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Monday, July 08, 2013

An Update On 'Phantoms and Monsters'

Hi folks. In June 2011 I had made a plea for donations in order to get 'Phantoms and Monsters' back on track. Several people responded and I truly appreciated your help. Since that time I have increased advertising and initiated a few other projects in order to raise revenue. Some of the strategy panned out and some of it didn't.

It is amazing to look back and realize that I began this blog in February 2006 and soon after starting I made a commitment to post several times daily (unless something came up). This has resulted in 7530 posts and 10,000,000+ page views. As well, there are currently 22,000+ feed and free daily newsletter subscribers. That is an astounding number for a simple paranormal / alternative news blog. I have promised to keep this service free despite going through a few rough patches.

I have recently have decided to suspend the 'Esoterica' posts and all Sunday blog posts...at least for the foreseeable future. There are several reasons for this change, but my main justification is the time involved in assembling / posting the links and the extra burden it has placed on my vision...which has occasionally become a problem. I usually have a full plate on Sunday as well...so the one day break will have some advantages. I do understand that several of my colleagues have enjoyed the traffic received from the 'Esoterica' links, so I apologize for the discontinuation. I have asked the readers, in the past, what effect the elimination of the 'Esoterica' posts would have. To be honest, the response was somewhat apathetic. But in the meantime, I am always open for suggestions.

As I have done each year, I ask that you to consider what the blog is worth to you as a reader. I try to keep the subject matter fresh, interesting and thought-provoking. I also enjoy presenting other personal viewpoints and experiences. By providing a free newsletter and feed, I deprive the blog / myself of approximately 6 million+ potential page views per year. That is a lot of advertising not being seen by readers. This is one reason why many advertisers refuse to use 'Phantoms & Monsters' for their company / product advertising. But again, I have no intention on stopping the delivery of the free newsletter and feed.

I truly hope you take into consideration what I have shared with you. Thanks again for your support...Lon

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