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Friday, April 27, 2012

Reader Submission: The Claw

I was contacted by Jonathan F. who had previously submitted It Was A Fairy Good Evening and promised to forward anecdotes about other strange encounters he had experienced. After he read Unexplained Events, Jonathan F. forwarded the following email:

When we spoke last, I had told you that there were other events that happened in my life that I would eventually find time to send you. This fella beat me to the punch on one of them. So strangely enough, this event is almost exactly what happened to me a few years ago while in college myself. However, there are a few differences in experience I'd like to share with you now.

Back in about 2008, I had split up with my girlfriend and moved in with my Dad while going to college in Pittsburgh PA. He lived in Bethel Park, a very populated and relatively nice community. He had given me a spare bedroom on the second floor which had 3 windows in it. It wasn't very big, but it held my life's essentials while attending college. One night, around spring/summer in '08, I was laying in my bed, laying on my right side, thinking about life and just reflecting on stuff when I started to feel a strange tingle throughout my body (I didn't quite notice a droning sound as John T. described, being that I lived in an area where dumptrucks, 18 wheelers and many other large motor vehicles were only a few paces from my window on the ground below passing by day and night). I hadn't began to "drift" into sleep at this point and I took a quick and sharp notice to this feeling that I was getting. It made me feel "light", as if my bodies density was lessening and I was not as "armored" without that density, if you will. I didn't fight it because I always have been intrigued by the supernatural and paranormal (probably even to a dangerous level of curiosity at times). Instead, I focused ON it and tried to encourage it to see what was to come next. What happened next, I did not like. Suddenly, I felt something dark, something negative. The best way I can describe it is like this:

A giant invisible 3 fingered claw began to "scrape" my soul from my body, slowly extracting it one gradual pace at a time. It started at my feet and scraped its way up my legs and to my torso. When it hit my upper chest, it scraped outward from my body. Think of a garden claw scraping a hole in fresh topsoil - very similar to what I was feeling. Every time it made a pass up my body, I felt less and less in control of my body - I still had control of my mind, but fear began to consume it. My body felt as if it were paralyzed and numbed to much feeling, as a parasite would do when attaching to its host. Now, imagine with me if you can, that since this claw had no physical form, it still had an energy - a dark and negative energy. It instilled terror into my heart and I "saw" it in my mind, what it looked like - it's color, texture, the giant nails on each finger, every bumpy knuckle. But when I "saw" it in my mind, it wasn't like some vision you would imagine a prophet being given from a higher power like in movies or something. Instead, it was just like a thought you would have about what your truck looks like or your house or dog. It is a detailed image, but just an image in your mind when you're thinking about something. Ok, so now I'm laying on my right side, I feel this tingle, I kind of like it so I "welcome" it, all of a sudden, I feel the claw scraping through me and pulling MY energy, my soul, out of my body. The only thing I could do was pray, which I did and it was the Lord's Prayer, just as John T. did. As I prayed, the scraping continued but got very weak until finally it was gone. I felt my blood rush back into my body and I lifted my head from my pillow and looked around, not sure what the hell just happened to me.

In all 3 windows, I never noticed anything that seemed like it could be related to extraterrestrials - I didn't lose time, I was conscious the whole time, no strange lights or voices, etc. Instead, this was something completely spiritual...but it was evil. I'm no saint and I don't even know how to be. But I do know evil, and so does every single person in this world when their soul encounters it. I've always been a firm believer in a spirit, a soul and God. Whether its simply the power of believing in "something" that gives you control over the power within, or wether it is actually believing in God directly, you must still believe in good an evil. If there is one thing I know about existence, it is that it is all a balance - in every little tiny or hugely massive thing - from day to day life to quantum physics, the one rule is; there is a balance. Black and white, good and evil. I can't explain more than that of my event, other than I know it was evil - and with faith and the power of prayer, I was released from its grasp.

I drew a picture of what I saw in my mind and since it happened, the image in my head has not lost an ounce of detail. Maybe I saw it because I'm visually inclined, but this is what I believe was scraping through me, could it be seen through "our" perspective. - Jonathan F.

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