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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Possible Juvenile Bigfoot Sightings - Lackawanna Co. / Wayne Co., PA

I received the following email on the evening of November 14th:

Hello sir - I read the report about the unknown flying creature near Factoryville, PA. I live about 25 miles southeast of that location near Mt. Cobb, PA.

Last week I saw something I cannot explain. It was Thursday November 10th around 10 am when I was in my backyard raking leaves. There is a patch of woods at the back of our property. My 7-year-old son was playing nearby when he called out to me saying there was a "monkey in the trees". I looked in the direction he was pointing and noticed what looked like a small hairy man sitting in a maple tree watching us.

I dropped my rake and walked over toward the tree. The heavy branch was about 10-12 above the ground. This creature was sitting on it with it's legs tucked up like a chimpanzee - but this was not a monkey or ape. It was proportioned like a small man a little under 3 foot in height with thick dark brown hair all over its body. It continued to sit there and quietly watch us. I turned to grab my cellphone which was in my jacket pocket so I could get a photo but it became alarmed and quickly jumped to an adjacent tree, scampered down and ran upright at a remarkable speed. I was amazed how fast it ran - it disappeared within a few seconds.

My son told me later that he had a similar sighting this past summer and was sure it was not the same creature. He said the previous creature was larger as he glimpsed it walking through the woods behind our neighbor's barn. I talked to my neighbors this weekend and neither have seen anything but admit that their pets have been alarmed at night and on one occasion last winter there was distant howling. They assumed it was a coyote or a dog.

These creatures seem benign in my opinion but I am curious as to what they are. We are setting out 2 deer trail cams - one at the edge of our woods and the other in back of the neighbor's barn.

Is there a possibility that these are young Bigfoot or another unknown primate. I have no evidence and have checked for footprints without luck. If I do obtain anything interesting I will contact you. Thanks for reading - I have signed up for the newsletter. Amy

After some research, I found an interesting report from Lake Ariel, PA in October 2009. This location is approximately 5 miles northeast of Mt.Cobb, PA:

Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania - October 12, 2009 - 9:00 am

A young child that had been playing around his backyard all morning first heard strange rustling sounds outside and then noticed that all the branch piles and leaves he had set up had been rearranged and piled differently. He rearranged his setup again and then walked around the house for about 15 minutes. He then came to his backyard to go back to his ‘fort’ and saw at his branch piling site a little human-like creature. He noticed that it was piling sticks in the piling site for him---perfect four inch around and four foot across sticks. The little man was climbing trees and snapping out branches. The witness gasped as it nimbly hopped out of trees and dropped sticks onto the pile. The creature was about 4 ft tall with a hunch on his back and covered with brown hair all over. He had such long hair that it covered everything on its body, however its hands had no hair and they were white. He saw no visible nose but black beady eyes. The creature walked like a monkey.

Stunned, the young witness stood rooted to the spot. Suddenly his legs felt ice cold and he ran away, trembling. As he ran, his legs heated up and felt like they were on fire. The witness locked himself in his room with his Golden Retriever and both fell asleep, but soon woke up to the sound of rustling leaves outside his window. He cracked open his shutter and saw the strange creature racing through the leaves, bouncing up and down, and speeding around in circles. It took a handful of leaves and threw them in the air as it danced under the decaying shower. The witness’s dog growled and the creature stopped ‘dancing’, rooted to its spot. It looked shame-faced at the messed up leaf pile and slouched away. The witness watched as it made its way to the woods, it then hopped nimbly into the trees and gathered sticks, it then laid them on a pile and suddenly noticing the witness, and it straightened up and grinned at him with crooked, rounded, stubby teeth. It waved its left foot at the witness, as if in a greeting and then disappeared into the treetops.

For the next few days, it left the witness sticks until the witness’s mother saw it and screamed in terror. The witness had started leaving the creature grapefruit halves which it ate gratefully. But after the incident with the witness mother it peeped through its shutters and then never returned.

Source: Your True Tales - February 2010

Are these witness statements referring to a similar group of creatures? Is it possible that juvenile Bigfoot were sighted? Has this type of creature and its behavior been witnessed and reported before? I'd appreciate any information, especially from residents in the general area...Lon

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