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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reader Mail: Weird Tracks / Blood, Chem-Trails and UFO Encounter

9" footprints with three claws. Note the blood droplets at top left. Click images to see full size.

I received the following from a reader and blogger, JS:


What do you make of this? A friend sent me these 4 photos from Ohio near Columbus. Any dogman sightings in that area that you're aware of?


“I am not used to seeing the kind of tracks in my back yard like the samples I’m attaching here. Any ideas? Looks BIG. Gulp.”

So read the email I received last week from my close friend S. with 4 photos attached. He lives in Franklin County, Ohio near Columbus, works in a highly visible profession and is too shy to post these images himself — but he’s also alarmed by the footprints he and his wife found in their back yard last week after the last big snowfall. Knowing of my keen interest in the ridiculous-yet-hard-to-explain, he sent them to me.

He’s been perusing BFRO’s site for sasquatch sightings in his area looking to make some kind of sense of this, but to no avail.

“The right track has blood on it — the right foot seems to indicate a foot injury,” his email continued. “We are kinda freaking out. We have spent hours combing through wild animal track books, trying to isolate and identify the tracks, hoping to come up with an explanation. WHOA. Freaking. S.”

He says the tracks crossed through his yard and stopped at a large tree. Sadly there was no shivering juvenile squatch hiding in the tree when he looked up — but then where did it go? Did it fly away? Jersey devil? Mothman? My two cents — these aren’t sasquatch, Jersey devil or mothman prints; they’re clearly dogman prints. Perhaps it leapt from the tree onto another tree or onto his roof (he didn’t think to look there for more prints) and was gone. (UPDATE 1/27/11: I just searched and found this regarding Ohio’s “Loveland creature,” a reptilian spotted in 1955 and 1972, so I’m switching my opinion from dogman to lizardman.)

They’re real. It’s not a hoax. Your theory? He’s open to your explanations.

Blood droplets, top left, spattered all along right foot path.

NOTE: not sure what to make of this...someone suggested a kid's lizard shaped slippers. The lack of depth in the snow fascinates me the most...Lon


I received the following email today...references chem-trails over Illinois:


I just caught your interesting article The Never Ending Mystery of Those Nasty Chem-Trails and I too, have been very concerned about them.

For a little background, let me explain that I have lived in the same location for over 60 years less 16 years of military service, and where I live, has been in my family for nearly 100 years, it is where I grew up. So I have experienced the skies above for nearly 45 years. Although I first noticed the Chem-Trail spraying over 20 years ago, over the past four years they have become increasing more persistent.

As a sky watcher, and a weather spotter, I keep an especially close eye on the sky in the spring, where thunderstorm here in Illinois can spawn a tornado in just a few minutes. Over the last four years I have noticed many strange cloud formations, and of course the lattice looking trails in the sky after a spraying has been done increasing in frequency and duration. In times past, say 10 years, the occurrence of Chem-Trails was periodic, and occurred a few times a month, and maybe no more than once or twice a week, and usually never more than once a day. Then beginning about four years ago, I noticed an increase in the spraying, to every few days, and in some cases two times a day. What I noticed as the spraying intensified was cloud formations that were forming much more quickly than they had in past years, and much faster than they did 20-25 years ago. Even more unexplained is the frequent storms that come from the east. When I was a kid, a storm coming out of the east was an unusual occurrence, and the saying was, "if a storm comes out of the east, it will be a beast." Over time, and especially over the past two years, the frequency of storms coming out of the east have increased noticeably.

I am also a radar observer, and over the course of a day, I will check the radar multiple times, especially if there are any threats of severe weather. This past year, I watched a thunderstorm that remained stationary over an area approximately 40 miles northwest of my location for over 2 days, and reports from the area reported more than 4 inches of rain fall in that period. The amazing thing was that only a few miles in any direction from where the storm was stationary, the weather was only partly cloudy, and in some cases the sun was shining, and they received little or no rainfall. While in the area that got the continued rain there was flood warnings issued!

The picture on your page, in years past before the spraying of our skies began, would have been termed a "sun dog," a phenomenon that is caused when ice crystals form in the upper atmosphere in very high clouds, and were a fairly rare occurrence, but over the past few years, these has become fairly common, seemingly from the effect of the materials that are being sprayed, and with no cloud formation in the area prior to the spraying. These kinds of formations were usually seen in the evening near the time of sun set, but over the past few years, they can been seen at any time of day.

In the spring of 2009, I found a strange gelatin like glob in my rain guage, after I pour out the water, it remained stuck to the glass. I fished the glob out, and put in a small clear glass vial, thinking that I might send it off for analysis, but within the matter of a few hours it had dried, and formed a crystalline shell like structure, and within a few more hours after that the structure disintegrated, and then disappeared completely leaving no traces of ever existing, except a ring in the corner of the vial where it had been. After I had found the first glob, I looked in other places to see if I could find anything like this, and while I did not find any globs, and only two other crystalline shells, I did find several circles that looked suspiciously like the one left in the vial.

Last year the spraying in this area was so bad that at times it would form a brown haze in the air, on what had been only a few hours ago, a clear sky. Even my wife, who until a few years ago took little interest in the spraying, pointed out several times the spraying that was being done, especially in the evening. I also noticed that in the spring during times of intense spraying that the rainfall amounts seemed to be much higher. Several times after a week of intense spraying we would see rain fall amounts that were in the 5-6 inch range, and caused minor flooding, or in some cases severe flooding, as was the case in the Spring of 2009. While some of these phenomenon would not to be out of the ordinary were they only occurring ever now and again, this pattern has repeated itself multiple times over a small period of time.

Which brings me to another point. The winter here in Illinois has been a terribly cold miserable one, with very little relief. For the past month we have seen few days above freezing, and much more snow than we are accustom to, but still noting compared to the snows I observed as a child where drifts was sometimes 4-5 feet tall, and blew over fences in such a way that you could walk the drifts clear over the fences. Still compared to winters of the past 20 years it is the worst I remember, and on a clear day last week I observed them spraying in the area, but with only straight lines, and not lattice style, running east and west. At the time the jet stream was just above my location according to the maps. The very next day we had 5" of snow, and oddly enough, while the movement of the storm was from west south west to east north east, the snow fell from the east most of the day.

I have my theories for the reasons behind this spraying, and while I am sure that the spraying is manipulating the weather, I believe that their may be other motives, and whether weather modification is the intended goal of the spraying, or whether its a by-product of the intended purpose, it is is happening on an increasing more frequent basis. I also have some pictures of the Chem-Trails and storm cloud formations that I have observed if you think you might be interested in seeing them.

Of course, while my observations of Chem-Trails have mostly been during the day, the night skies here on the Illinois prairie are no less intriguing, but then that's a subject for another day. Thanks for your sight, its a very interesting one, and I stop by often to see what new.

Renegade Rivers


I also received the following email a few weeks ago:

Dear Lon,

I have never written about this or even told anyone but as I read today's post about UFO encounters it made me realize that I have to tell someone. As I read your blog everyday I figured you would probably be the right person to tell. Please feel free to tell others this story, but withhold my name.

When I was 12 in the summer (late august) of 1998 I went to visit my Great Grandmother in a Village in Norfolk not far from Norwich, as a child I would often spend weeks at a time at her house. I remember the time of year and the actual year so well as I MADE myself remember, so that I would always know when it happened.

I always slept in the back room which was a spare bedroom / room where grandchildren slept. It was warm comfortable and filled with family photos, the only bad thing was that the cat would occasionally sneak in and scare me half to death.

One night shortly before I was due to go back I went upstairs to bed as normal. I walked across the bedroom to close the curtains when I noticed a UFO, not out of the corner of my eye but right in front of me. It was the classical UFO shape (flying saucer/ think Jupiter shape but squished so the ball part is not so round) it had a green and red light underneath. It must have some distance from me and I remember thinking that it was hovering close to the ground, over the field that the back of my Grandmothers house faced onto. I was only 12 at the time and it frightened me, I quickly closed the curtains and decided that I would never read another book about UFO's or even watch Star Trek. That did not last for long.

Strange thing is I am a very open person and I never told anyone about that night. Even odder was that My Great Grandmother, my Grandmother and my Grandfather were in that house that night and I never screamed or anything, it just never occurred to me. I just quickly closed the curtains, went to bed, pulled the blankets over my head, swore off UFO's and Star Trek and very quickly fell asleep, which is another unusual thing as I have always had trouble falling asleep.

It was not until years later when I was reading a new book I bought on UFO's that I discovered that there had been a wave of UFO sightings in Norfolk that same year. That news made me feel a lot better, yet I still never told anyone until now.
Thank you for reading this.

Also as a last note I have a pretty weird experience with ghosts in my teens, email my if you would like to hear that. Its just that right now I needed to get the UFO thing off my chest.