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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Just the Facts? 'Sierra Kills' Driver Speaks, Florida Close Encounters and Vikings' Magic Stone

The 'Sierra Kills' driver offers his side of the story

The following transcript is from "Sierra Shooting from A-Z - Everything you ever wanted to know and probably more":

thedriver: Hey y'all new to the forum just got the Internet, interesting reads.. Just wanted to say what's up.

bipedalist : Welcome, you mean, Thedriver as in "Sierra Shootings" driver? If so, sounds like a wild ride. Welcome to the forums

Thedriver: Thanks

TimB: I'm really looking forward to another here-to-for participant extending the conversation. Should keep things moving until the new year...Tell us all about yourself "thedriver"!

slimwitless: Ever been bear hunting in the Sierras?

Jodie: Are you "The Driver" that doesn't have internet and is shying away from the public? Or did you read the thread and become a fan of the missing link in the story and decide to join us to liven things up a bit? Either way, you are welcome, look forward to the pot stirring. We can't let this stew sit for too long you know.

Thedriver: I bleed red white and blue, I love hunting, fishing, budweiser, my family, and a hard honest day of work trying to make a living to keep a roof over our heads and food in our mouths and in the middle of all this I had a crazy ride... Jodie I'm that guy, the generals buddy, the same guy you talked to when he was in la

HOLDMYBEER: So Driver, are you a part of all the secrecy or are you able to speak for yourself?

Thedriver: Speak for myself? I'm not looking to get attacked on here but in writing for myself right now on my new smart phone

HOLDMYBEER: I don't attack anyone. Just wondering if you bought into all the Non disclosure Agreement stuff or if you are able to shed any light on the mystery of the alleged shooting.

Thedriver: Well unfortunately I'm not into all the jazz of all the stuff that happens after and y'all know that cause I have been "quiet" but I was there I know what happened on October 8 2010 in my truck with Justin on what I thought was going to be a regular hunting trip

Tautriadelta: Hello Driver,.. Welcome to the BFF.

Thedriver: And I'm not saying you attacked me that was for everyone who wants to talk to me cause I won't add to the bull or take any from anyone

HOLDMYBEER: Well, good. With not much to go on, a lot of people just start guessing about the facts, and you know how that can go. Why don't you tell us your side?

slimwitless: Welcome to the forum, driver. We'd all like to hear the story from your perspective.

Thedriver: What do you want to know cause that's a long long thing to write what I can say is Justin has told the story as it was the facts are the facts and the only thing that differs is what seat I was in and what went through my mind when it all went down and If you want me to be able to poetically give you and nail biter story that will be difficult seeing as it was over a year ago last month and alot has happened in my life since then that has nothing to do with that day of Bigfoot in general but facts are facts

slimwitless: I understand. What did you think you were looking at when you happened upon the adult?

Thedriver: Honestly my first thought was a person in a bear suit

HOLDMYBEER: Yeah, I guess I would have thought the same.

Tautriadelta: That certainly is a reasonable reaction. Hard for a person to wrap their mind around.

slimwitless: Were you looking at it with binoculars? When did you realize it was something else entirely?

Thedriver: Yes I had my binoculars that is what made it even more strange they were set up for classing mountain sides so it was fuzzy at first but when I cleared them it felt like my heart sank and I did not realize what I was looking at I would say it took a double take but I couldn't take my eyes off of it

slimwitless: Do you have any regrets? Did you guys bring back any physical evidence from the scene?

HOLDMYBEER: I'll bet it was pretty hard to forget.

arizonabigfoot: Welcome to the forums Driver. I might as well get a question out of the way while I can. It's been floated out there that you may have a sample yourself. Is this the case? Did you keep anything from that day, or did you ever go back?

PacNWSquatcher: 'TheDriver'...Do you ever regret not grabbing the bodies, and becoming millionaires many times over?

Thedriver: Honestly I have two regrets first off I wish it had dropped where it stood because I know either way it died and it would have changed everything and second I wish the kid was never shot because it was unnecessary and I'm not about just the fun of the kill it's more to me than that it's an experience and that turned the day sour for me, and no we did not take any physical evidence home THAT DAY

HOLDMYBEER: Driver, something like that experience probably follows you around. I know it would me. When thoughts about that day come into your mind, what do you remember the most. Was it the view through the binocs, or the shooting of the kid or what?

slimwitless: Did you believe or even think about bigfoot before this happened? At what point did that thought occur to you?

Thedriver: I can tell you that a million is not what in after I work hard every day and come home to my loving pregnant wife and my son and I feel great putting in a honest day of work im not looking for handouts if I was I would go on foodstamps, unemployment, and welfare I wasn't raised that way

arizonabigfoot: Do you have anyone advising you on what to say and what to avoid? Are you being coached up or just coming straight out with your version?

Thedriver: Bigfoot is something I believed was a great story but nothing more and I remember most when the big one was shot seeing the two children run out feeling like I had done something wrong but I did not see them and if I did we all would have nothing to talk about cause that shot would have never been taken

Bigfoot is something I believed was a great story but nothing more and I remember most when the big one was shot seeing the two children run out feeling like I had done something wrong but I did not see them and if I did we all would have nothing to talk about cause that shot would have never been taken

Nonnobis: Wow, Thedriver, what an astonishing adventure. Have you felt like you had to keep this story to yourself, mostly? I can only imagine how traumatic the whole thing was.

Thedriver: I'm a grown man and nobody can put words into my mouth I believe in what our country was founded on and I have freedom of speech and can say whatever I want to

arizonabigfoot: When the children ran out, did they remind you of human kids, or were they more like ape like?

HOLDMYBEER: When the children ran out, did they run after the adult or did they run towards you or how did that play out? Did they make sounds?

slimwitless: Thanks for talking about this driver. Is there any truth to the Ken Walker version that you threatened General after the little one was shot?

Thedriver: It's not that I wanted to keep it to myself Justin talks to y'all and we talk to eachother and that has always worked out just fine for me

So the kids ran on all fours unlike the adult untill it was shot and the chased the adult, and I don't know who Ken is but I never threatened him we exchanged words like wtf why would u do that but never threatened him

slimwitless: Do you still have your half of the flesh sample?

Thedriver: I do have my part of what we recovered I'm holding onto it

slimwitless: Thanks. How do you guys know the sex of the adult?

Thedriver: They ran DNA tests and came to the conclusions they came to I don't know how all that goes down I have seen nothin just what Justin tells me

TimB: Did I read it correctly- the young creature was shot for the fun of the kill?

HOLDMYBEER: So Driver, what is next for you? You said your life has changed a bunch since the shooting. You have plans to do something with Olympic Project or something tied to sasquatch?

slimwitless: Okay, thanks. How many times have you been back to the site? Are you actively involved in the investigation or the book?

Thedriver: Right now I plan on calling it a night getting up for work in the mornin and going to work like I do everyday bf was not my life and is not my life and as of right now I'm going to keep spending my time on work and family that's what my priorities are and try to make ends meet.

Impossible Visits: The Inside Story of Interactions with Sasquatch at Habituation Sites

The Discovery of the Sasquatch: Reconciling Culture, History, and Science in the Discovery Process


Close encounters / possible abduction with manta-ray shaped UFO

Case Number: 33098
Log Number: US-11032011-0008
Submitted Date: 2011-11-03 03:54 GMT
Event Date: 2011-10-31 02:28 GMT
Status: Submitted
City: Ocklawaha
Region: Florida
Country: US
Longitude: -81.9292505
Latitude: 29.0427592
Shape: Other
Distance: One mile or less

(unedited) As usual, I was sleeping at this time of the morning, just like anyone else would be in my neighborhood. But also in the norm of things, when they (Aliens) choose for me to witness something that they are doing or something that is going to happen, they make sure I am there for it. At exactly 2am I awoke startled with anxiety over something that was about to happen. I proceeded to get dressed, grab some coffee and head out the door to sit on the front porch and wait and see what was the urgency of their call. At exactly 2:20am the horses in the field next door were spooked and ran furiously for the barn. At 2:28am flying downward at a 50-degree pitch was a brilliant green Plasma Ship with wave like motion of opal around and with tail that reach out over a hundred feet in length behind. The ship was in the shape of a huge Manta-ray that seemed as though it were trying to use it's wings to slow down it's decent. When approximately sixty feet above the ground, it vanished as if it went interdimentional. The only sound was that of what could be heard by the animals. And all this happened within approximately 4 minutes.

The only feelings left behind were the same as they always are, the longing for home, wishing they would finally set my mind at ease. So many years of constant communication and yet no real commitment. Feelings of being used.

Over the past year or ever since that last ship I spotted approximately a half mile from my home, my health continued to get worse. The ship in mention, was the ship that beamed a light that shown from my head to my toes, feeling as if I were being scanned. Every joint, bone and muscle in my body ached for weeks. Within the past year, I gained over a hundred pounds in water and the doctors cannot figure out why. Now only recently, it is going in reverse, since the last UFO spotting mentioned above.

Also, about a week or so ago, I woke one morning to find something very shocking, something that had never happened before, that I can remember. My ankles were black-n-blue as if I had been tightly shackled. This went away within hours but, happened again a few days later and was noticed by a roommate. - MUFON CMS

Chronicles of the Strange and Uncanny in Florida


Woman disembowels man for breaking her window

A Midlothian mother who disembowelled a man with a pink knife because he broke her window has been jailed for 45 months.

Jade Parker, 23, from Dalkeith, had earlier admitted attempting to murder Anthony McMahon outside her home in Mayfield on 18 October 2010.

When they rowed over the broken window and she threatened to stab him he said: "Go on then."

She was told her remorse appeared genuine at the High Court in Edinburgh.

Mr McMahon had known Parker for years and she called him "Uncle Tony" the court heard.

Solicitor advocate Krista Johnston, defending, said: "He had known this young lady since she was seven or eight years old and did not think she had it in her, did not think she would do it."
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“Start Quote

The injury bled profusely and Mr McMahon's intestines spilled out of the wound”

Laura Thomson Advocate depute

However, the lawyer said, a combination of drink and a wish to show off in front of two men, one her boyfriend, led Parker to lash out.

Advocate depute Laura Thomson said: "She stabbed Mr McMahon in the stomach using a pink knife.

"The injury bled profusely and Mr McMahon's intestines spilled out of the wound."

Minutes later, Parker was trying to help her 40-year-old victim and was calling 999 the court heard.

Sentencing her on Wednesday, judge Lord Brailsford told the mother-of-two that her remorse appeared genuine and she had no serious previous convictions.

The judge continued: "However I have to have regard to the gravity of the offence and the fact that you used, for whatever reason, no doubt drugs and alcohol played a part, but you chose to use a knife."

The court heard that she and her boyfriend did not want the company of "alcoholic" Mr McMahon and sent him away, claiming that Parker wanted to go to bed.

He was "angry" when he later caught sight of her returning home after buying more alcohol.

Mr McMahon wrapped a cup in a bag and broke a window at Parker's home.

After the stabbing, paramedics had to hold Mr McMahon together as he was taken to hospital, where he spent 48 hours in intensive care.

Doctors said his life was in danger.

Police questioned Parker who said she was "raging" after the window was broken.

They found the pink kitchen knife with a seven inch blade in Parker's fridge and noted "a strong perfumed smell."

The court heard that for years Parker had struggled with drink, drugs and post-natal depression. - BBC


Magical Viking stone may be real

The ancient race are believed to have to discovered North America hundreds of years before Christopher Columbus.

Now experiments have shown that a crystal, called an Iceland spar, could detect the sun with an accuracy within a degree – allowing the legendary seafarers to navigate thousands of miles on cloudy days and during short Nordic nights.

Dr Guy Ropars, of the University of Rennes, and colleagues said "a precision of a few degrees could be reached" even when the sun was below the horizon.

An Iceland spar, which is transparent and made of calcite, was found in the wreck of an Elizabethan ship discovered thirty years ago off the coast of Alderney in the Channel Islands after it sank in 1592 just four years after the defeat of the Spanish Armada.

Viking legend tells of an enigmatic sunstone or sólarsteinn that, when held up to the sky, revealed the position of the sun, even on overcast days or below the horizon, the study reveals.

One Icelandic saga describes how, during cloudy, snowy weather, King Olaf consulted Sigurd on the location of the Sun. To check Sigurd's answer, Olaf "grabbed a sunstone, looked at the sky and saw from where the light came, from which he guessed the position of the invisible Sun"

Using the polarisation of the skylight, as many animals like bees do, the Vikings could have used to give them true bearings.

The Viking routes in the North Atlantic were often subject to dense fog and the stone could also be used to locate the sun on very cloudy days.

The researchers said such sunstones could have helped the Vikings in their navigation from Norway to America before the discovery of the magnetic compass in Europe.

They would have relied upon the sun's piercing rays reflected through a piece of the calcite. The trick is that light coming from 90 degrees opposite the sun will be polarised so even when the sun is below the horizon it is possible to tell where it is.

They used the double refraction of calcite to pinpoint the sun by rotating the crystals until both sides of the double image are of equal intensity.

Navigation was based on tables showing the position of the sun in the sky at various times of year, prior to the use of the compass by Europeans, around the 12th century.

Added the researchers: "The Alderney discovery opens new possibilities as it looks very promising to find Iceland spars in other ancient shipwrecks, or in archaeological sites located on the seaside such as the Viking settlement with ship repair recently discovered in Ireland."

The study is published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society A. - telegraph

NOTE: I own several pieces of Icelandic Spar and the principle of locating the sun is valid if the shape and size is correct. As a metaphysical tool it is considered a 'cure all' stone for clearer vision & communication, wellness and general cleansing. It works to clear and activate all of the chakras, improving the flow of energy throughout the subtle bodies. Meditation with Icelandic Spar / Optical Calcite can help to improve one's perception of the physical world and of the self, creating a shift in those who experience predominantly negative emotions. Personally, I don't use it in my grids since I am not a metaphysical or Reiki healer...Lon

The Crystal Bible - I highly recommend this book for those who are starting to use crystals...Lon

Crystal Bible 2 - I highly recommend this book for those who are starting to use crystals...Lon

The Chakra Bible: The Definitive Guide to Chakra Energy - I highly recommend this book for those who are starting out with Chakra principle and therapy...Lon