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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Fort Stockton, Texas Boomerang UFO

Witness renditions

Date: 1974 Time: Between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. (Saturday)

Approach Direction: From the West. Departure Direction: To the East. Witness_Direction: Facing Southwest.

Description: Although this sighting happened in 1974, I was afraid to go public with it because of my paranoia of the Government and the ridicule of my friends or family. What I am about to tell you needs further investigation because there were numerous witnesses at the time. Yet, it never was mentioned by the media. This sighting happened when I was a Sophmore in High School at Ft. Stockton, Texas. Ft Stockton is a small town of 10,000 in far west Texas on the way to El Paso.

At that time, my dad was a Route Delivery Driver for the Dr. Pepper Company, out of Pecos Texas. I remember that it was a Saturday because Ft. Stockton was his main route on Saturdays. We were on Main street and we were making a delivery to a small Convenience store called "Pick Pack Groceries"

Just as my dad parked the truck in front of the store, he reached across my brother, and slapped me on the chest. Then he said, "You boys ever see a UFO?" I replied, "No, Sir." Then he said, "Well, there's ya one right over there." Then he pointed out his driver side window toward a street called "Colpits Street." There was an Elementary School just a few yards from the corner of Main and Colpits and right up above the school was a Silver object about the size of a Football Field. It hovered about 50 feet above the school and it was shaped like a boomerang. From my position I figured that it was about 10 to 15 feet thick.

But the strangest thing about the incident was, how the people in Ft. Stockton reacted to it. As my dad got out of the truck, he said in a rough voice, "I don't want you boys watching that damn UFO. We got work to do." So my brother and I unloaded the cases that he needed, but every once and awhile I would glance over to the School to make sure that the silver boomerang was still there. I even noticed a couple of cars that pulled over to the side of the road and people getting out and pointing to it.

After we unloaded the truck, I had to go inside of the store to help my dad stock the shelves. But the first thing that I noticed was how weird every one was acting. There were at least 15 or 20 people in the store and not one person was reacting to the boomerang across the street. And it could clearly be seen outside of the store windows. So I asked the man behind the Cash Register if he could see that shiny thing above the Elementary School across the street. Then he replied, "Yeh! What is that thing." And I replied, "My dad says that it's a UFO." "That Right?," he replied. "Strangest thing I ever saw," he said as he continued to ring up a customer. "So, you can see it?" I asked. Because I was confused as why no one was reacting to it.

I thought that every one would drop what they were doing and rush outside to gawk at it. But the Cashier just rang people up like it was an every day event. And everyone else was acting the same way. They were milling around the store gathering up chips and dips and checking out at the register like nothing was going on. So I had to get confirmation that I wasn't the only one seeing things. "So you can see that?" I asked one more time as I pointed out the store window. "Yep!" he replied. But it didn't end there. I knew that we would be making deliveries for the rest of the day and I was disappointed because our route would carry us away from the silver thing.

But my disappointment didn't last very long. I was sitting near the door on the passenger side of the truck as we drove down Main street. My door faced toward the south side of town and Ft Stockton is as flat as a pancake. The Tallest buildings were downtown and they weren't any taller than two stories. But the Junior High School was at least three stories high. And there it was. Another one, was hovering over the Junior High. And I saw one more, or it could have been the same one hovering over the far edge of town near the south. The only thing on that side of town was the main Hospital and a Trailer Park. I got the impression that it was over the trailer park. The whole incident lasted more than three hours, because that is the time that it took us to make our deliveries as we traveled east down Main street.

Every time we took off to the next stop I would look out of the passenger side window for the silver boomerangs and I saw them throughout the rest of the day. But it was how the people reacted that blew me away. People were going about their business like nothing was going on, even though occasionally a car would pull over and people would get out to point in the same direction that I was looking. But it still didn't end there. Our last delivery was to a Gas plant about 40 miles east of Ft. Stockton. Once again I was disappointed because we were leaving something that was utterly phenomenal. But believe it or not, I could see it far to south as it passed us, as we traveled east. I even got the impression that it was following us. Then, there it was again. Another one was hanging over the community of the Gas Plant.

My dad looked terrified and he warned us once more to pay attention to our work and not be staring at the UFO. So he parked the truck facing away from the boomerang. Then we unloaded the drinks and my dad went back inside the office to settle up. While he was gone my brother and I waited in the truck. Then my brother grabbed a magazine from underneath the seat and started to read it. I was astonished at the way he was reacting to everything thing, because I felt like a kid in a candy store. All I wanted to do was get out of the truck and stare at the big silvery thing, but I feared my dad more. So I asked my brother if he could see it. He replied "Yeh! Why?" "Well, don't you even care?" I asked him. "Daddy says that it's a UFO. But every body's acting like it isn't even there." then he replied, "Yeh, and Daddy told us not to be watching it. So I isn't watching it. If you want to watch it that's your problem. But I aint getting in trouble.

I'm going to read this magazine." Then I looked out of the rearview mirror and watched it as I thought about it. I wondered why my dad was so terrified and remembered thinking that they were taking everyone. Including my dad. He was gone for two solid hours. When he came out of the office, he still looked terrified and he never said a word. As we drove off I noticed that the boomerang was gone.

On the way back to town I kept looking for it, but I never saw it. So, I decided to ask my friends about it the following Monday after I went back to school. But I never did. I completely forgot, even though I searched the News Papers for weeks for any kind of story. There were even rumors of a rash of sightings and cattle mutilations. But that particular sighting was never even mentioned. It wasn't a blimp and I knew that our government didn't have that kind of technology back then. I know that there were numerous witnesses and my brother is still alive today. So he can confirm everything that I have written. If there is anyone from Ft. Stockton that remembers anything remotely similar I sure would like to hear from them.

Color/Shape: Silver like Foil - Shape of a boomerang and the size of a football field.

Height & Speed: hovered 30 to 50 feet above town - south side of Ft. Stockton departed east of Ft. Stockton.

TV/Radio/Press: Never Reported.

Thank you to UFOINFO for this report. http://www.ufoinfo.com/

Additional Information Gathered by HBCC UFO Research (Diagrams and Graphics as well


Reply to HBCC UFO Research - Brian Vike.

Mr. Vike, Thank you for taking an interest in my story. You are only one of a hand full of people that I have ever shared this with, but my wife encouraged me to get the story out. I would like to find more witnesses from Ft. Stockton though. Last year I sent an Inquiry to the Ft. Stockton News Paper "The Pioneer" and I got one response. Someone sent me an E-mail and they told me that they remembered the rash of sightings in the 70's and then they told me about one of their own experiences. He said that he was afraid of going public with his story, but he told me about a cattle mutilation that occurred on his fathers' ranch. Then he told me of other sightings he and his family had witnessed. But he begged me not to tell anyone.

Now I would like to explain a little bit about my own story. I worked on a sketch like you asked me to but I went a little further. I have been a photographer and an artist for most of my life so you should really enjoy the photos I am sending you. I enhanced them in a software program called Photoshop. So the attachments I am sending you are huge. Just in case you want to make yourself an enlargement or two.

My wife and I live in San Angelo Texas, about 200 miles east of Ft. Stockton. So, to make a long story short, my wife and I drove through Ft. Stockton to see my mother 60 miles west in Ft. Davis. On the way back I took photos from the actual spot that I saw the silver craft.

One of the photos I sent you, shows one of the boomerangs hovering over a building behind some trees. This is the School I wrote about. Ft. Stockton Elementary School. (1st thru 3rd grade) There are two pickups in the photo, one stopped at the intersection on Colpits Street and the other traveling east on Main Street. The scene is almost identical to what I saw, except for a couple of things. I noticed that I was standing too close to Main Street when I took the photo. My dads' truck was parked closer to the store. So it would have been 30 feet back. Another thing that I noticed were the trees. I don't think the trees were that tall at that time. Then there is the boomerang itself. What I saw, always reminded me of a giant silver wing. It was thick at the front and then it tapered toward the back, and it was more rounded. The picture I sent you makes the bottom look flat, but I think it was more rounded.

The other photo I sent shows the same object as it "would have" appeared if I were standing in front of the Ft. Stockton Junior High. The Junior High School was less than half a mile from Main Street. So I could clearly see it because it was so big. The objects I saw were hovering over all of the Schools in town. Which brings up another question.

My dad was known for making me and my older brothers skip school on some occasions to help him with his route. He usually made his Dr. Pepper Deliveries in Ft. Stockton on Saturdays, but it could have been a Friday, because I can't understand why a craft would be hovering over school if no one was in them. So, it is really hard for me to pinpoint the exact day and year.

My dad owned a gas station for two years before I left home. I graduated in 1974, which meant the incident must have occurred in 1972. But for the life of me, I cannot remember the exact month. It was a bright sunny day and I do remember that school was almost over for the year, which means that it was sometime between March and May of 1972.

Thank you to the witness for the wonderful and very interesting sighting report. Also I would like to thank the gentleman for the wonderful diagram and graphic work to show what this object looked like. Also I will be doing an telephone interview with this witness in the next couple of days. - UFO Info (UFOInfo.com) / HBCCUFO.org, Brian Vike, Director

NOTE: there has been speculation that an underground facility may be present in the area of Fort Stockton and may be connected with an tunnel system that reaches northwest into Alamogordo - Albuquerque - Los Alamos - Archuleta Mesa (Dulce Base)...Lon

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