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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Skinwalker Chronicles IV

This past December, I posted Skinwalker Chronicles that referenced stories of the infamous malevolent witch capable of transforming itself into a wolf, coyote, bear, bird, or any other animal. Since that time, I have received several anecdotes and inquiries about Skinwalkers. A few weeks ago, I compiled a few anecdotes and posted Skinwalker Chronicles II and Skinwalker Chronicles III. The following are several more anecdotes that were forwarded or referred to me:

My grandpa lived in Myton, Utah. He always told stories about skinwalkers and how they could take the form of any animal or anyone you knew. I asked him one day "Did you ever meet one?"

He told me "Yes - a very long time ago before you were even born - before your mother was born, when I was still so young and foolish. I went to the Skinwalker Valley. It is a valley where life never wanders to, not even the crows the very guardians of death will never go. They fear the evil that lives out there."

".....you went out there didn't you'" I asked.

He nodded, "yes...to show them nothing existed out there - nothing but they're fears. But I was wrong."

He continued to say that he had gone up to Skinwalker Valley in his old truck to prove to everyone that everything they though they knew were just stories to scare them. He remembered the grass was black as if it had been burned. The trees dead but still alive. He he had seen a house - it was old and the roof was caved in the door gone. He walked to it. There were marks on the sides of the house. Animal skeletons were everywhere around the house as if it were a sacred buriel ground. He then heard her. His grandmother she died long ago but he heard her. They were calling for him, for his life, for his skin, for his blood and for his soul. They were the lost souls they could change form, from man to beast. They chased him, they had scared him but they never forgot him. Whenever I visited him he would have something of his that was brand new broken the next day - crushed or killed. He finally stopped keeping his dogs outside.

"Its just another story" I finally told him after awhile. My curiosity was no longer there. I was just bored by this time.

"Its true" he said, but he wasn't angry.

"Prove it" I snapped at him. He turned around and pulled his shirt up. All I could do was gasp - his back was torn here and there. Not one part of it unmarked. The width of the claw marks looked too straight and too far apart to be human.

I was scared. I started to cry. I remember my mother running to see what was the matter. She screamed and yelled at grandpa as she held me but he didn't do anything but stare at the field across the road from his house. She finally gave up and carried me in but as I looked over my ma's shoulder. I saw a black dog with white eyes, it was watching him and he was watching it as if waiting for it to come to him. It never did.

I never saw that dog again. My grandpa died 2 months later. They said his heart gave out but I knew that was a lie. His arm had fresh marks and his dog died from loneliness - it was still a pup.

Never look into a skinwalker's eyes, for it will never forget you - sooner or later it'll have your soul.


My grandpa would tell me this story when I was little. He said that he was in the field on his horse one day, when he saw a badger walk by. Then he got his rope, got off his horse and put it around the neck of the badger. He said it was so strong that it was dragging him so he let go. He watched it go behind some bushes and then saw the rope sort of poking out from the bushes. But the rope wasn't moving, so he thought it might of gotten loose and left. When he went to get his rope he saw an old man with no clothes hunched behind the bush. They looked at each other for a few seconds and my grandpa got scared. So he got back on his horse as fast as he could. When he looked back he saw the old man climbing over the hill.

Then one time it happened to me. I was in school at the time and I used to live in the mountains so the bus would drop me off and I would have to walk for half a mile to get to my house. I was walking down the hill and I heard something walking on leaves, so I looked down the hill and I saw a guy with no clothes crawling - but he was like an animal too. He had white feathers in his hair. When I saw his face he looked like a wolf mixed with a human. It eventually took off in the other direction.

That night I was laying down and it was so quiet and I heard drums playing outside my window. Then I got up, looked outside and I saw a pack of wolves in the field running around. I don't know what to make of it - really weird, but I'll never forget it.


There are some people with bad intentions because they are motivated by jealousy. That's why I say to be humble. They're actions have effected a few people I personally know. It's hard to believe that what has happen to them is their fault.

Our relatives and family have always been close and loving. We have had good fortune. What a lot of people should have and what we wish everyone should have... Loving relatives with nice big trucks, nice homes, lots of sheep and horses. THEN BAM, out of nowhere we've kind of lost our family.

We are starting to experience mischievous behavior out of nowhere (drugs, alcohol, sickness, death). As a result our family has been torn apart. Our minds have been poisoned. I know, for sure, that we have been good. But as we continue to go through these situations, that we believe someone wished upon us, we will not wish the same to anyone else (I'm alluding to witchcraft). Whatever you do to someone, it will happen ten times worse to yourself.

But then sometimes I'm not sure. Is this some crap that's been fed to us? I don't mean to offend anyone, but by medicine men? Because you never know with people, whether they are telling the truth or not. They could've just told us this because they have to tell us something....


Some ask if there are a few things you can do to protect yourself from a skinwalker. If it gets inside your house, there are two things that happened prior. You have invited it in, they are not allowed to enter your house without your permission. You may have met them before, while not in the skinwalker form. Cedar ash around the house, a prayer and a visit to the medicine man will need to take place to find out its intentions. Dogs are a good thing to keep around and if something is near they bark or cry. Nothing will protect from the frozen fear they cause and how hard seeing something like that shakes your brain, even if you're a hardened combat veteran. This is something that I have heard in all cases with these encounters - I'm speaking of face to face encounters. These encounters usually happen either because of jealousy from another family/person and even hate. Usually of negative intentions. If you kill a skinwalker you kill the person. Something you should also know, long ago skinwalkers were of good intentions but were used more as a defense. They weren't bad to start with. I have been told this by some medicine men as a young child. Watch for family members and how they act. Say you move and no one knows where you live and someone you know knocks on your door - might be a sign that they're something else. All I know is that to become one, its like selling your soul to the devil. Ha'go'ne


One night I woke up feeling thirsty and laid in bed looking up at the ceiling thinking if I should get up to get a drink. All I could hear is silence and the clock ticking. The buzzing sound in my ear, which was a sign it was just too quiet. I reached for my cell phone to check the time. I flipped it open and it was 3:26 a.m. Without making a sound I quietly sat up and walked to exit the bedroom. As I got to the doorway I looked straight ahead at the front door entrance, with plenty of light from the fish aquarium, I saw a man standing there with his face interchanging from an animal and a human. I didn't know what to think, I wasn't scared of it but I froze, couldn’t move at all, and couldn’t speak. As I was struggling for some kind of movement we stared at each other face to face. My eyes wandered looking at his every feature. The white and black paint on his face. Black paint ran in a thick stripe across his eyes. The feather tied to the top of his head. How he looked young, like he is in his early 20's. You can see his muscles, his chest painted in white and he had a pair of black sports shorts. His wrist both had furry buck skin with something on them as were his ankles too. As I stood frozen, still looked at him with such wonder and struggle to say something or to move but still I couldn’t. Yes I was startled at first, but all that grew more into curiosity of this soul who was also startled by my appearance. He seemed to try to erase my seeing him from my mind, I could sense that from his piercing eyes. But as I just prayed to God as I do in my everyday life. As I stood there I prayed in my mind to God to shield me of this being I have crossed paths with. I don't know why he was in my home or if he was just taking a short cut to get somewhere. But as he was still staring at me I begun to regain my physical strength and slowly begun to have control of my body and was able to move. I begun pushing numbers on my phone as he stood still looking at me. Then he smiled at me right then I knew he was only as human as I was. He vanished threw the door which was still locked. Then I heard a loud sound, as if there was a horse running. I regained all power of my movements and ran to the window to look where he went. He had someone waiting for him across the street. He jumped in and the vehicle drove off. I again said a prayer. Then I called a close friend and the police. I told them that someone was in my house but not comfortable about describing his appearance. The police told me that I shouldn't be ashamed to say it was a skinwalker, because they to themselves on the job encounter strange things as that.