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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Alarming Desert Encounter

I received a very interesting email a few days ago:

Dear Lon Strickler,

While driving one late evening into a national park in Southern California in our jeep, my wife and I noticed what appeared to be a wild fire bordering the perimeter of a small mountain. It was possibly one half mile long and not very deep as the vegetation in the desert is not dense. We instantly tried to call 9-1-1 to advise them of the situation but could not make any connection. The area is heavily mineralized with large iron deposits and possible that interfered. To our amazement, as we watched, the fire suddenly and spontaneously went out. We then realized that what we had seen was no fire but the lights within an opening of immense size in the bottom of the mountain. The lights may have been similar to the red lights that Navy pilots are exposed to at night before going to their planes to accustom their eyes to the dark. This may point to a government underground installation rather than an alien structure but I don't know.

We were both stunned and sat there several seconds then decided it was time to leave. We traveled further into the desert until we found a place to make a u-turn. As we straightened out from the turn we were suddenly lit up from directly above us with a light that resembled a police helicopter's light but brighter and more intense. The "craft" from which the light emitted was never visible to me and it made absolutely no sound of any kind. Nor did it produce turbulence that disturbed the bushes or raised dust although the craft could not have been more than 75 - 100 feet off the ground. Oddly, I felt no fear or any other emotion other than curiosity. I put the jeep in park then stepped out to examine the craft more closely. The instant I was outside the jeep, however, the craft sped off at an amazing rate of speed and vanished. Just after the craft disappeared, we saw three lights approaching us from behind. By now we had grown nervous and fled. The absurdity of fleeing a craft presumably capable of hyper-luminal speeds in a jeep streaking along at nearly 20 mph didn't occur to us at the time.

We never saw a body for that craft or the first one, just the lights. Other equally strange events have occurred in that region, so much so that we now have ceased going there. I have not provided more specific indications as to the area's location on purpose as I believe it to be a dangerous area. The day after this incident, my wife noticed a small spot of blood on my pillow and upon a close examination discovered an equally small puncture wound behind my right ear. SN

NOTE: from this description, I believe this occurred in the Mojave National Preserve. Here are a few links and narratives that may be of interest:

UFO Hunters - Mojave National Preserve, CA

I-Team: Was the Needles UFO a Secret Military Craft



Location/Date: near Barstow California - July 1995 - midnight

Five young men had gone into the Mojave Desert to shoot their rifles and camp for the night. Three of the group had gone to bed while the other two stayed up talking and working by portable light on a dirt bike.

After awhile they heard a strange humming sound and their portable light went out. Looking up, in the light of the full moon, they spotted a large black circular object slowly moving over their camp. Startled and curious, they followed the craft hoping to make out more details. After about an hour, they lost sight of it over a hill. They headed back to camp but lost their way.

After wandering about for nearly an hour, they came upon an old State Park dumpster in the middle of the area used for dirt bikes. Then from within the masonry wall surrounding the dumpsters, they heard loud crashing sounds like if someone was tossing garbage around. One of the men walked around to an opening in the wall, intent on asking directions from whoever was there. He noticed a tall blond man, clean shaven and wearing a golf shirt and dress slacks, both stained with motor oil and muck, wildly tossing garbage around as he searched for something in the dumpster.

The camper asked the blond man if he knew how to get back to town, the man responded that he was not from around the area, that maybe the government knew. The campers asked the man what he was doing out in the middle of nowhere dressed as he was, but he ignored them, held up a bullet riddle radiator, and asked them what they thought of it. Concerned the two campers moved back from the stranger. They then looked around for a car but saw nothing. Just then a helicopter flew over the hillside and shot a blinding light down on the group. Though the two campers do not recall the man leaving the dumpster, they turned to talk to him and he was gone. An instant later the helicopter veered off in the direction of a glowing green light that was steadily rising in the sky. Neither camper remembered anything after that. They woke up leaning against the masonry wall sometime after 6:00 AM.

Source: NUFORC


The next narrative was recalled by several researchers and included in the Mojave Files:


Steven Brodie was a man of many talents and hobbies, among them painting and rock collecting. Several years back he decided to investigate a certain area in Arizona where, he had heard, quartz crystals could be found in abundance. Brodie convinced a friend of his, also an avid rock collector, to join him on a rock-hunting expedition to the site. After purchasing a ticket on a passenger train, they traveled to a certain small community in Arizona, which was near the area that they desired to explore.

The two rock hounds had their eyes on one particular bluff, which they could see in the distance from the town they were in. Other town residents heard about their plans and warned them against going to that bluff, stating that SEVERAL people had in the past disappeared without a trace in that area. Brodie and his friend blew-off their warnings, considering them mere superstitions which they should not take seriously, and set out towards the forbidden bluff. They had no sooner approached the base of the bluff than out of the shadows emerged two beings who were each cowled in a dark cloak and hood, making it very difficult to discern their features or whether they were even human or not. After being confronted, Brodie's friend panicked and attempted to make a run for it. Steve swore that at this point one of the black cloaked figures raised some kind of weapon and a brilliant pencil beam of light shot from it and hit his friend, who cried out in agony and immediately fell down motionless. From what Brodie could gather his friend had been killed, although he never did see his body after that.

Following this, one of the 'beings' came up to Brodie, who did not resist but stood where he was. While still in a state of shock, one of the creatures placed some type of device over his head, like a metal headset with two metallic 'discs' which fitted over his temples. At this point he started to lose consciousness.

The next thing Steve remembered after gaining consciousness again was of being in some type of dungeon or cavern-like enclosure, within a prison-like cell. Other humans were there as well. Most of the people there seemed to be under some type of trance or mind control, and as far as he knew, he was one of them. He dimly recalls 'waking up' a few times, but usually when this happened one of the dark-robed creatures would come over to the cage or enclosure where he was and point a rod shaped device at him, at which point he would black out again. During one of his brief conscious episodes, he had a chance to talk to another prisoner, a girl, who told him that their dark-robed captors were known as the 'dero'.

That, basically, was all that he remembered. The incredible part of the story, however, was the fact that several months afterwards he suddenly 'came to' and found himself conscious once again. He suddenly realized that he was walking down the streets of New York City! He had no idea how he got there, or where he had been the past six months. It was like 'waking up' out of a bad dream or nightmare, the majority of which he could not remember. In addition to this, he found that someone had given him a haircut (he didn't know whom).

Whether or not this account has any connection to the many 'rumors' of strange and ancient caverns and tunnels below New York City is uncertain. Some cautiously speak of such tunnels as being used by a MIB-like secret society, some of these tunnels connecting with the lowest sub-basements of the Empire State building and other Manhattan structures. Some allege that such tunnels are the possible destination of many of those who mysteriously end up 'missing' in New York City every year. Whether these are mere unfounded 'rumors' is anyone's guess, at least until solid evidence 'surfaces' to prove such accounts.

Steve was constantly paranoid and in fear that he was 'being followed' or that someone or something was constantly watching or stalking him. Also, Steve would often paint bizarre other-worldly landscapes, even though he wasn't used to painting in that style until after his 'experience'. Then one day someone stopped by Brodie's apartment to pay him a visit and he was no where to be found. No one seemed to know what happened to him, and that was the last time anybody ever saw Steve again. - The Mojave Files 11/16/2000