptilians belong to a higher class or caste and are usually responsible as 'guides'. When I state 'guides' I am referring to those designated to bring humans to other locations. As well, these 'guides' serve other alien travelers who want to study the human condition. It seems these alien species are fascinated by the way we live and our value of money and other commodities. As strange as this sounds, David states that groups of aliens were frequently transported to his residence and given a 'tour' of human life. There are several hierarchies and different alien species do exist together in some of their societies...but there is a strict class system. Interactions between the Reptilians and humans, for the most part, are strained and not personable. In fact, they will bluntly state that they tolerate humans in order to advance their agendas...but have little regard for our species. As you go through the available material, you will soon realize that humans serve only three purposes for the higher caste aliens...hard labor, curiosity and experimentation.

NOTE: David forwarded the link to this video and states that he has seen this and truly believes the video to be genuine. He also managed to copy some of the alien symbols/writing/mathematical equations as well as diagram a remarkable piece of technology he witnessed in use during one of his abductions. This material is posted on the blog. Lon

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