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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Just the Facts? - Black Scaled Reptilian Humanoid Seen Near Canberra, Australia

Black Scaled Reptilian Humanoid Seen Near Canberra, Australia

I received this information on Weds: Hi there. I live in the capitol of Australia. Canberra. My friend witnessed something pretty intense and i was on the phone whilst it happened. So i heard it. And heard him. He is never prone to displays of hysteria but was totally freaked out by his encounter. He was walking by the storm water drains about 100 metres from his house when he caught sight of a child sized, 3 foot tall or so, black scaled reptilian humanoid creature. He described it as having long fingers and bright cat eyes when they caught the light. It followed him home and climbed over the fence after him. It was studying him and not behaving particularly aggressive or hostile. It walked on 4 and 2 legs. He shooed it away with an umbrella, very British of him i know, which is when i heard it make a high pitched hiss growl and take off. We wish to make an expedition to locate and take film of the adults. But we do need help. A bunch of ill prepared retards we are not. But questions remain. Armed or not? Night vision? Torches. EMF? Provisions. Maps of tunnels. Inform someone in case of getting lost. fluorescent chalk markers for trail signs with black lights for picking them up. But we need to know about THEM.... Details. Any one in Canberra who can add a professional touch to our survival rate? Any advice on the subject would be very much appreciated. And have we forgotten anything in our equipment? Thanks. Jack.

When I made an inquiry, I received the following: Its in Gordon, a suburb of Canberra. About 100 metres away from the house is a storm water drain with underground access. Its on the same street as the local shops. The incident occurred at about midnight. My friend tried communicating with the creature at my behest. It stared at him while standing up right. Then when he stepped towards it ran. Over the 5 foot fence. It had reptilian and humanoid features. The tunnel system under Canberra is very extensive. Covers most of Its underground. All leading to rivers or lakes. Don't know what else to tell you.


A strange flying object caught on camera in Los Cristianos, Spain - Aug 21, 2011

NOTE: Looks like the Klingon Empire made some improvements to the D7 Class...Lon


'Rogue Panda' alert in Flagstaff, AZ

Commuters near Flagstaff were cautioned to be on the look out for a "rogue panda on a rampage" on Monday.

That was the message that appeared on an electronic road sign near Fort Valley Road and Forest Avenue. A spokesman from the Flagstaff Police Department put the word out to area residents and the media: Flagstaff is 100% free of rogue pandas.

Pranksters accessed the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) sign sometime on Sunday night or early Monday morning. The sign was originally displaying a message that warned drivers about left turns at the busy intersection.

An alert passerby contacted police after seeing the rampaging panda message at around 3 a.m. on Monday morning. By late-morning, the sign had been restored to its original message.


Zoo Animals Sensed East Coast Earthquake

The National Zoo in Washington, D.C. has released a post-earthquake update in which it describes some of the unusual animal behavior in the lead up to yesterday's 5.9 quake:

The red ruffed lemurs sounded an alarm call about 15 minutes before the quake and then again just after it occurred.

...About five to ten seconds before the quake, many of the apes, including Kyle (an orangutan) and Kojo (a Western lowland gorilla),Red-ruffed lemur abandoned their food and climbed to the top of the tree-like structure in the exhibit.

About three seconds before the quake, Mandara (a gorilla) let out a shriek and collected her baby, Kibibi, and moved to the top of the tree structure as well.

Iris (an orangutan) began “belch vocalizing” — an unhappy/upset noise normally reserved for extreme irritation — before the quake and continued this vocalization following the quake.

...The Zoo has a flock of 64 flamingos. Just before the quake, the birds rushed about and grouped themselves together. They remained huddled during the quake.

Dr. Don Moore, the zoo's associate director for animal care sciences, theorized that the animals were picking up on sounds or vibrations below the level of human perception. "I think given that they're sensing it beforehand, they must be sensing the pre-rumbles that create some kind of vibration in the ground," Moore said, "or hearing something we can't hear."

However, one interesting facet of the report is the revelation that the zoo's pandas "did not appear to respond to the earthquake" - previous reports from earthquakes in China have suggested that the iconic bear species may have some 'pre-quake perception'. Another fascinating behavioral insight from the report: the ducks and beavers jumped in the water at the onset of the earthquake and stayed in there until well after it was finished.


Man literally 'blows up his ass'

Dad-of-one Gareth Durrant, 26, was wiring a caravan at the factory where he worked when the large pipe - carrying compressed air at around 300lbs per square inch - shot up his back passage.

He was rushed to hospital where scans revealed a six-inch tear in his bowel and severe damage to his intestines. He then faced hours of emergency surgery to save his life while wife Sarah, 25, waited anxiously with their toddler son Daniel, three.

The op repaired the tear and also involved performing an ileostomy leaving him with a stoma bag to collect bodily waste - and the 'inflation' meant some of his clothes no longer fitted him.

He was unable to eat properly as he was vomiting food and now suffers agonising stomach pains and cramps as well as depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

He has also not been able to work since causing huge financial strain on his young family. Wife Sarah, who is currently eight months pregnant, can now only work part-time because she has to look after her husband and their three-year-old son.

Gareth is pursuing a civil claim against his employer and a court will decide whether they were responsible during a two-day hearing starting on Thursday. If they are found liable he will be able to claim compensation.

Gareth told how he was working at Willerby Holiday Homes in Hull, East Yorks., which makes static caravans, when the incident occurred. He was aware that the air line - one of many which hang from the ceiling and are used to power tools on the production line at the factory - was being used behind him and got on with work until suddenly he felt an explosion of air for a few brief agonising seconds.

He said: "I was reaching up to finish the wiring on a caravan at the factory. I knew this air hose was being used close behind me but I just carried on the job as normal.

"The next thing I knew I felt this strong air being blown on my legs from behind, and then something went up my rectum through the shorts I was wearing.

"It felt like I had been blown up, it was the biggest shock of my life. There was air fizzing around inside my back passage and stomach, it was so weird.

"At that time I didn't feel much pain, but the doctors later explained that was the adrenaline of the moment. Then it kicked in and I just can't put in to words how painful it was. I lay down, they rang for an ambulance and I was taken to hospital."

Gareth was fully conscious during his unimaginable ordeal on July 13 last year. The next day he had emergency surgery and spent a week in hospital before being allowed home.

He said: "It was terrible. I couldn't keep any food down. My wife had to empty my stoma bag every day, it was quite embarrassing and humiliating.

"I got constant agonising pain that was unimaginably bad. I have medication for it but it still causes me great pain.

"I want people to be aware of the risks. I don't want this to happen to anybody else. It's changed my life totally, I used to be so active and healthy and enjoyed playing rugby. But for the last year I've just been stuck at home, it's so frustrating.

"These pipes carry 300lbs of compressed air per square inch and are not to be messed about with. But there was no training into the potential dangers of them."

He did make an attempt to return to work recently but suffered a panic attack as he approached the factory.

The previously fit and healthy dad began to put a bit of weight on. This is partly due to his still bloated stomach, partly because the accident meant his diet became crazily inconsistent and partly because he now finds it very painful to exercise. He is due to meet a dietician soon to discuss the problem.

He had a second operation last September to reverse the ileostomy, meaning he no longer needed his waste bag.

He said: "I didn't notice I was bigger until I found that my jeans and smart trousers no longer fitted me so I must have put a bit of weight on. That combined with eating a lot meant I have to wear loose fitting tracksuit bottoms all the time now as they don't put pressure on my stomach.

"My eating is all over the place. Sometimes I can eat a big meal and be hungry a couple hours of later because my stomach is inflated, next day I eat almost nothing. There's no pattern to it at all.

"I have constant aching pain in my stomach which I've been warned I may never get rid of. I can sit down and drive comfortably, but I struggle to do exercise because it makes my stomach hurt too much. I haven't been able to play rugby. That's probably another reason I have put a bit of weight on."

Sarah said: "When I went to hospital Gareth's employers had just said that he had had an accident at work but was able to walk to the ambulance, so I just assumed he'd injured his hand or something.

"Then I was told he was seriously injured and was undergoing scans and x-rays, and the next thing I knew he was being rushed into surgery and being told this operation was needed to save his life."

Sarah added: "I've been left to care for a husband, a young son and I'm also heavily pregnant. Money wise it's been a total nightmare as we suddenly lost Gareth's full-time wage.

"I've had to cut down my hours working as an assistant manager at a residential home, so we are surviving on just my part-time wage but we have a mortgage to pay."

The Health and Safety Executive are still investigating the incident. - telegraph