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Monday, November 22, 2010

Report: Joint US-Alien Technology, UFOs and Sasquatch Shock Troops

I just received the following from a reader...not sure what to make of it but I decided to run with it and see what happens:

A secret program pertaining to the connection between UFOs and Sasquatch sightings has been leaked to the public. Apparently Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri has been the focus of this story.

According to our source, within the secret organization allegedly at Fort Leonard Wood and corroborated with many eye witness accounts, the military had started a secret program in 1983 at Fort Leonard Wood when locals found a crashed UFO on the boarder of the Mark Twain National Forest and the military reservation. Shortly after the crash was found, many sightings of Sasquatch like creatures were seen throughout Pulaski county. The latest sightings of UFOs and Sasquatch like creatures happened December 24, 2009 near the Gasconade River, just off Highway 133. Our source said that the UFO studied at Fort Leonard Wood was actually a control module and incubation chamber created by advanced reptoid aliens. The module/incubation chamber held the DNA of the reptiod aliens genetically altered ape-like shock troops used to destroy humanity. Some of the creatures escaped and started to breed in the wild. Without an active control module to condition them for combat, the creatures reverted to a natural state. Many sightings of these creatures have been seen throughout the county. Our source has also stated that the U.S. Army has created a new module, and with the remaining DNA found in the original craft, have created their own version of those Sasquatch type shock troops. Our source also stated that they will be tested in Afghanistan sometime in 2010.

Dr. Kelek Zinn
Missouri Fortean Organization (MOFO)

NOTE: OK...I'm rolling my eyes as well...the name of the doctor sounds like something out of Dungeons & Dragons. Regardless, this area of central Missouri has experienced quite a few weird encounters. Just thinking of Sasquatch shock troops makes me cringe in disbelief...Lon


The following are past cases reported in this area:


*While on march back to barracks at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri, late 1970 or early 1971, there was a dark, clear sky. I looked up and saw what apparently was an equilateral triangle-shaped object with 3 rows of lights along each side.

It made no sound, and moved across the sky, and then out of view. I pointed it out to the guy marching with me to my left.

It was only in view approximately 10 seconds. I no longer recall color of lights, but think they were while or light yellow. - www.ufocasebook.com/news.html


*UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Fort Leonard Wood Missouri USA

Date: Feburary 1969 about 8:00 PM Local time. I do not remember the exact date in Feburary.

Approach Direction: From north to south

Departure Direction: To the south

Witness Direction: East

Description: I was in the US Army at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri for basic training 1969.

Near the end of the basic training we were required to go through the Infiltration course This is where you have to crawl along the ground from one end of the course to the other with live machine gun fire over head. We had been training all day on a different course with out live fire so could go through the live fire course that same night.

The infiltration course was located south of the main base, our company was taken out to the course in trucks called cattle trucks. We arrived about 8:00 PM. We were lined up facing the infiltration course. The weather was cold and there was about one inch of snow on the ground. The sky was clear but no moon so the course was really blacked out. We were told that a test firing of the machine guns was to take place. The test firing started and a battery of machine guns started firing short bursts lighting up the snow on the course with the red tracer rounds.

They told us the rounds were only 2 feet over your head so don't stand up. I think they were more like 6 feet but did not want to find out. After the test firing we were told by the company CO to be quiet and not say anything as we waited for the training to begin.

So our whole company stood there waiting in the dark watching the ammo being unloaded from a 2 1/2 ton army truck that was about 100 feet away from us. It was quiet the only sounds were the scraping sounds of the ammo boxes across the steel bed of the truck and the drill sargents talking to each other near the truck. The cold was starting to take hold and I wanted to just get this over with.

Then there was a lot of whispering going on, I thought our drill sargent is not going to be happy about this as we were told to not say a word and he was a old school army type that could really make it hard. Then some guy poked me with a finger and whispered "look".

I looked up to the left about 45 degrees from straight up of where were were facing to see a dull red circle about the size of a half dollar held at arms length slowly crossing the infiltration course at about (guess) 500 feet in altitude. It continued south and slowly out of sight. All this time the drill sargents was busy with the unloading of the truck.

We went through the course and I did not see anything else after this.
But I still remember the strange sighting even today.

Color/Shape: Dull red circle, like a red stop light. No noise. Stayed at the same speed and color. Did not light up the snow that was on the course.

Height & Speed: About 500 feet, 5-10 mph from the North to south

TV/Radio/Press: No, but except for the drill sargents and the CO The whole company had to see it. At the time I did not know what it was, today I still don't.


*Occurred : 6/1/2010 22:50 (Entered as : 06/01/10 22:50)
Reported: 6/1/2010 10:02:45 PM 22:02
Posted: 6/3/2010
Location: Waynesville, MO
Shape: Triangle
Duration:10 seconds
Approx 10-12 orange lights in a V-formation or triangle shape

While driving E on I-44 at mile marker 148 at 22:50, we looked out the right window to the south and saw a V-formation of orange lights above the trees. We asked each other if the other saw and we confirmed and looked back. The V-shaped lights proceeded to move down behind the trees. We exited and looped back to try and see the lights/object again but there was nothing to be seen.

We were by Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri but they have few aircraft and a large V-shaped orange light display has never been witnessed by us before. Not sure what we witnessed but it was definitely something, whether military or not we are not sure. It was a perfectly clear night with no clouds, lightning, or other distractions. Temperature was in the upper 70's. - www.nuforc.org


Pulaski County, Missouri
Fort Leonard Wood Army Base 1982

Here are the details of my Bigfoot sighting. I was in the army basic training course at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri around late May 1982. The eight-week course was almost complete, and we had a few breaks and were fully rested for our one stint of overnight guard duty at some location on the post. The sites we were supposed to guard did not actually require a guard. The cadre wanted us to experience what guard duty was like, however trainee. My partner was a Samoan named Unabia.

As we prepared to file on to the army deuce and a half (two and one half ton truck), they called off our names. Since "Youngdahl" is perpetually at, or almost at the end of the alphabetical list, I was the last one to get on the back of the truck. The lateral seat benches on each side of the truck face each other, and by the time I filed on, all the seats were taken and I had to sit on the bed of the truck while resting my arms on the tailgate. I decided to face out of the back of the canvas-covered bed of the truck to see the sights of the army post. The post Unabia and I were supposed to guard was an engineer bridge crossing training site deep in the woods of the post.

Fort Leonard Wood's nickname is "Fort Lost in the Woods," and I can understand why due to the remoteness, isolation and density of the woods in the region. Anyway, our post was the furthest one out so they decided to drop us off first.

I not sure how far or what direction they took us from our basic training billets on post, but we must have rode on the truck for at least 30 minutes when my sighting occurred. Everyone in the truck were either dozing off or inattentive to where we were going except me since they were facing each other and could not see past the canvas cover of the truck. I was still looking directly out the rear of the vehicle. The time was approximately 1830 hours and it was still very much light during that time of year for early evening. The weather was clear and warm.

We came to a T-intersection on the dirt road. As we turned left at the intersection, I looked down the other direction on the road, which we did not turn. Approximately 25 yards down the road I saw Bigfoot. It is funny how this realization dawned on me because the immediate moment that I viewed him (her?), there was not a doubt in my mind that the creature I observed was Bigfoot. I wasn't looking for it, nor did I think that there have ever been sightings in that region of the country. It was automatic, boom, no doubt.

What I saw was a creature that had to be at least six and one half to seven feet tall, walking across the road that we did not take. It looked in our direction as it crossed the road before it continued to walk into the woods on the other side of the road. What really surprised me was its coloration, which was a light brown color, almost like the color of cork on a bulletin board.

My observation lasted not more than ten seconds before the creature disappeared into the woods. During that short span, my mind went through the following thought process. "What's that??!!!, - it's gotta be bigfoot, but look at its color, unbelievable, but its not an animal, and that definitely is not a person, someone in a suit?, no way." It did occur to me to alert the other trainees in the truck, but I immediately thought that by the time I did, they would awaken, crane their necks to look out the back, and by that time, not see anything. This all occurred to me in milliseconds.

So we continued to drive to our guard site while my mind was going over all sorts of possibilities. We arrived about 10 minutes after the sighting. It was so remote, and despite the fact that we did have a total of ten live rounds for our M-16s, I sort of felt like the creature knew I saw it and might come to get me when it got dark. As Unabia and I loafed around the bridge laying engineer vehicles, I felt compelled to tell Unabia what I saw. Apparently Samoans are very superstitious, and Unabia became frightened. I was scared he might shoot me by mistaking me for Bigfoot. I felt obliged to stay close to him to preclude any mistaken identities once it became dark.

We were picked up at 0400 the next morning without any incidents. I did not retell my sighting to any of the others for fear of ridicule. But that is my story. I reiterate that there was no doubt that what I saw was Bigfoot. I've seen wild bears, moose wolverines, and other creatures of the north woods. I've been to boundary waters canoe area three times and I am totally familiar and comfortable in the wilderness. I once chased a black bear out of madness and stupidity because he stole our food. I was not sleepy at the time nor subject to wild imaginations due to our training, which was not rigorous. I think what surprised me most was the region of the country we were in, which as far as I knew at the time is not famous for bigfoot sightings, and its color, which I also would not expect.

I've told others this story and some scoff and some believe, but I myself would not believe it unless I saw it myself, which I did. *If* my story resembles others that have occurred in that region, I would be interested to hear a reply. I am curious if others have sighted Bigfoot in that region on others that have matched my description.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at erikeva@mbay.net. There is not much more to relate to you such as the way it turned towards me or any other details. It happened very fast and it was a few years ago. Hope this information helps you and your organization in its endeavors. - Erik Youngdahl - www.bigfootencounters.com