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Friday, November 12, 2010

Close Encounters / Alien Abductions - Great Orme, Llandudno, North Wales

An intriguing case of alien abduction comes from Wales, and researcher Margaret Fry. The case involved missing time and lost memories, a typical scenario for abduction. Multiple sightings of UFOs over the Great Orme, a legendary and mysterious mountainous region in North Wales, preceded the events of November 10, 1997 by several days. One family would have their entire lives changed within a short period of time by encountering a strange UFO.

The family was motoring on the Bodfair-Landemog highway, when without a warning, their car was overwhelmed by a purple flying object which seemed to attach itself to their car. This brief moment of terror would be followed by another in which the UFO was gone. They were again driving their car down the road, but now they were trying to understand what had happened. The had not a clue.

"But they could not account for considerable hours of time lost," said Fry.

"The man was having trouble afterwards with a top molar tooth and he had to go to the dentist's... and a black unknown object fell out while he was at the dentist's...but he had no fillings," she said.

After the trip to the dentist's office, the husband made a report of the family's strange encounter on the highway to local authorities. Shortly thereafter, he was visited on two separate occasions by plain-clothed men identifying themselves as Air Force personnel. He was warned to never talk about his family's incident.

The family, wanting to discuss their incident with someone, told only a friend, who in turn, related their story to Margaret Fry. Fry contacted the family, but per their request, kept the names of the family members from the press. The family would get some satisfaction when another encounter on the same night was reported.

A business man from the same general area would come forward with his own story, similar to the family's. On the very same road, on the same night, he saw a UFO which he described as enormous, shaped like a child's spinning top, and the size of a football field. He made drawings of what the craft looked like. The UFO was also reported as hovering over nearby buildings near the highway. The craft was described as being large enough to be a mother-ship.

The report of an alien abduction is based solely on the missing time element as related by the family. The case could be weightier if more information was provided, although there is no reason to dismiss the testimony. There is no information on regressive hypnosis, or any follow-up to the case at this time. There can be no doubt that UFOs were seen over the area during the reported incident.


Family Abducted By Alien Cruiser

BBC - The strange and disturbing events began to unfold when for several nights an elderly man living in Little Orme, Conwy, was troubled by what he called "frightening" beams of light over the Great Orme.

Unfortunately for one family travelling by car to the area at the same time on November 10 1997, that was the night they had an unexplained encounter.

They could not account for several 'lost' hours when they suddenly became aware of resuming their journey, according to investigator Margaret Fry.

She was told of their account by a friend of the family who were said to have been advised by officials not to come forward.

Margaret says the couple and their children where driving on the Bodfair/Landernog road when they found their car engulfed by a purple triangular craft.

The next thing they remember is that the purple craft had gone.

"But they could not account for considerable hours of time lost," said Margaret.

"The male was having trouble afterwards with a top molar tooth and he had to go to the denist's," she said.

"A black unknown object fell out while he was at the dentist's - but he had no fillings," she said.

Margaret says that the man reported the family's encounter to the authorities and he was said to have been visited twice by air force personnel and requested not to speak publicly about the matter.

Despite the sketchy details, Margaret is interested in the witness account because of the sightings in the same area and on the same night by the elderly man - and that of a local businessman who also had a close encounter with a craft described as an alien cruise ship.

The third sighting was by the businessman who says he saw a huge craft the shape of a "child's spinning top" while he was driving along the same road as the family who claim to have been abducted.

Margaret says the man, who sketched an outline of what he saw (seen top), told her he stopped his vehicle to look at the craft which he described as being as big a football pitch and hovering above buildings in the village of Llandernog.

The man says the craft had a "myriad of lit windows", almost making him believe it was a cruiser-craft capable of carrying hundreds of people - or beings...

Comments from article:

My girlfriend and I were having a picnic on the Orme late afternoon in June 2007. Were had been watching a jetski in the bay for several minutes. A minute or so after the jet ski had disappeared round the headland towards the town, my girlfriend nudged me and pointed to something in the bay. It was a triangular or boomerang shaped dull metallic object about three metres-five across moving right to left extremely fast about two to three metres above the sea which was pretty calm. It was completely silent and had a straight trajectory and did not alter height. We only saw it for four-five seconds as it crossed our field of view between the two headlands but it was difficult to explain having just recently gauged the speed and sound of the jet ski. It certainly wasn't a bird or anything else I could explain immediately.
Tue Jan 20 09:34:34 2009

Rach from Llandudno:
We were on the Orme late at night about 10 or 10.30, and I was looking up at the sky and I was overwhelmed to see all these white/bright balls(spheres) flying or hovering in one space. But the thing is there was quite a few of them all huddled together and that's too close for airplanes to be together or any other type of aircraft apart from a UFO, it was spooky but exciting. I've also witnessed from my mate's house through a window from which I can see the Great Orme cleary that these flying aircrafts late at night were all flying towards the Great Orme and were really noisy.
Fri Jan 9 07:46:04 2009

Louise from Llandudno:

At 12.30hrs this morning (New Year's Day 2009) my daughter and I watched three bright yellow/orange/green star like objects pass over the Great Orme. They were very low in the sky and they were travelling in formation and in a straight line from the North Shore to the West Shore and beyond. There was no sound and no smoke/trail. It was an eerie night, there was a freezing fog partially covering the Great Orme and the fireworks had long since ended. Shortly afterwards we heard but didn't see from our viewing site helicopters and other aircraft, they sounded as though they were over the Great Orme itself and it's my opinion that they had been scrambled in order to investigate. I can find no reference to these objects on the Internet this morning and I wonder if anyone else saw them or maybe has an explanation for them?
Fri Jan 2 09:51:47 2009

David Procter, N Somerset:

I stayed on Wed 24/9 at Hendy hotel, seafront at Llandudno top floor at the back of hotel. I was havng a cigerette on the fire escape stairs looking up at the Great Orme . I know the time (approx midnight). I saw the following, wondering if anyone else did? A strange coloured object can only describe as the tip of a Bic pen about 300-500 feet above my head. It looked like it was attached to another object that I could not see, there was no sound or wind turbulence. It appeared to accelerate in land at a speed I can only guess it to be 2000 mph. I am a rational person, honest.
Sat Sep 27 10:03:08 2008

While working as a taxi driver in Llandudno, I was working a night shift during the week in 2006. One evening I had droped off a fare in Craig Y Don and drove up to Bodafon Road (behind Bodafon farm) to answer the call of nature. As I was turning to get back into the car I saw to my disbelief a huge triangular-shaped craft swooping down over Craig y Don from the direction of the Great Orme. The craft was at least the size of a football pitch or bigger and had red lights along the perimeter of its length. What was suprising was that it was completely silent, also the manner in which it manouvered - as its "tail" passed over Nant y Gamar Road, the whole thing pivoted yawing from its starboard to port. My view of it at that point was close to head on. It then cruised almost casually past me. The craft covered the ground between Craig y Don and the Little Orme in less than 6 seconds, and at approximately/or less than 500 feet. It certainly behaved in a manner suggesting it was being piloted in a deliberate way. This report is the truth, I also radioed it into my dispatcher in case any of the other drivers had seen it.
Mon Oct 29 08:18:37 2007


Great Orme is a Hotspot for UFOs

Apr 15 2004

North Wales Weekly News

icnorthwalesThere have been no reports of little green men landing there, but it seems the Great Orme in Llandudno is a hotspot for UFO sightings.

Author and ufologist Nick Pope has recently compiled a list of the top 40 vantage points for sightings, and it seems the Orme comes in at number three, although quite how Mr Pope came to this conclusion is a little unclear, as he admits there is no true system for recording data.

However, he claims that, during research for a booklet on the subject to accompany a television advertising campaign for Dutch lager Grolsch, a number of references to sightings of UFOs from the Orme were uncovered.

Mr Pope, who is widely respected in UFO circles and ran the Ministry of Defence's UFO desk from 1991-94, commented: "It is difficult to arrive at a precise number of sightings in any one place as there is no central data collection point.

"We must also take into account widespread under-reporting due to fear of ridicule, and the fact most people are unsure where to submit reports.

"However, the listed hotspots exhibit up to 20 more sightings than anywhere else."

In first place in the league table is Bonnybridge in East Kilbride, Scotland, followed by Cley Hill, Wiltshire, and then the Orme. Manchester, Liverpool, and Denbigh are also in the top 25.


UFO Investigator Margaret Fry - 20 May 2008

BBC - Grandmother of nine Margaret Fry from Abergele is the co-founder of the Welsh Federation of Independent Ufologists.

When you think of a UFO investigator your image is probably of Mulder and Scully from TV's X Files, writes Nick Bourne from the Web Team. Well, think again. She decided to help set up the organisation to turn the amateur enthusiast into a seasoned professional of UFO investigation.By linking up enthusiasts from across Wales, Margaret and her fellow investigators are able to pool their research and cross reference sightings to monitor any links or similarities between UFO cases.They can undergo training in research and investigation techniques to ensure all work is collated to a particular standard.

But where do they start?

Most enthusiasts watch the local media to see if any reports are carried in the local press. They then follow up the stories and begin their own research. For time-served investigators such as Margaret, whose name is widely known among the local community, they sometimes become the first point of contact when someone wants to report a sighting or a perceived phenomenon. Margaret has been living in North Wales for more than two decades. But she began her hunt for answers to UFO sightings nearly 40 years ago when, as a young mum living with her family in Kent, she had an alien encounter.

Margaret maintains an alien craft landed in her town and was witnessed by many other locals in July 1955. Since then she has investigated thousands of sightings and is a firm believer in alien life. In North Wales she is joined by a group of volunteers from varied, but often professional backgrounds. Among them is a retired police officer and a chemist and between the group they investigate reports of UFOs in North Wales. Their work has become easier over the years with a willingness among the wider public to accept that there might be other life in the universe. And so the calls come in. While people might be willing to consider that aliens exist, few want to speak publicly about their experiences. So sometimes the ufologists many receive the briefest of reports only.

Take for example the sighting by four women who reported seeing about 12 opaque circles rotating and sweeping across the sky at Towyn on August 14 1998. The phonecall by one of the group was short as the young woman said she and her friends did not want to get involved. But even these types of calls are important as they help to paint a picture if further similar calls are received. The Welsh Federation of Independent Ufologists have opened up their files for this web service to provide an insight into their work and the stories of strange encounters in North Wales. And Margaret has written a book, 'Who are they?' which is about alien abductions and paranormal events.

Click for video - NOTE: ignore the dramatic music...I was looking for the Vikings, Conan the Barbarian and the Valkyries to come soaring down from above!