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Monday, April 23, 2012

Humanoid Reports: I Could Crush You! -- Invisible Craft -- The Red Angel

On Sunday April 23rd, Eric and I welcomed humanoid researcher and archivist Albert Rosales to 'Beyond the Edge Radio'. It was a fantastic show...and will soon be available at BTE Radio - Podomatic and BTE Radio - Planet Paranormal. During the interview Albert referred to a memorable case in Israel which he forwarded to me after the show:


Bourgata, Israel - May 30, 1993 - 3:00 a.m.

Hannah Somech woke up when she heard her dog barking. She got up and went downstairs from her bedroom to the kitchen and looked out the garden through the glass door when she saw her dog literally flying through the air and slam against a wall. Shocked and terrified she bravely opened the door but was confronted by an invisible wall: she could not go any further. Then she saw an eight-foot tall giant in bright coveralls. A thief, she thought. “You think I am a thief?” she heard inside her head. “What did you do with my dog”, she asked furiously. “He disturbed me, as you do now,” the giant spoke telepathically, without moving his lips. “I could crush you, but I don’t want to. Just leave me alone, I am busy.” The woman ran back to the bedroom to wake up her husband, but when both came down, the giant had disappeared. In the garden, they found huge footprints, 1 foot, 4 inches in length. Later, circles appeared too, again covered by the reddish cadmium based liquid. After the encounter Hannah suffered severely from fatigue, headaches and muscle pain.

Source: Michael Hesemann, UFOS: The Secret History



Albert forwarded another unusual case from Sweden:

Forsheda, near Varnamo, Smaland, Sweden - January 28, 1979 - 18:00

The witness ‘Lars Eriksson’ (not his real name) a repairman at the local Forsheda Rubber Factory was at work for the second shift (starting at 17:15) like he usually did when suddenly the boiler stopped working for no apparent reason. Eriksson was very surprised. He checked all the valves, but could not find any fault in them. The he walked over to the fuse box to check on the fuses.

He then made several futile attempts to start the boiler and in addition he attempted via a valve to release steam from the boiler. But strangely enough, no steam seemed to be emanate from the valve and while working on the steam valve he noticed that the control booth indicated that the ventilation fan on the third floor of the facility had also stopped working. Completely confused, Eriksson realized that nothing seemed to work and that now both boilers were out of commission, which was technically impossible. It was now 18:15 in the evening. Moments later the entire electrical power grid malfunctioned, not only in the factory but apparently in the whole community of Forsheda.

Amazed and confused, Lars put on a jacket and walked to the nearby pump-house, located at about 700 meters away from the main building. He had decided to start the cooling water pump that serviced the machinery in the factory. When he was halfway there he suddenly saw at a distance of about 25-30 meters away a short, dark figure which at first he thought was a boy of about 7-8 years of age. The figure was apparently on its way to the fuse box. His first thought was ‘How did you get in here?’ since the main gate and the gate to the pump house were locked. He must have crawled under the fence, Eriksson thought. The strange figure stopped and looked in the direction of Eriksson and raised its right hand, as if a greeting gesture. This caused Eriksson to stop in his tracks.

As Eriksson attempted to greet (what he still thought was a boy) and walked towards it, he realized that he was unable to move. His whole body was paralyzed even though he did not experience any discomfort, and never felt threatened by the figure. He finds it hard to describe his inability to move any part of his body. At this point the short ‘boy’ like figure made a sudden remarkable turn or about face, which Eriksson had never seen a human being do before. It appeared to have been in a sort of floating motion, making a complete U-turn motion. At the same time the figure made this remarkable turn it also made a giant leap or step, which later Eriksson measure it to have been 1 and a half meters. Looking at the creature’s back (which now Eriksson was convinced that it was definitely not a human boy) Eriksson could see that it wore a sort of large dark helmet that fell down to its shoulders. This presumed helmet seemed to be square in shape. The strange figure ‘jumped like a beast’ as it departed, said Eriksson, the whole time its body curiously leaning forward, as if squatting. It went very quickly leaving a 1 meter long track on the snow.

Eriksson could only the describe the being as only about 1 meter in height, black in color and wearing a square helmet which reached down to its shoulders. His physique appeared normal, like that of a human being. After examining the creature’s footprints Eriksson was able to conclude that the feet were wider in front that in the rear, 16 inches long and grooved at the bottom, leaving an imprint of about 7-8 millimeters in depth on the fresh snow. Eriksson also recalled hearing a strange sizzling sound moments before he was unable to move. Now something even stranger occurred, according to Eriksson the creature seemed to bend at the waist and almost lie down. It then sat down on what now Eriksson realized it was some kind of invisible object or craft, straightened up slightly and flew away, emitting a strange sizzling sound (like the one Eriksson heard before) which quickly rose into a sharp intense whining. The humanoid lifted from the ground, sitting or reclining inside a vehicle that was either invisible or seemed to be there and Lars for some reason could not see it. The figure rose in between a couple of trees located on the rear of the factory until it disappeared becoming a small dot in the sky. Soon after the 56-year old Eriksson was able to move again, even though footprints of the strange creature were found, no trace or imprints of the apparent invisible craft were located.

Source: Mytilus - Mytilus@yepm.com Type: E or B?

Comments: Amazing and almost unique case as for the mode of transportation of the humanoid. I have read perhaps 2 other cases in which humanoid are seen apparently riding some type of invisible craft or contraption in the air. (Shades of Wonder-woman!). - Albert Rosales


Here is another odd encounter:


Between Kinyara & Kitanosie, Uganda - 1995 - night

The anonymous witness whilst walking home on a road through the sugar cane fields, abruptly stopped by the side of the road by an unfinished air strip and turned to his left and there stood a huge red colored winged creature with glowing blond curly hair and what seemed to be a halo effect surrounding his head. The sugarcane at the time had been left uncut for many years and stood about 16 ft tall. The “angel” was about 12 ft tall and the most beautiful creature that he had ever seen, the being appeared to have an additional set of ribs that were below his normal ribs unlike a human being, at waist level his legs were fur like and it stood upon hooves instead of feet. They stood about 60 ft apart and just looked at each other for about 5minutes. The being exuded a very bright light from its body and his head, which gave a halo effect. The witness thrust his hand towards the being as a gesture of contact and at this point heard a message of a religious nature and of future warning for humanity, all in his mind. After the message the “Red Angel” turned and his wings unfurled and trailed behind his body as he returned back into the sugar cane. The witness continued to walk towards home. About 150 yards further up the road the “Red Angel” appeared again standing amongst the cane. The witness turned and faced him again, this time standing about 30 ft away, the being’s face, although white was glistening black as if in shadow. Soon the bizarre humanoid disappeared into the sugarcane field again.

Source: Direct from witness Type: E

Comments: This bizarre creature would fall in the realm of the angel lore. The hooves are an intriguing fact, are we talking about a demonic type creature or an angel? - Albert Rosales

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