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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Sleeping Prophet

Edgar Cayce has been called the "sleeping prophet," the "father of holistic medicine," and the most documented psychic of the 20th century. For more than 40 years of his adult life, Cayce gave psychic "readings" to thousands of seekers while in an unconscious state, diagnosing illnesses and revealing lives lived in the past and prophecies yet to come.

Cayce was born on a farm in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, in 1877, and his psychic abilities began to appear as early as his childhood. He was able to see and talk to his late grandfather's spirit, and often played with "imaginary friends" whom he said were spirits on the other side.

Through the years, Cayce would find that he had the ability to put himself into a sleep-like state by lying down on a couch, closing his eyes, and folding his hands over his stomach. In this state of relaxation and meditation, he was able to place his mind in contact with all time and space...the universal consciousness, also known as the super-conscious mind.

In 1910, the New York Times carried two pages of headlines and pictures in which he was declared the "World's Most Mysterious Man" A national magazine ran an article titled, "Miracle Man of Virginia Beach", and Cayce was swamped with an avalanche of 25,000 requests for medical help. President Woodrow Wilson sought the services of Edgar Cayce for healing and guidance while he was President and conceiving the idea of the League of Nations.

The Outbounder, Healer and Prophet

At the age of twenty-one, Cayce contracted a throat problem which developed into aphonia...a total loss of voice. Doctors were unable to help him, and Cayce began to regard his problem as incurable. He resorted to hypnosis, but this too had no useful effect until it occurred to Cayce to attempt re-entering the kind of hypnotic sleep which had enabled him to learn his schoolbooks when he was a boy. A hypnotist was found who was willing to give Cayce the necessary suggestion. Once in a trance, Cayce reportedly spoke in a clear voice, spelling out precisely what his symptoms were, and what should be done to cure them. Cayce had succeeded in curing himself and, in doing so, had launched himself on a lifelong career as a psychic diagnostician and healer.

It made no difference to Cayce whether his patient was sitting next to him in the same room or a total stranger living hundreds of miles away. His preparations for the health reading were always the same. As he himself described it, he would first loosen his clothing in order to have a perfectly freeflowing circulation. He would then lie on the couch in his office, with his head to the south, and his feet to the north. Placing his hands on his forehead between his eyes, he would wait a few moments until he received what he would call the go signal, a flash of brilliant white light. Cayce would then move his hands to his solar plexus, and fall into a trance. His wife would tell him the name and location of the patient, leaving out any mention of age, sex or physical problem. Cayce might pause a while before repeating the name and address until he had succeeded in 'locating' the patient and describing his or her condition. He would then prescribe medication and any other corrective measures, always ending his reading with the words: "We are through."

In 1933, he explained that he still understood very little about what he was doing. "Apparently," he said, "I am one of the few who can lay aside their own personalities sufficiently to allow their souls to make this attunement to a universal source of knowledge...but I say this without any desire to brag about it. In fact I do not claim to possess anything that other individuals do not inherently possess. Really and truly, I do not believe there is a single individual that does not possess this same ability I have. I am certain that all human beings have much greater powers than they are ever conscious of...if they would only be willing to pay the price of detachment from self-interest that it takes to develop those abilities."

Cayce took a holistic approach to health. He believed that a man was composed of body, mind and spirit, and that all three are one. He talked about consciousness in the cells of the body, each contributing to the total consciousness of the individual. Health, he indicated, would flow from a perfect harmony of body and mind. In accordance with the concept that we are what we eat, think and believe, Cayce would often urge his patients to improve their mental and spiritual outlook in order to regain their health.

Cayce's prophetic powers often emerged during readings. Cayce gave advice to businessmen who were worried about the location of their holdings or the stability of their stocks and bonds. Six months before the 1929 stock market crash he warned people to sell everything they owned. He predicted the beginning and end of both the First and Second World Wars. In October 1935, Cayce spoke of the coming holocaust in Europe. The Austrians and Germans, he said, and later the Japanese, would take sides. "Thus an unseen force, gradually growing, must result in an almost direct opposition to the Nazi, or Aryan theme. This will gradually produce a growth of animosities. And unless there is interference by what many call supernatural forces and influences,which are active in the affairs of nations and peoples, the whole world as it were...will be set on fire by militaristic groups and people who are for power expansion."

In 1939 he predicted the deaths of two presidents in office; "Ye are to have turmoils...ye are to have strife between capital and labor. Ye are to have a division in thy own land, before ye have the second of the Presidents that next will not live through his office...a mob rule!" President Franklin D. Roosevelt died in office in April 1945. In November 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

In 1944, he prophesied that China would one day be "the cradle of Christianity as applied in the lives of men." Through Russia, he said "comes the hope of the world. Not in respect to what is sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism...no! But freedom...freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallized; yet out of Russia comes again the hope of the world." Russia, he said, would be guided by friendship with the United States. It's attempt to rule "not only the economic, but the mental and spiritual life" of its people was doomed to failure.

The possibility of a third world war was also predicted. He spoke of strife arising "near the Davis Straits," and "in Libya, and in Egypt, in Ankara, and in Syria; through the straits around those areas above Australia, in the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf." When asked in June 1943 whether it would be feasible to work towards an international currency or a stabilization of international exchange levels when the war had ended, Cayce replied that it would be a long, long time before this would happen. Indeed, he said, "there may be another war over just such conditions."

One of Cayce's most striking predictions, particularly in view of many other prophecies relating to the approaching end of the millennium, concern dramatic changes in the Earth's surface in the period of 1958 to 1998. The cause of these he put down to a tilting in the Earth's rotational axis which he said would begin in 1936. He prophesied that the Earth's axis would be shifted by the year 2001, bringing on reversals in climate, "so that where there has been a frigid or semi-tropical climate, there will be a more tropical one, and moss and fern will grow." By this time, he indicated, a new cycle would begin.

Future Calamity

Cayce's most calamitous prediction came not long before he decided to start scaling back his session workload. He stated...."watch New York, Connecticut and the like. Many portions of the east coast will be disturbed, as well as many portions of the west coast, as well as the central portion of the United States. Los Angeles, San Francisco, most of all these will be among those that will be destroyed before New York, or New York City itself, will in the main disappear. This will be another generation though, here; while the southern portions of Carolina, Georgia, these will disappear. This will be much sooner. The waters of the Great Lakes will empty into the Gulf of Mexico." None of his predictions ever pinpointed the year 2012.

His lifelong secretary, Gladys Davis, took down virtually all his readings, and they are recorded and indexed in the Association for Enlightenment and Research, established in Virginia in 1932 to study Cayce's work. In all, he gave 14,879 readings, well over half of them for people concerned about their health. Over a period of forty-three years, he read for more than six thousand people.

In the spring of 1944, he became ill and began to grow weak. His own readings advised him to rest, but he felt a tremendous obligation to those who were asking for his help. Finally, he collapsed from sheer exhaustion; he gave his last reading for himself in September of 1944. The reading told him he had to rest. When his wife asked "How long?" the response was "until he is well or dead." Shortly afterwards, he had a stroke and became partially paralyzed. Although Edgar told them he would be healed after the first of the year, they understood what he meant and he died on January 3, 1945. He predicted the date of his burial, January 5, 1945...again, he was correct.


The following is a list of Cayce's most important and interesting known prophecies:

* "There will be upheavals in the Artic and Antarctic that will cause the eruption of volcanoes in the torrid areas, and pole shift."
* The greater portion of Europe will be changed in the twinkling of an eye.
* Southeast Canada will be safe from earth changes.
* Mt. Etna and nearby Vesuvius, and Mt Pelee signal the major changes.
* As to the changes physical again: The earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea.
* The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye. Land will appear off the east coast of America.
* There will be the upheavals in the Arctic and in the Antarctic that will make for the eruption of volcanoes in the Torrid areas, and there will be shifting then of the poles so that where there has been those of a frigid or the semitropical will become the more tropical, and moss and fern will grow. And these will begin in those periods in '58 to '98, when these will be proclaimed as the periods when His light will be seen again in the clouds. As to times, as to seasons, as to places, ALONE is it given to those who have named the name and who bear the mark of those of His calling and His election in their bodies. To them it shall be given.
* As to those things that deal with the mantle of the earth, these shall call upon the mountains to cover many. As ye have seen those in lowly places raised to those of power in the political, in the machinery of nations' activities, so shall ye see those in high places reduced and calling on the waters of darkness to cover them. And those that in the inmost recesses of theirselves awaken to the spiritual truths that are to be given, and those places that have acted in the capacity of teachers among men, the rottenness of those that have ministered in places will be brought to light, and turmoils and strifes shall enter. And, as there is the wavering of those that would enter as emissaries, as teachers, from the throne of life, the throne of light, the throne of immortality, and wage war in the air with those of darkness, then know ye the Armageddon is at hand.
* "And those that seek in the latter portion of the year of our Lord as ye have counted in and among men 1936, He will appear!" [Corrected to 1998]
* The sun will be darkened and there shall be proclaimed through the spiritual interception in the hearts and minds and souls that his star has appeared and will point the way for those who enter into the Holy of Holies in themselves. He will appear!" [Corrected to 1998]
* The regenerated shall come and declare that John Peniel is giving to the world the new order of things.
* [Cayce gave October 31 as the anniversary of Noah's Flood, or poleshift.
* "That same name as to which the priest was banished the constellation of Libra, or to Libya were these people sent.
* Is it not fitting, then, that these must return? as this priest may develop himself to be in that position, to be in the capacity of a LIBERATOR of the world in its relationships to individuals in those periods to come; for he must enter again at that period, or in 1998."
* There will be the breaking of agreements
* The earth changes are affected by sunspot cycle, they will be at max!
* The hottest weather occurs during the greatest sunspot activity.
* In 2100 AD water covered part of Alabama, and New York was gone. Most of the houses were of glass.
* Jupiter and Uranus influences in the affairs of the world appear the strongest on or about October 15 to the 20th destructive conditions
* May cause an earthquake in southern California
* "for the time and times and half times are at an end" [Propose a time is 1,000 years. If this count began with Daniel, the 2500 year span is coming to an end.]
* The young king's son will soon reign
* " In 1998 we may find a great deal of the activities as have been wrought by the gradual changes that are coming about. These are at the periods when the cycle of the solar activity, or the years as related to the sun's passage through the various spheres of activity become paramount or Catamount [?] [Tantamount?] to the change between the Piscean and the Aquarian age.
* Then the area where the entity is now located [Virginia Beach] will be among the safety lands, as will be portions of what is now Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, and much of the southern portion of Canada and the eastern portion of Canada; while the western land much of that is to be disturbed in this land as, of course, much in other lands."
* "The geographical changes, as we find, will not be of any appreciable change in the affairs of men, save as induced by those activities of men respecting their application of those laws pertaining to same, in this Particular generation."
* In America the people are to hold more power in their hands.
* that there would come three that would make of the perfect way of life. They achieved balance in their spiritual, their mental, their material experiences. They may proclaim the Atlantean records.
* If men in America don't show brotherly love civilization must wend its way westward, and again must Mongolia, must a hated people, be raised.
* "His messenger shall appear there." Hints, is finding those that make the paths straight.
* There are healing powers in the waters off Bimini, Changes near the site of the soon to be found Atlantis.
* Roosevelt was "called".
* "scientific change has been found by the observation into the terrestrial forces and into those places and conditions about the earth's planes, there is missing some one of the earth's companions or planets, and the combustion or destruction of same caused much changes"
* Quartz crystals amplify, lend, and synchronize many types of energy, such as light and electricity.
* Wear Lapis Linguis on the wrist or on the waist.
* Oil exists all across America along a line from Monterey, Mexico to Concord, New Hampshire in the Hickory Sands formation, 2400 3000 ft. in Texas.
* Atlantis lies west and south of Bimini.
* The Earth is catching up with Time.
* When the lines about the earth are considered from the mathematical precisions, it will be found that the center is nigh unto the Great Pyramid. This is a gradual, not a cataclysmic activity in the experience of the earth in this period. 16023"
* "Is Virginia Beach to be safe?" It is the center and the only seaport and center of the White Brotherhood.
* "this occurs in the entrance of the Messiah in this period 1998."
* Watch for them near Davis Strait in the attempts there for the keeping of the lifeline to a land open.
* Watch Libya and Ankara, and Syria and the Persian Gulf.
* Much of ancient Mexico under sea
* South California and South New Mexico were settled by Lemurians.
* A recession in the 1980's was predicted, caused by greed.
* Someday a "City of Gold" will be discovered in the Gobi Desert, a temple with elevators; electric cars
* On Russia's religious development hinges the hope of the world.
* Other planets and stars affect the elemental powers of the earth: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.
* An ancient temple to the sun and moon is near Santa Barbara.
* for the satellite of the moon had not faded then
* Mu settlers in Oregon, gave the totem the family tree.
* The fear of death hinders
* Evidence of Atlantis can be found in the Pyrenees and Morocco, and in British Honduras, Yucatan, and America.
* Atlantis during its highest point was in the southern portion of South America and the Artic, and Siberia, and also in Hudson Bay.
* In Atlantis, Adam was called Amilius.
* The stars of the Pleiades and Arcturus were mentioned.
* Earth is slowly receding or gathering closer to the sun, from which it receives its impetus for the awakening of the elements from that which it receives from the sun. elements that give life itself, by radiation of like elements.
* Let it be remembered, or not confused, that the earth was peopled by animals before peopled by man!
* Stars and planets have various forces of attraction or detraction.
* Atlantis had gas balloons
* Their "tempered brass", the temperament of that as becomes between aluminum and that of uranium. Iron fluxes combine and carbonized with those of other fluxes
* One of Cayce's clients went to Bimini and found an old fresh water well, walled around the top, with stones of peculiar composition and strange symbols.
* This well and area are for "regeneration" of certain ailments.
* There is much gold under the sea.
* Devil's Triangle there are those conditions as related to the varied powers that are in power or in affluence as respecting activities of any nature there.
* Iltar the Atlantean leader of the Maya built the first temple, it will rise above the sea again.
* A Temple in the Yucatan is "overshadowing" the location of the Atlantean records. These records contain the history and sciences of the Atlanteans.
* The slaves of the Atlanteans were called "things".
* Egypt the center of the Universal activities of nature, as well as the spiritual forces.
* Mathematical, the astrological and the numerological indications
* A "community home" was at Ararat before Noah "who again joined with many in peopling the earth this was caused on Og.
* The records of Atlantis will be open to those that are the initiates in the knowledge of the One God.
* The rising of the Temple will make the records accessible.
* The secret record chamber lies, as the sun rises from the waters, the line of the shadow or light falls between the paws of the Sphinx that was later set as a sentinel or guard. And which may not be entered from the connecting chambers from the Sphinx's right paw until the time has been fulfilled when the changes must be active in this sphere of man's experience.
* the Sphinx, and the treasure or storehouse facing same, between this and the Nile, in which those records were kept.
* It is thought that people are still going there for initiation as well as to interpret the religious changes man will undergo.
* The Nile was called Nole when it dumped into the Atlantic, "on the Congo end."
* A chosen priest came from Arabia or Tibet to teach the worlds astrologers. This was 10.5 million years ago.
* most of the people had tails then These left mounds in the Sahara.
* There were a 133,000,000 souls in the earth plane then.
* The sands of the Gobi cover many an ancient ruin.
* Ice, nature, God changed the poles and the animals were destroyed.
* "The waters of the lakes will empty into the Gulf, rather than the waterway over which such discussions have been recently made." "It would be well if the waterway were prepared, but not for that purpose for which it is at present being considered."
* When asked, "Give in detail what the sealed room contains." referring to the Atlantean Library": A record of Atlantis from the beginning of those periods when the Spirit took form, or began the encasements in that land; and the developments of the peoples throughout their sojourn; together with the record of the first destruction, and the changes that took place in the land; with the record of the sojournings of the peoples and their varied activities in other lands, and a record of the meetings of all the nations or lands, for the activities in the destruction of Atlantis; and the building of the pyramid of initiation, together with whom, what, and where the opening of the records would come, that are as copies from the sunken Atlantis. For with the change, it [Atlantis] must rise again. In position, this lies as the sun rises from the waters as the line of the shadows or light falls between the paws of the Sphinx; that was set later as the sentinel or guard and which may not be entered from the connecting chambers from the Sphinx's right paw until the time has been fulfilled when the changes must be active in this sphere of man's experience. - mendhak.com

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The Akashic Records and Edgar Cayce

The Akashic Records or "The Book of Life" can be equated to the universe's super computer system. It is this system that acts as the central storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth. More than just a reservoir of events, the Akashic Records contain every deed, word, feeling, thought, and intent that has ever occurred at any time in the history of the world. Much more than simply a memory storehouse, however, these Akashic Records are interactive in that they have a tremendous influence upon our everyday lives, our relationships, our feelings and belief systems, and the potential realities we draw toward us.

The Akashic Records contain the entire history of every soul since the dawn of Creation. These records connect each one of us to one another. They contain the stimulus for every archetypal symbol or mythic story which has ever deeply touched patterns of human behavior and experience. They have been the inspiration for dreams and invention. They draw us toward or repel us from one another. They mold and shape levels of human consciousness. They are a portion of Divine Mind. They are the unbiased judge and jury that attempt to guide, educate, and transform every individual to become the very best that she or he can be. They embody an ever-changing fluid array of possible futures that are called into potential as we humans interact and learn from the data that has already been accumulated.

In terms of contemporary insights, perhaps the most extensive source of information regarding the Akashic Records comes from the clairvoyant work of Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), Christian mystic and founder of A.R.E. For forty-three years of his adult life, Edgar Cayce possessed the uncanny ability to lie down on a couch, close his eyes, fold his hands over his stomach, and put himself into some kind of an altered state in which virtually any type of information was available. The accuracy of Cayce's psychic work is evidenced by approximately one dozen biographies and literally hundreds of titles which explore various aspects of his information and the thousands of topics he discussed.

When asked about the source of his information, Cayce replied that there were essentially two. The first was the subconscious mind of the individual for whom he was giving the reading and the second was the Akashic Records. Cayce described his experience as follows:

"I see myself as a tiny dot out of my physical body, which lies inert before me. I find myself oppressed by darkness and there is a feeling of terrific loneliness. Suddenly, I am conscious of a white beam of light. As this tiny dot, I move upward following the light, knowing that I must follow it or be lost.

As I move along this path of light I gradually become conscious of various levels upon which there is movement. Upon the first levels there are vague, horrible shapes, grotesque forms such as one sees in nightmares. Passing on, there begin to appear on either side misshapen forms of human beings with some part of the body magnified. Again there is change and I become conscious of gray-hooded forms moving downward. Gradually, these become lighter in color. Then the direction changes and these forms move upward and the color of the robes grows rapidly lighter. Next, there begin to appear on either side vague outlines of houses, walls, trees, etc., but everything is motionless. As I pass on, there is more light and movement in what appear to be normal cities and towns. With the growth of movement I become conscious of sounds, at first indistinct rumblings, then music, laughter, and singing of birds. There is more and more light, the colors become very beautiful, and there is the sound of wonderful music. The houses are left behind, ahead there is only a blending of sound and color. Quite suddenly I come upon a hall of records. It is a hall without walls, without ceiling, but I am conscious of seeing an old man who hands me a large book, a record of the individual for whom I seek information."

NOTE: I find much of Cayce's work fascinating but hardly the work of a prophet...at least not someone under the direct instruction of a Supreme Being. Let's say for argument's sake that Edgar Cayce's incredible predictions all came true. Even under that scenario, it would still be an unexplained phenomenon...not proof that a Deity exists. My spiritual agnostic nature aside, Cayce was blessed with extraordinary abilities...Lon

"Edgar Cayce in Context: the Readings, Truth and Fiction" - K. Paul Johnson
"The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?: Interdimensional Communication and Global" - Wynn Free and David Wilcock