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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Just the Facts?: UFO Followed 2 Hour Flight -- Something In My Room -- Killer Dolphins Escape

UFO followed 2 hour flight

Waterford, Michigan - unedited: It was Sunday, 19 of August, 2012. I decided to take my aunt and her husband to do a cross country on the Cherokee archer II, from Oakland County International Airport, MI to Huron County Memorial Airport, also in Michigan.

The duration of flight is around of 2 hours. My aunt on the back shot a picture during run-up and says: "I think I just shot a picture of an UFO" her husband and I look to each other and I said I would look it the camera later at home because I was paying attention in doing the run-up and fly the plane. during the whole flight she took pictures, and when I got home I went to look at the pictures. We end up with 3 pictures of the object, as soon I saw it, I said to myself is an UFO, its cylinder in shape and followed us trough the whole flight. - MUFON CMS

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Something in my room....
North Providence - 10/15/1968 - unedited: I was in the top bunk ,(bunk beds) my brother had his own room , i could not sleep that night . i was on my back looking up , all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye to my left, there was something standing there , but the first thing i thought was somehow i new he was short, i could not understand how he was my level,this really botherd me. i was still looking up at ceiling on my back , As i started to turn my head to the left , at the same time i felt 3 fingers across my left arm, between my elbow and hand .my hands were crossed over my belly . when i fully turned it vanished. A couple days later i found a scoop mark on my ankle (inside). Now i still have this mark and it looks allmost exactely like it did then .(40 years later) I never told my parents or anyone , who would believe me . Then in the 80`s when i saw pic`s of the greys . i was floored ,that, was in my room. When i use to think of this event, i called it pumpkin head . because it had a big head i would really like to have someone come over to show exactly what happend , and show this mark. i can send a pic threw my phone . Please give me a call , this really happend . - MUFON CMS

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Killer Dolphins Escape

No, it’s not a promo for the latest sci-fi movie. There are claims circulating that three dolphins have escaped from a Ukrainian military training facility armed with head-mounted guns and knives and trained to attack humans.

Could this seemingly outrageous claim actually be true? Unfortunately, the U.S. media has nothing on a number of international publications that publish completely fabricated tales, often to score political points. And for their part, the Ukrainian government has denied the claim, calling it a “fabrication” and a “gross provocation.”

The Russian publication RIA Novosti claims that the Ukrainian dolphin program is two-fold: Training the dolphins to detect and mark mines but also equipping them with weapons to attack enemy human swimmers who may pose a threat to Ukrainian navel vessels.

Interestingly, Wired points out that some Russian soldiers are actually trained to combat dolphins in case they are attacked by them while on a mission.

And as sensational as it may sound, it’s not like this story simply appeared out of thin air. As several news outlets have reported, the former Soviet Union engaged in similar training practices with dolphins and the sea-faring mammals have been used by countries around the world in various naval exercises, including in the U.S. Navy.

On its website, the Navy explains: “The U.S. Navy has found that the biological sonar of dolphins, called echolocation, makes them uniquely effective at locating sea mines so they can be avoided or removed. Other marine mammals like the California sea lion also have demonstrated the ability to mark and retrieve objects for the Navy in the ocean. In fact, marine mammals are so important to the Navy that there is an entire program dedicated to studying, training, and deploying them.”

Of course, as Wired points out, the U.S. Navy has a perfectly good explanation for why they don’t weaponize dolphins: self-preservation.

In a FAQ on their marine mammal-training program, the Navy writes: “Since dolphins cannot discern the difference between enemy and friendly vessels, or enemy and friendly divers and swimmers, it would not be wise to give that kind of decision authority to an animal.”

Indeed. No one wants to get caught in the crosshairs of a “Flipper.” - Yahoo


Yeah...you noticed too

Similar in more ways than one....


Red Sox 2nd baseman searching for Bigfoot

Today is a Red Sox off day. Some players will fish. Others play golf.

Dustin Pedroia has a hobby that falls a little outside the box — the search for Bigfoot.

You probably knew that if you follow Pedroia on Twitter (@15Lasershow), where a “Sasquatch Crossing” sign serves as his avatar. This spring, he walks around, a lot, in a light blue T-shirt with a Bigfoot drawing on it.

His next-door neighbor in the clubhouse, Will Middlebrooks, says Bigfoot is all Pedroia talks about, not only the TV show about the search but Bigfoot himself.

Middlebrooks is convinced that Pedroia believes in Bigfoot “120 percent.”

Pedroia is noncommittal. A little like Carl Everett was when it came to the subject of dinosaurs, he hasn’t seen foolproof evidence with his own eyes yet.

The search for Bigfoot, though, that matters.

Pedroia believes in the search for Bigfoot. Bigfeet, actually.

“There’s gotta be” more than one, he said yesterday. “I don’t know, I haven’t seen them. Keep looking for them.”

Pedroia does not miss episodes of Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot.”

“It’s good, man, it’s good stuff,” he said.

Pedroia is up to date on all the claims, old and new, of the tall, lumbering creature known for its putrid stench, humongous footprints, ape-like noises and extremely reclusive habits. He said the Les Trout-Sasquatch YouTube videos are “pretty cool.” He is not into the Loch Ness monster, but Yeti (the Abominable Snowman, believed to be roaming the Himalayan Mountains) is “probably from the same family, probably from the same origin.”

The idea that all the Sasquatches must be breeding brings up the idea that there are baby Sasquatches sequestered in the woods somewhere.

“They call them juvenile Sasquatches,” Pedroia informs a newcomer to the search.

The conversation makes Pedroia a bit wary.

“It’s not a big deal, it’s normal stuff,” he said.

It’s not new, either. He heard about them growing up in central Sacramento.

“It’s Northern California, they’re everywhere, man. You see them at Wal-Mart,” he said.

So, he’s got a sense of humor about them. His wife, Kelli, is not on the same page about Bigfoot.

“She has no imagination,” he said. He agrees that there have been some Bigfoot hoaxes.

“For sure, we had one coming out of our bullpen until he got a haircut,” he said, referring to reliever Andrew Miller. He said he’d be willing to join the hunt one offseason, be on the TV show if it came around to that.

“I don’t know how many there are but the search continues,” Pedroia said. “Gotta find one. I’ll go look.”

He still would like to know more.

“There’s not much research on it,” he said. “We’ve got to find one first, then we’ll know.”

He keeps looking over at Middlebrooks. The third baseman finally can’t help himself.

“Where do they look? Everywhere?”’ he asks.

Pedroia acts annoyed.

“I don’t know, I’m not the founder of the show, I just watch it,” he said. “You’re not going to go in CVS and see one.”

Middlebrooks knows he has no shot at turning Pedroia into a skeptic.

So the search continues.

And when the searchers find him, or her, juvenile or not juvenile, Pedroia understands that’s not the end of the story.

“Then they’d go find more,” he said. “There’s more than one.” - Boston Herald

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