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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Just the Facts?: Volkswagen-Sized Hornets Nest -- Accountant Practicing Qing Gong -- Searching for Bigfoot...Not Growing Pot!

Hornet's nest the size of a Volkswagen Beetle reported near Florida couple's home

A Florida couple says they have an unwelcome neighbor the size of a Volkswagen Beetle that just won't buzz off.

A giant hornet's nest approximately 20 feet in circumference is hanging from a tree just feet from their Greenville home.

According to KLTV, Norman Bush and his wife Pat are worried the nest could be a danger to the public if it is not taken care of.

"If somebody wants to come by and was to shoot it or something like that I'm sure that they'd swarm everywhere," Norman Bush told KLTV. "Imagine if a child or something was out in my yard and they all attack that child that would be bad news.”

The hornets, the largest of the wasp species, are not bothering anyone. However, the nest does create a potentially hazardous situation and the Bushes do not want to take any chances.

Hornets do not lose their stingers when they attack and commonly sting more than once.

Animal control officials are strategizing ways to remove the possibly record-breaking nest. New Zealand currently holds the Guinness World Record with a nest measuring 12 feet 2 inches long. - 10News


Aussie accountant inspired to research telepathy

Accountant Beiyue Wang, 37, of Rockdale, says he has the telepathic ability to detect unhealthy organs in the body.

When he closes his eyes, he is able to visualise a person in shades of black, white and grey — the "black" being areas of concern.

Mr Wang inherited the ability from his father, 73, who lives in China and practises qing gong, the Chinese art of making the body extremely light in weight by altering the distribution and flow of chi, or "life-force energy".

Mr Wang did not believe in qing gong when he was growing up. The turnaround came last December when his father visited Australia to see his grandson, aged 16 months.

"My father came to look at the baby and said the baby could have this ability and if he can become a doctor it would be very good for him," Mr Wang said. "When the baby grows to be a teenager, my father will be 89 and he won't really be able to instruct the baby so he said he will make notes for me so that I can instruct the baby."

Mr Wang is now hoping to perfect his craft with the help of volunteers.

He is seeking people willing to have a "test" and those who believe they may have their telepathicabilities.

During a "test", Mr Wang and the subject both stand silently with eyes closed for about two minutes.

Mr Wang uses his "third eye" to scan the body, while occasionally he opens his eyes.

Mr Wang said it would take practice to perfect his ability to identify organs he saw as being "black", or unhealthy.

He said he did not recommend that anyone act on his findings until he was was more confident of his identification skills.

This writer took part in a "test" that revealed areas of black within the stomach area, trachea, spleen and/or breast.

In February, Britain's The Times reported that telepathic communication was close to becoming a reality after scientists stated they had created the first brain-to-brain interface.

It was understood that scientists had demonstrated it was possible to capture neuronal activity of rats with a chip implanted in the brain of one animal and to project the signals into the brain of a second animal, also implanted with a brain chip. - The Leader

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Dream Telepathy: Experiments in Nocturnal Extrasensory Perception (Studies in Consciousness)

Mysteries of the Life Force: My Apprenticeship with a Chi Kung Master


'Chupacabras' sighting in San Antonio city limits - (Blue Dog)

Margaux Huckabay said her brother spotted the legendary chupacabra on Bitters.

"At first he thought it was a coyote," said Huckabay. "It definitely looks weird."

Her brother quickly grabbed his phone and started recording the animal as it tried to scurry away it glanced back at the camera.

"It has a really long nose and a really long tail," Huckabay said.

She couldn't believe it and still wonders if it was really the goat blood sucker everyone talks about.

"I actually Google Imaged 'chupacabra' and it looks just like the other images. It's kinda freaky," she said.

After spotting it, the next night Huckabay and her brother drove back to the area but it was nowhere to be seen. They did, however, post it on Facebook and people are chiming in with their thoughts.

"People were saying its probably a coyote with mange but then someone wrote back that doesn't look like a coyote. It has a long tail," she said.

Either way, whatever it was, it may still be lurking around the city.

"It would be cool if we saw it again," she said. - KEN5


I’m not growing pot, I’m searching for Bigfoot!

A Toronto man claims he was harassed for walking through thick brush in Durham region by a police officer who accused him of being a pot grower.

Tim Marczenko denies the claim, saying he wasn’t growing dope, he was investigating sightings of Bigfoot.

“He asked me, ‘What are you doing out here?’ I told him I was investigating a Bigfoot report and he said, ‘Wow, you’re a terrible liar,’ ” said Mr. Marczenko. ” ‘I know it sounds crazy but I’m not lying about it,’ I said. He kept telling me I was lying about the situation.”

The site was under police surveillance after nearby residents complained about groups of young men flocking to the forest armed with shovels in weeks past. Three men were later arrested after several marijuana plants were found deep in the woods. Their cover was to tell the locals they were searching for Bigfoot.

Last August, Mr. Marczenko said he was on assignment for the Ontario Wildlife Field Research investigation into numerous reports of Bigfoot-sized tracks in the Township of Brockton.

After spending more than two hours in the bush and no sign of the creature, Mr. Marczenko called it a day. He started to drive away from the site in his rental car but a police SUV emerged from the woods and blocked his exit. Mr. Marczenko alleges Const. Robert Aukema put him under arrest for possession of a controlled substance even though a search of his clothes, bags and car produced nothing.

“He was very aggressive, very rude. He didn’t listen to anything I said, everything was a non-answer and it went on like this,” he said.

An internal investigation by the Durham Regional Police Service found no wrong doing by Const. Aukema. A police spokesperson declined to comment as the matter is currently under review by the Independent Police Review Director.

Mr. Marczenko’s run-in with police hasn’t put him off his quest to find Bigfoot.

“I could see how some people find it hard to believe,” said Mr. Marczenko. “The reports are coming in every week… Someone has to go out and take it seriously.” -
National Post