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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Before: Unknown Humanoid in Michigan / Now: Indian Healer Spirit in Texas

Back in December 2012, the above image of 'something' was released. I posted it as the following - Bigfoot...or Another Unknown Humanoid? - then later at Update: Unknown Hominid Trail Cam Image.

I received this explanation of the entity:

Hey Lon. I was browsing your site and came across and article and picture of a bigfoot or humanoid figure taken from a trail cam. It just so happens that I run a paranormal investigation group out of mid-Michigan called The Paranormal Research and Investigative Society of Michigan (P.R.I.S.O.M). Recently, we had a member have someone tell him about his friend who had these eerie photos off of a trail cam and wanted to see what they were. Upon learning this member was active in the paranormal community, he got a picture (the exact same one) and gave it to him. According to his story, this photo was taken in Alpena, Michigan which is in the upper part of the mitten. The owner of this pic apparently has a couple more which we are trying to get. I don’t know if this photo came from this area or if this is a hoax but I thought you might like a little more info on it. Thanks for your time...Tom Vlassis

Recently...a video has popped up describing this entity as a Indian Healer Spirit Captured On Hunting Camera.

The video included the following description:

Indian healer spirit captured on a deer hunting camera in a small town north of Corpus Christi, TX. Pretty amazing catch as my friend forwarded these pictures to me as he know I was involved in the paranormal.

NOTE: So...look at the video and the screen captures. What do think this may be? I'm starting to sense that the first presentation didn't satisfy the owner...so they came up with another scenario. I'm leaning towards 'hoax' at this point.


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