Thursday, November 25, 2010

M6 Paranormal Crash Update: Suspect Confirms Secret Code

In yet another twist in the ongoing investigations into the incidents on the M6 and in Paris the detective leading the investigation in the UK has confirmed that the police are now desperately trying to crack what they believe is a secret code.

PRLog - Nov 25, 2010 – Also that the main suspect has been using this code to communicate with their co-conspirators.

It is the latest in a set of bizarre facts to emerge since the arrest of the suspect in Manchester just over two weeks ago. Detective Silverton has also confirmed that the suspect remains in custody of their own volition but refuses to comment on their identity.

As with the previous interview I was able to conduct with Detective Silverton, I was driven to what I believe is a disused underground bunker in the Cheshire countryside and allowed to ask a limited amount of questions; the interview was then vetted and approved for release.

Further revelations have also emerged about one of the bodies discovered in Paris.

Detective Silverton confirmed that both he and the lead investigators in Paris are pooling what they know and that one of the autopsies on the victims in Paris showed a 'considerable difference in the accepted chemical makeup of blood normally found in a person who has lived and breathed this atmosphere'

When pushed to confirm what this meant Detective Silverton said that he was not going to suggest any medical interpretation for this and that there were 'several possibilities' currently being reviewed.

I then returned to the code and the alleged 1of26 document that had been circling the investigation from the start.

Detective Silverton confirmed that this was document they are investigating, 'initially we thought this was part of a scam, a way to create the illusion of paranormal or supernatural activity and then go on to sell artifacts on the black market based on it, but we now believe this is not the case as there seems to be no apparent motive to its existence'

He also stated the evidence for this was the dramatic change in the content of the document and also confirmed that two of their most experienced code crackers were now investigating the document.

Asked if they were nearing any solution to the code Detective Silverton commented that, 'we are still looking at it and are confident that we will be able to interpret what is being said. However we are also scouring many of the forums that have reported this case in search of clues and would ask anyone who has come into contact with these people or has knowledge of the code to put any suggestions they have onto the relevant forums and mark them 1of26. By doing this we can track these posts and see if they are useful to the case. I must also state that we are not interested in any person who places these posts, we're only interested in anything that will help us crack the code; we are confident that we have our main suspect and are currently following up a specific lead they have given us'

I asked Detective Silverton if this was the new way for the police to ask for witnesses and was told that given the sensitive nature of this enquiry they felt that any other mechanism they could use could see them becoming overwhelmed by the resultant influx of information.

NOTE: go to the follow link for previous updates on this incident - Paranormal Crash Updates...Lon

Thanks again to Mark Collins!


  1. Sorry, but all this reads like serialized science fiction. It's entertaining, but I'm not buying it.

  2. @ Purrlgurrl.....sorry about what you don't buy, but the truth IS stranger than fiction. If you want to ignore all the evidence of other biological entities from elsewhere then that's your prerogative. Just because you don't 'buy' it, doesn't mean it isn't so....
    Every 'human' on this planet has over 22 different 'races' of dna inside of them, you, your spouse, your mother, etc. Unfortunately they don't you teach that in the education system.
    So, sorry to say...there is absolute certainty that other beings are walking around with us....

  3. The point is the person sending out updates on this story also appears to have originated it. I can find no news story which predates a "Press Release" issued on November 4, 2010 by Mark Collins, which can be found here:

    I tried last night to comment about this and other anomalies in this story, but somehow my comment didn't get posted.

    I would love to be incorrect because it would be earth-shattering. I really wish someone would find where this story came from.

    But right now it appears this story originated in a press release from Mark Collins. Unless and until the provenance for this story is established, it has to be viewed with a jaundiced eye. Censoring opposing views won't change the facts.

  4. @carlee333: Please provide this "evidence"?

    I remember when this showed up last winter, and it intrigued me enough that I searched for information in the media about this car accident. I was not able to find any mention of it at the time (Feb 2009). The one and only source seemed to be this "Mark Collins" - there was nothing in any other source to back up that there had been a 17-car accident on the M6 in the time period described.

    The same goes for this alleged "recent car crash" in Paris. The author provides no verifiable information (e.g., the date of the accident, the location, the names of anyone involved). EVERY mention of this event can be traced back to "Mark Collins" and

    There is no credibility to this, and it is in no way verifiable.

  5. I agree. It almost seems like guerilla marketing for something, I just can't tell what. I mean, I assume PR stands for Public Relations...Hello?

  6. It's for selling things on the BOOK Market,
    not the Black Market.

    One other post mentions the curious observation that a similar event was recently described in a fictional work that takes place on the same highway!

    Go figure...


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