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Friday, April 27, 2012

Just the Facts?: Green Cloud Over Moscow -- Congo Cannibals -- 'They' came on my boat...

Strange green cloud over Moscow...locals freaked!

Because far from paranormal or the onset of war, according to officials in Moscow, it is nothing but pollen.

As people around the capital began to gawk at the seemingly ashy substance and reported being covered in what was thought to be dust, Twitter came alive with conspiracy theories.

Prior to the announcement users like GadgetExpert took to Twitter to say 'What the hell Is this giant green cloud in Moscow? Something highly strange is going on.'

Ruskin147 added 'Russian tweeters reporting green cloud over Moscow, rumours of chemical accident,' and russian_market said 'there is one BIG GREEN CLOUD OVER MOSCOW..... Spoooky.'

Even the city's tabloid newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda ran the headline 'Green clouds are coming toward Moscow, could it be that the apocalypse is upon us?'

Pictures and videos soon littered the internet, some showing green film covering windows in the city centre.

But following growing speculation Russia's Interfax news agency reported they had word from government sources who said: 'High heat, which came to the Moscow region with an intense wind, caused the formation of a large amount of pollen, which, mixing and moving in the air, can form such a cloud.'

Later reports suggest, more specifically, that it is in fact being caused by birch pollen.
But some social network users are still far from convinced.

MadmanCrow said: 'Green cloud over Moscow reported to be birch pollen? Sounds like B.S. to me.' - dailymail


Congolese Conflict: Surviving Cannibal Soldiers

We don't know much about Maria. A photographer named Marcus Bleasdale met her in the Democratic Republic of Congo in August of 2003. She was breastfeeding one of her three children, resting the infant's head on her good arm. Her other arm ends at the elbow, where it's capped by a fresh cast that reads "31/8," probably meaning that it can be removed on August 31. Her older son is also in the frame, bandages dangling from his scalp.

Maria told the photorapher that she lost the limb defending her children from one of the militant groups then terrorizing Ituri province, her home. Soldiers hacked it off at the elbow and ate the flesh. Maria does not say if the soldiers forced her to watch as they cooked and consumed her arm, but she would not have been the first in Ituri's war. When the sub-conflict of the Congolese Civil War peaked from 1999 to 2003, stories of cannibalism started to trickle out.

Stories like Maria's, and the larger Congolese conflict of which it was a part, are something we still talk about today. An art exhibit, meant to raise awareness, is currently shuttling Maria's photo around the globe, showing it and others to people in the highest levels of government. But the reasons we talk about Maria are nearly as complicated as the story itself, which is now mostly over, and risks over-simplifying our understanding as much as aiding it. - Continue reading at A Congo Mother Survives Cannibalism to Save Her Children


'They' came to my boat....

Crisfield, MD - unedited: Beginning November 2011 (dont laugh) I built a radio from a quartz crystal and my high frequency ships radio on my sailboat...and through focusing my frequency I asked UFOs, inter-dimensional beings, ETs and beings that are here to help the planet come join me on/in my sailboat to help me heal the world. There is a lot more to this, as "just believed they were there" and "thanked them for their time and for coming."

After about two months of calling them through my radio and then "holding a healing service for the world," I was directed to begin photographing the inside of the boat...and to my surprise, there were many beings, orbs, "things that I cannot explain" and phenomenon of all kinds showing up in the photos. After a while, some of these things began to be visible to my naked eye.

Soon "I was told" that the inside of the boat had become too crowded" and that "they" had moved outside. In short, I believe that I opened up a portal to another or several other dimensions...but that is not the point. I knew what I was doing and I knew what I expected to happen and it did.

I asked beings and UFOs and entities and "things" from many dimensions to come and help me pray for the world (again dont laugh...as the photos speak for themselves). "We" held a "service" for one hour every single day for five months...and every single day many unusual beings and UFOs and entities came and either I assisted them or they assisted me. Soon, "they" allowed me to take their pictures. And within three months...thousands of beings and "universes" of all kinds began showing up in, on, around the boat.

It will be difficult for me to describe each photo (as I need to do) in this forum. So, someone from Mufon please contact me with an email address to send the photos and the descriptions to. I will include a few photos...but here is the point:

"They" came to my boat because I asked them to...and they kept coming back because I thanked them for taking time out of their busy schedules and for helping us here on earth. We are not alone. We have a lot of help...if we ask and if we are appreciative. Further, these beings are very real as you can clearly see by the shadows they cast. But more interesting is the fact that our physical reality is a tiny pin prick of the incredible reality that exists in other dimensions...and I have been allowed to pier into those realities. I guess they showed themselves to me so I can share with the world that "they are here." "They are here to help." "They are very, very real."

I will be happy to share my extensive collection of photos with anyone who requests...and share the rest of the story. I am putting a website together and will have my photos, experiences and story online soon.

Most of the photos are self-explanitory. However, the photo of me up on top of the sailboat mast-you will need to look for the black object just below me and to the right of me in the base of the clouds and bring that object in by blowing up the photo. My experience with these UFOs is that they are either drones or some different type of life form...a living entity very different than an organic life form we are used to seeing on earth. Anyway...this guy came around a lot.

As for the black/greyish being that is in the photos...most of him is sort of in my refridgerator. I have two photos of him. He is very real as noted by the shadows cast on the floor and walls.

As for the rest of the rockets and tiny universes and energy beings and light orbs and UFOs (those are the bright lights in the busy photos)-that will take a lot of explaining...some of the phenomenon I could clearly see with my naked eye and some was/is (I still have the phenomenon around me) when I photographed them.

Note: the first photo of the orb inside my boat was the beginning. If you load this photo on your computer and blow it up and look around, you can find over 25 light entities in just this one photo...and this is just the very beginniing. Subsquent photos have hudreds. Please let me know where to send the rest of the photos. Enjoy. - MUFON CMS


Locals fear 'kung fu' guinea pig

Locals in Hradok, Slovakia, are living in fear of a kung fu guinea pig. The pint-sized ninja terrified dog walker Marta Domotorova when it attacked her Hungarian pointer dogs during a stroll on heathland near her home.

With a series of spinning kicks and leaps the fearless rodent saw off both the hapless hounds as they tried to play with it. "Bona started barking and Meggie wanted to sniff it.

"I guess it got pretty scared although both dogs are harmless and just wanted to play," said Marta. But then they got pretty scared when the guinea pig started its kung fu chops," she added.

Local wildlife experts believe the furious furball is a household pet that's either escaped or been abandoned. "It's not the first time we've heard of this. These creatures are usually docile family pets but when they feel threatened they will fight for their lives like any animal that thinks it's been cornered," explained one. - austriantimes


Lost Pages From the Egyptian 'Book of the Dead' Found

Papyrus fragments from an Egyptian funerary text known as a Book of the Dead have been discovered in the archives of the Queensland Museum in Brisbane, Australia.

"We are incredibly surprised that we had such a significant object in our collection," museum CEO Ian Galloway told Australian press.

The discovery was made recently during a visit to the museum by British Museum Egyptologist John Taylor.

While on a tour of the Australian venue's Egyptian collection ahead of its new exhibit Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb (which opened Thursday), Taylor noticed a familiar name — Amenhotep, a well-known ancient Egyptian head of builders — on a fragile piece of papyrus long ago conserved by Queensland Museum curators.

Upon further examination of the collection, he confirmed that the ancient scraps were from The Book of the Dead of Amenhotep, an ancient Egyptian official from approximately 1420 B.C.

Portions of this particular manuscript were discovered in the 19th century, though parts were missing. Some is now held at the British Museum, with other segments at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

"This is not the papyrus of just anybody. This is one of the top officials from Egypt at the peak of ancient Egypt's prosperity," Taylor told reporters in Brisbane.

According to Galloway, a woman donated the fragments in question to the museum almost 100 years ago. Staffers are now trying to track down her descendants.

The fragments will be scanned and Taylor hopes to start piecing the digital images together with the portions in the British Museum's collection.

"After over 100 years we're in a position to reconstruct this really important manuscript, perhaps in its entirety," he said. - cbc

The Egyptian Book of the Dead: The Book of Going Forth by Day - The Complete Papyrus of Ani Featuring Integrated Text and Full-Color Images

Journey Through the Afterlife: Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead - The British Museum - NOTE: I have a copy of this book...magnificent! Worth the effort to obtain the hardbound version...the British Museum may have some still available. Lon


The Virus That Really Will Kill Your PC July 9th

It sounds like one of those annoying chain emails that show up from technically challenged acquaintances: “The FBI Will Take Your Computer Offline July 9 If It Has A Virus! Visit This Site Immediately To Check!! Forward This To Everyone You Know!!!”

But the Federal Bureau of Investigation really has posted a warning on its site about the risk of “DNSChanger” malware, which really will result in your computer getting disconnected from the Web on July 9 if you don’t clean it up.