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Monday, July 29, 2013

Just the Facts?: UFO...What is it? -- 'Something is going on here...' -- UFO Scares Zimbabwe Villagers

UFO...What is it?

Colorado - What is it? The expert via photo calculated that the distance 1 km should be the object width of 15 m This means that it can be a bird.

I photographed nature, I found the object to the transfer of images to a computer - MUFON CMS

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UFO Scares Zimbabwe Villagers

Villagers in parts of Mhondoro and Chikomba districts are living in fear following the recent falling of foreign objects in their area.

Police said they were still to ascertain the origin and type of the objects. National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said investigations were still in progress.

“Investigations are still going on at the army engineers. We do not have any conclusions yet,” she said.

Minister of State Security Sydney Sekeramayi said he was still to receive a detailed report on the investigations.

“I am expecting the full report,” he said.

Two objects landed in the Mhondoro area at the Zimplats Mine and at Denya Village in Mamina while one landed in Unyetu in Chikomba district. The object that landed at the Turf Village, Zimplats Mine in the Battlefields area is made of aluminium material and resembles a rocket.

It is three metres long and a has 1.8 metre diameter while the spherical objects that landed in Mamina and Unyetu were said to weigh above 10kg.

The explanations of the people in all the areas were similar despite the distance between them.

People interviewed separately confirmed they heard three loud bursts and hissing sounds that they thought were gun fire followed by jet sound.

The sounds were followed by thuds that shook the ground and were felt and heard several kilometres away.

Speculation is high that the objects could be from satellite spying on Zimbabwe with residents in the affected areas insisting that the people responsible for launching the objects should be named and made to explain.

Ms Tariro Ganye, an Early Childhood Development teacher at Denya Primary School in Mamina — Mhondoro said the community was terrified by the noise produced by the spherical object that fell a stone throw away from the housing compounds.


'Something is going on here...'

So I guess we'll start with the most recent happening. This morning, my bf woke up with these markings on his wrist.

They look like burn scars, deep, maybe even bruised, but the skin is soft on top like they are old wounds that had time to heal. They don't hurt and they aren't going away.

The other day we came home late, maybe around 3:30-4:00 in the morning, and found a clean fork sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor. Now I know this sounds kind of random, but it was out of place. Not very scary, just weird.

Another stupid, not too scary but weird occurence was related to our new fish tank. The fish net we have to catch fish is small with a thick wire handle that we keep on top of the tank. That was also found in the middle of the kitchen floor, not once, but twice and each time the handle was bent in half...
Were not sure what's going on, but things seem to be getting worse. Strange feelings, coming home to windows opened and unlocked from the inside (we always just use the A/C this time of year) strange sounds, etc.

I'm considering leaving my phone in the kitchen overnight with the sleep talk recorder app going, just to document the strange sounds and maybe hear things being moved?

Has anyone had similar experiences? Should we be concerned?

TLDR; Weird things happening. Now my bf has http://imgur.com/gkGeEF2 on his wrist. - http://www.reddit.com/r/Paranormal/


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Mike Morwood, the professor who was instrumental in the discovery of Homo floresiensis in 2003, died on Tuesday, 23 July 2013, the University of Wollongong said. Continue reading at Cryptozoonews

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