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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The 'People' Next Door

Over the years I have amassed an abundant collection of anecdotes and inquiries that explain a variety of subjects and interesting observations. The most captivating narratives, in my opinion, discuss the writers' personal perceptions of other people, in particular...the neighbors. I present to you a few of these brief accounts:

I grew up in a bedroom community outside of New York City. It was the 1970's and all the Father's in the neighborhood commuted to work while our Mothers were stay-at-home 'Moms'. All the Moms were busy-bodies and basically had their noses in each other's business. The talk of the neighborhood was the family that lived beside us - the Smiths.

The Smiths were very strange. There was Mr and Mrs. Smith who looked like they were in their 40's and their kids, a son and a daughter. The kids were early teens - and we never knew their names! They didn't go to school so we assumed they were home-schooled. The only time we saw them was when the whole family would walk single file to the garage in the back of their house and drive away in their Rambler station wagon. My Mom talked to Mrs. Smith once right after they moved in, but that was it. They never answered the door and there was no telephone listing.

Mr. Smith never drove to work and Mrs. Smith was never seen shopping or doing any chores. The yard work was taken care of by two men who would drive up in a gray service truck once a week during the spring and summer. They would cut the lawn and trim the hedges. There were no flowers or trees - no lawn furniture - nothing.

One of our neighbors called the Mayor's office about the kids and school - but we never saw anyone ever come to the house. In fact, they never received mail (the postman told us) and there were never any deliveries.

The Smiths lived there for about 4 years. We didn't even know they had left until another (normal) family moved in. They told us that the house had been on the market for several months and that it was purchased through a Government auction - but that seemed strange as well.


I've got a strange story for you. The people who live across the street are either into something weird or the house is haunted. They moved in a few months ago, a husband and wife. I'll call them Jack and Jill. Every night we hear loud 'hums' coming from the house. There are never any lights on inside or outside. Also my dogs and my neighbor's dog start to howl when the hums begin. I can't get my dog to shut up. It's so bad I have to keep him in the basement at night. The hums go on for about an hour.

I confronted Jack one day about the hums. He looked at me like I was nuts. He then got real nasty and told me to mind my own business. My neighbor got fed up and called the police. The police showed up and told them to stop. The hums continued so the police searched the place and found nothing. The hums continue. Any idea what it is?

NOTE: about a year later I received another email from this witness who said the neighbors moved out and the hums stops...Lon


Hi Lon - I moved to a small town in Texas a few months ago. Everything is great except the guy down the street kind of worries me and the other neighbors. His name is Stu and he lives alone. He usually seems to be an OK guy but sometimes he'll sit in his front yard and watches the sky at night. I asked him about it one day and he claims to be an abductee and he expects his 'tormentors' will return. The fact that he keeps 3 loaded shotguns on the porch concerns me. The police can't do anything though they have warned him to not cause a disturbance. If Stu disappears one night or does something else, I'll let you know.


Hi Lon - what are your thoughts on possible alien habitation among the human population? Please keep an open mind when reading my email.

I live in a moderate sized borough in Pennsylvania. I live in the same house where I grew up. In fact most of the neighborhood has remained the same for the past 20 years or so. This includes the family that lives across the street.

This family, who I refer to as the Odds, is not normal by any stretch of the imagination. There is the husband and wife who are in their seventies and their daughter (Carol) who is now my age, 52. They have lived there as long as I can remember. Carol and I went to school together though we barely knew each other. She has always been very attractive though I never recall her ever having a boyfriend (or girlfriend).

Her parents maintain a very nice house and seem to get along quite well together. In fact Carol and her parents are always a trio. They are never seen separate. They do not go to church and are not involved in any civic activities. But this isn't the strange part.

Every Spring since I can recall, they dig up a huge hole in the backyard. It's in the same location every year. The size I estimate is about 15 x 10 foot and about 4 foot deep. As soon as the hole is dug they cover it with a huge tarp that is staked into the ground around the perimeter. It remains like that for two days, hen it is quickly filled in and topped with new turf. Every year! It's almost like a harbinger of Spring. The Odds are digging the hole!

The Odds don't talk to anyone. Never. Carol never talks to anyone. I have only heard her voice on a few occasions and that was when we were in class together and she'd be answering the teacher. I attempted to talk to her a few months ago during the holidays and she simply looked at me, smiled and said nothing. I have never heard her parents say anything. That brings up another point, Carol doesn't look anything like her parents. She must be adopted or, as I suspect, something else is going on here.

I remember when I saw the movie 'The Truman Show'. That is the Odds. Everything stays the same. One Summer I took a photograph of a family member in our front lawn. In the background was the Odd's front yard and house. A few years later I was looking at the photograph and was amazed at how similar the house, shrubbery and flowers were at the present time! It looks like the flowers came up the same way a few years later!

They seem to follow a routine for each day of the week, but the one thing they do every morning is really strange. The three of them 'tour' the outside of the house. There are specific places on the perimeter of the house where they stop, hold hands in a circle and look into the sky. It's very strange because each time they perform this ritual I get a static feeling in the hands and feet. It affects my Mother the same way - even when we are not watching them and somewhere else!

There are other oddities as well. None of them has a job, no one ever visits and they get a lot of deliveries (it seems like everyday something comes).

I'm convinced that these 'people' are not entirely human. I know it sounds nutty but I'm not the only person in the town that thinks that something nefarious is going on with the Odds.

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