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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Just the Facts?: 'What was in our mouths...?' -- Mermaid Encounter -- Hairy Hominid Witnessed in East Sussex

What was in our mouths?

I received the following email on Tuesday:

It was the year 2000. I went to sleep waking up around 2 am as I had read the kitchen clock. Something was off - it didn't feel right, so I got up to check the house. I being a single mother with a son at the time was concerned I switched on the kitchen light. I looked at all doors they were locked I could clearly see. No need to check. But to my horror the door handle turned I saw the knob turning. I was petrified to say the least - the lock undone right in front of my eyes. The door to the outside out the lounge room was open, and the door to the garage was now open. I walked over checked the gauzed security door - odd they were both still locked. Just the internal wooden doors opened and unlocked right in front of my eyes. I walked over and locked them closing the door.

I knew I had absolutely witnessed the abnormal. I was scared to sleep but did fall asleep.

In the morning I found something in my mouth, so I went to the bathroom and pulled out with my fingers a strange bit of tissue organic living animal. I don't know what it was - I put it in the drain. Then my son walks in the bathroom and till this day it still makes me cry. He said 'mum I have something in my mouth.' I was shocked and horrified to put my fingers in his mouth to find the exact replica logged in between his back teeth and inner cheek. I took it out and because I was next to the sink in bathroom in it it went. What was that last night? What happened to me and my son. The horror of the unknown. I speak the truth yet I live in fear of the horror I witnessed before my eyes. What was that in my boys mouth and mine? I only pray that he my son was not harmed by something. No one believes yet that I speak the truth. I know what I witnessed. What I touched and what I discarded was not natural. D

NOTE: seems to me that this was a possible abduction scenario. These situations are rarely singular...sometimes entire families, over several generations, experience repeated abductions. Lon

Children Of The Greys

Secret Life: Firsthand, Documented Accounts of Ufo Abductions - this is David Michael Jacobs' book. One of the best I've read on the subject. Lon

The THREAT: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda - another David Michael Jacobs book. Highly recommended. Lon


Mermaid encounter

A new book charting a host of unexplained mysteries in Devon includes a historic sighting of a mermaid off Exmouth

The tale of a mermaid spotted swimming off Exmouth has been included in a new book about the supernatural and paranormal in Devon.

Paranormal Devon by Daniel Codd, is packed full of weird and wonderful stories from across the county, which have been researched and compiled from archives.

Many of the first-hand accounts and contributions included in the book are from ordinary folk living in the county.

The tale of the mermaid dates back to August 1812, when a sea creature was spotted a mile off Exmouth. A man called Mr Toupin was with a group on a sailing trip when he claims they heard music, then saw a creature which was human-like, with a fish tail.

Mr Toupin’s account said the group was drawn to ‘a singular noise, impossible to describe fully but comparable to a wild, tinkling harpsichord melody’.

The party spotted something ‘human-like diving and twisting in the water’.

When the group unsuccessfully tried to attract the creature, they threw boiled fish into the water, which drew the creature nearer. ‘It was no other than a mermaid’, said the account.

Mr Toupin’s detailed description of the creature said: “It had a long, oval face, seal-like, but more agreeable, and hair seemed to crown its upper and back head.

“There is no suggestion ‘she’ was attractive, more like an animal, whose upper arms were covered with a soft fawn or pinkish down.

“It possessed two arms, which it had used to great agility, which terminated in four webbed fingers on each hand.

“Its waist tapered gradually to form a tail, which bore the appearance of shiny scales, while its back bore something like feathers.

“In length it was about five-and-a-half feet, and it appeared to be cavorting playfully near the vessel – before, after three quick plunges, it swam rapidly away and was lost to sight.”

The mermaid sighting in Exmouth followed almost 100 years after a similar creature was caught at Topsham bar, near Exeter, by a group of eight fishermen.

The four-foot ‘mermaid’ had legs, webbed feet, human eyes and mouth, and a salmon-like tail; as it was dying ‘it groan’d like a human creature’.

The creature was put on display at Exeter, and then London, after the group used sticks to knock it down after it leapt out of the fishing net and ‘run away with great swiftness’. - Exmouth Journal

Mermaids: The Myths, Legends, and Lore

The Secret History of Mermaids


In search of Bigfoot, bearwolves and sea serpents

Chad Lewis has traveled the world looking for such supernatural creatures as ghosts, vampires and hellhounds.

He is disappointed that he has never seen anything of the kind himself, but he has collected the stories of people who have seen such creatures or faithfully believe in them.

“The more bizarre, the better,” Lewis said.

Lewis, 39, of Eau Claire, has found that there is plenty of fertile ground for such tales in his home state of Wisconsin, and he has written about them in a book called The Wisconsin Road Guide to Mysterious Creatures

Lewis will share those stories Tuesdayat the Marathon County Public Library and will encourage people to tell their own stories of the strangeness they’ve seen or heard about.

Phantom chickens, werewolves, bearwolves and, of course, Bigfoot will be covered. He’ll also talk about the “unknown beast terrorizing Wausau,” he said.

Lewis, who has earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, is neither a believer nor nonbeliever of the stories he tells.

“I hope these things are out there,” he said. “Most of these things, I just don’t know. ... I’ve always thought it would be great to see a Bigfoot creature. But over the years, I’ve shifted a bit, and now I’m on a sea serpent kick.”

Chances are better, Lewis said, that sea monsters are real than Bigfoot.

Lewis’ interest in the odd began when he was in high school and started wondering why “all these people were seeing UFOs. I wanted to know what makes somebody believe in the strange and unusual versus someone who does not.”

That led him to explore ghost stories and investigate haunted houses. He grew tired of not seeing ghosts, and hearing the same kinds of stories over and over. So he branched out into the creature side of things, reveling in the oddness of it all.

The striking thing about creature stories is that as otherworldly as they are, they also are almost universally embraced by humans everywhere, and some stories — such as tales of beast-men such as Bigfoots or yeti — have been around for ages and ages across several cultures. - Wisconsin Rapids Tribune

The Wisconsin Road Guide to Mysterious Creatures

Monsters of Wisconsin: Mysterious Creatures in the Badger State

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Hairy hominid witnessed in East Sussex

Call it what you will: A Yeren, a Yeti or a Yowie, but the fact remains that people the world over keep seeing these big hairy buggers lurking in the night.

The latest sighting took place recently just north of Bexhill when a Lismore resident and music videographer spied the classic creature crossing a moonlit Bangalow Road.

The witness, who has asked not to be named for fear of reprisal, said he was driving back home from a night of filming at Eltham and had just turned onto the Bangalow Road heading for Lismore when he spied a creature jumping a barbed wire paddock fence before briefly pausing at the edge of the road.

Suddenly the beast moved across the two lanes of bitumen, raising his arm to apparently shield its eyes from the bright high beam glare of the approaching car.

"I would have seen it for between 20 and 30 seconds," the witness recalled.

"It was really moving at the time. It leapt the fence no problem.

"All I can remember was seeing this large black object with a solid build, lanky legs and long lanky arms.

"It wasn't clothed ... it wasn't wearing clothes like a human."

The witness said the creature ran with a fast, stooped pace. It had high shoulders and almost no neck and a small head.

"It was like its head was shrunken into its shoulders," he said.

Sydney-based yowie researcher, Paul Cropper, said the recent sighting revealed some "classic" elements which provided a common thread linking many experiences by many people over many decades.

"The fact that this thing was heavy set, with long arms and a small head ... these are classic traits," Mr Cropper said.

The area where the yowie was seen has a long history of similar sightings. There have been stories about them in The Northern Star since the 1800s.

In fact Mr Cropper emailed us a clipping from our own paper dated May 17, 1878 in which three descriptions of yowies were published - all of them seen in the west of NSW.

"There is the valid question of why no one has run a yowie down with a four wheel drive," noted Mr Cropper. "But the fact remains that for well over 100 years, from early settlement to modern times, people have claimed to have seen the same thing."

The amateur cryptozoologist said he was fascinated by what could be called the UFOs of the animal world.

"It's a puzzle and I am trying to put the pieces together," he said.

"I have spoken to over 100 people who have seen a yowie and I feel they have had genuine experiences." - Northern Star

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