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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Just the Facts? British Columbia: Another Ogopogo Wave and Another Disembodied Foot

Another Ogopogo Wave...

An Okanagan man believes he has video that proves the Ogopogo or some other lake monster lives in Okanagan Lake.

Click for video

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Another foot found on B.C. shoreline

The B.C. Coroners Service is investigating the discovery of another foot over the weekend.

The disembodied foot inside a men’s size 12 black Cougar brand hiking boot was found on the shore of Sasamat Lake in Port Moody, B.C., officials said.

B.C. Coroners Service officials said the human remains belong to a male adult and there is no indication of foul play.

Eight feet belonging to six different people were discovered along the B.C. coast between August 2007 and August 2011. Six of the feet have since been identified as belonging to four people. The remaining two appear to belong to two men whose identities are yet to be determined. - nationalpost


'Beyond the Edge' Radio podcast - JC Johnson of Crypto Four Corners

Click the link for the podcast - JC Johnson of Crypto Four Corners was our guest on 11/06/2011

Ufos over New Mexico: A True History of Extraterrestrial Encounters in the Land of Enchantment

Enter the Valley: UFOs, Religious Miracles, Cattle Mutilations, and Other Unexplained Phenomena in the San Luis Valley


Woman finds father dead in home full of bees

A woman found her father dead inside his home with thousands of bees living in the walls.

The man's daughter found him in the upstairs bedroom of his home at 129 Northwest 15th Avenue in Miami on Saturday.

The man was renovating the home, which neighbors said had been in the family for decades, for his daughter.

Firefighters said the home was full of bees.

They added that the cause of death has not been determined.

"We're not sure if he fell, had a medical condition or if it was bee stings," said Miami Fire Rescue Lt. Ignatius Carroll.

Willie Sklaroff, who runs a bee eradication company, said at least 60,000 bees were living in the walls of the home.

He plans to return to the home in the coming days to remove the bees.


Arizona man commits robbery to pay for friend's bail

Police arrested a Prescott Valley man after he allegedly robbed two men to pay a friend's bail.

Police officers responded to an apartment in the 8800 block of Len Court Sunday morning where witnesses said Brandon Marshall Abraham physically assaulted two men and threatened them for money and goods.

Abraham, 31, was upset that his friend was arrested earlier at the same apartment and wanted money and items to pawn to pay his friend's bail, according to Sgt. Brandon Bonney with the Prescott Valley Police Department.

Bonney said the victims were in fear and gave Abraham more than $600 in money and property. Officers caught Abraham loading the goods and arrested him.

Abraham denied forcing the victims to give him the money and property. He also refused to speak with investigators when confronted with conflicting stories about the events.

Abraham was booked into the Yavapai County Jail for one count of robbery, two counts of assault, three counts of disorderly conduct and one count of threatening and intimidating.

Police discovered that Abraham is on parole. - azfamily

NOTE: I wonder if his friend will try to bail him out by using a similar method? Lon


Spanish Cemetery Warns Of Evictions For Nonpayment

Pushed for space, a Spanish cemetery has begun placing stickers on thousands of burial sites whose leases are up as a warning to relatives or caretakers to pay up or face possible eviction.

Jose Abadia, deputy urban planning manager for northern Zaragoza city, said Monday the city's Torrero municipal graveyard had removed remains from some 420 crypts in recent months and removed them to a common burial ground.

Torrero, like many Spanish cemeteries, no longer allows people to buy grave sites. It instead leases them out for periods of five or 49 years.

Abadia said the cases involved graves whose leases had not been renewed for 15 years or more. He said Torrero currently had some 7,000 burial sites with lapsed leases out of a total of some 114,000.

He said leases generally lapsed because the relatives or caretakers had died or had moved house and failed to renew the contract. He said in other cases, with the passing of years family descendants sometimes no longer wanted to pay for further leases.

He said the policy was a matter graveyard management and that graveyards were not limitless in space.

"If we keep on building and building spaces for human remains, where are we going to end up?" said Abadia. "It's a problem that is affecting big city cemeteries more and more."

The graveyard began looking for payment defaulters over the past two years. Abadia said the process of trying to notify relatives or caretakers and giving them a chance to decide what to do normally takes up to six months.

"We're not doing it to make money or empty graves but rather to improve management," said Abadia.

The sticker campaign was decided upon to coincide with the Nov. 1 Roman Catholic holiday on which people visit graveyards. Abadia said that since then hundreds of people had called to make inquiries about grave of their relatives.

Nowadays, Spanish cemeteries normally place coffins or cremated ash urns in niches above ground. - THP

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