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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Just the Facts?: 'Blazing Orb' Over Russian City -- Punxsutawney Phil 'Indicted' -- Mysterious 'Ape-Like' Creature in Dorset

'Blazing Orb' Seen Over Chelyabinsk, Russia

According to the News Agency “Доступ” (Access), the “blazing orb” was first noticed over the city’s Kopeyskoye highway where it was photographed. The previous night of the 19th saw another strange luminous occurrence as locals in the northwest part of the city reported seeing a glowing fog descending from the sky.

Meteorologists theorized that the glowing fog could have been attributed to street lights reflecting off of ice crystals in in the air, but the giant ball of light still has everyone stumped. Could it be related to the meteors that hammered Russia last month or did the city of Chelyabinsk come face to face with visitors from space?

The city of Chelyabinsk is being bombarded with strangeness ever since the 'meteor' crashed there earlier this year. So I haveto ask everyone, what the heck is going on?

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Deceased woman rises from the dead

There was drama at Manor Hotel in Bulawayo after a woman who had been presumed dead after collapsing while allegedly having sex suddenly woke up just after police officers had put her body into a coffin.

The incident occurred on Tuesday last week at about 12pm. Sources said the woman woke up saying: "You want to kill me, you want to kill me."

A number of people who had gathered to witness the woman's "dead" body being removed from a room at the hotel reportedly fled from the scene. Some are said to have fallen while others tripped over each other in fear of the 'resurrected' woman.

"It was like a movie. People were running away in different directions. It was a scary incident because we were all convinced that she had died because she was just cold. Miracles surely do happen," said a source.

According to the source, police officers who attended the scene seemed moved by the woman's rise from the dead but kept their cool and tried to calm her while she accused them of trying to kill her.

"They had no choice. Surely it was going to be something else to see them also running away. It's their job and they had to remain clam and ascertain what was really happening."

After the woman had regained composure, the police officers are said to have left the hotel with an 'empty' coffin. The woman's unidentified partner reportedly sneaked out of the hotel moments after the cops had left while she was taken home by a colleague.

Sources identified her as MaNdlo and was said to be a 'new patron' at the hotel. When our news crew visited the hotel this week, she was said to be away.

"No one really knows her well because she was just new. We are hoping that she will be back within the course of the week," said a source.

The hotel's manager Raymond Nariti said he did not know what really happened.

"The police officers came with a steel coffin but they left without carrying a body. So I do not know what happened," he said. - Bulaway24


Mysterious ape-like creature photographed in a Dorchester, Dorset park

What is it? Witness said it was the size of a gorilla. - Daily Mail

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US UFO reports down 36 percent since Summer 2012

MUFON Executive Director David MacDonald said the increase in UFO reports occurred in July 2012 when 850 domestic cases were filed compared to 625 the previous month.

"The second half of 2012 included about a 10 percent monthly increase over the first half of the year," MacDonald said, "and that trend stayed in place until February 2013. With 2012, we had an average of 600 UFO reports each month from the United States. In February we saw just 381 domestic reports and we have taken in 328 reports so far in March 2013."

NUFORC Director Peter Davenport said his reporting database spiked about mid-June 2012 and remained high through January 2013. Davenport reports the same drop in UFO reports in February 2013 with lower numbers continuing into March.

"Beginning in mid-June of 2012, the volume of seemingly credible reports rose dramatically for reasons that we still do not understand," Davenport said. "The elevated volume of reports continued until approximately mid-February 2013, at which time the number of reports returned to its 'traditional' volume of approximately 300-400 per month."

With MUFON averaging about 600 U.S. UFO reports each month in 2012, the February 2013 totals are approximately a 36 percent drop in reports nationwide. NUFORC is reporting a similar percentage drop in February. - MUFON


Punxsutawney Phil 'indicted' in Ohio over spring prediction

Authorities in the US state of Ohio have issued an "indictment" against Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog famed for predicting spring's arrival, after he got it wrong this year.

The groundhog forecast an early spring when he did not see his shadow as he emerged from hibernation on 2 February.

But tongue-in-cheek prosecutors in Ohio's Butler County accuse the rodent of deliberately misleading the public.

They say such a felony should be punished by death.

"Punxsutawney Phil did purposely, and with prior calculation and design, cause the people to believe that spring would come early," wrote Mike Gmoser, Butler County prosecutor, in an official-looking paper.

'Very harsh'

He added the wrong prediction amounted to a felony "against the peace and dignity of the state of Ohio".

But Bill Deeley, president of the club that organises Groundhog Day, said Phil has a lawyer and would fight attempted extradition by the Ohio authorities.

He added the death penalty would be a "very harsh" punishment for the much-loved rodent.

"We'll have to plead our case one way or the other, but I think we can beat the rap," Mr Deeley said.

There has been much chatter on social media about Phil's incorrect prediction that spring would come early.

Temperatures in the region remain low, with a storm due on Sunday that could bring several inches of snow with it.

Each year thousands of people visit the tiny western Pennsylvania town of Punxsutawney, depicted in the 1993 comedy Groundhog Day, to witness Phil's prognostication. - BBC

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