Saturday, April 21, 2012

MIB: Mysterious Encounter

I received the following email on Friday, 4/20/12:

I was born, raised and continue to live in the mountains of eastern Kentucky. I have experienced various paranormal activity all through my life. This includes UFOs, alien abduction and other activity I attribute to alien beings.

The incident that was the most overwhelming was on the night when Grey aliens came to take me while I was pregnant. I simply wanted no part of this. When they approached me from across the bedroom I jumped up and grabbed one of the two beings by its lean neck. I squeezed as hard as I could until I heard a 'crack'. It dropped to the floor as its head fell back across the spine.

The other Grey seemed shocked though it was hard to read an expression. It gathered the injured companion and quickly disappeared in bright light that had originally flooded the master bathroom. I felt very bad about that incident but I had been out of sorts all day and I didn't want to be bothered.

When I was a girl we used to live beside an old cemetery. On some nights I would get the urge to look out my bedroom window. When I did I would notice a tall dark figure that seemed to be watching our house. One evening at dusk while in our yard I was approached by a tall black-cloaked being with a glow coming from its face. It stood and watched me for a few seconds then turned and disappeared.

I have noticed over the years that large dark-colored cars would follow me on occasion. This would happen on highways and mountain roads. My husband and I have also noticed black helicopters flying above us while driving and over our residence.

I saw the video and picture you posted about MIB a few days ago. When I saw the video it shocked me. In July 2006, a strange incident occurred while my daughter and I were sitting on our front porch. I never heard or saw a car, but two of these MIB appeared from around the side of the house and approached us. The pale faced 'men' were dressed in black silk suits, white shirts, black ties, and fedora dress hats. They each carried a thin brief case and walked stiffly as they approached. When they reached the steps they stood still and looked at me. My daughter quickly ran into the house. I then looked into the eyes of the MIB nearest me. The color was a vivid lavender and I felt compelled to continue looking. After a few seconds the nearest MIB spoke in a very clear low pitched voice. It asked if we had 'experienced any unusual activity
that I thought that I should report.'
It was an odd question but I quickly said 'no'. The being then briefly smiled, thanked me for my time. Both MIB turned and walked toward the road and were soon out of sight.

I can't say that I was scared but I have not had any type of paranormal or alien activity since the MIB visited. I was wondering if people who have had paranormal incidents throughout their life realize the activity ceases after they are visited by MIB? Do these MIB usually appear out of nowhere? I'd appreciate some information. Thanks - Cary M.

NOTE: Cary did answer my followup email after I attempted to answer a few of her questions. I told her that the readers may offer more answers. I have written about MIB previously:
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Cowboy said...

Hello Cary, I have lived in the hills of Eastern KY all my 48 yrs I will say near Pikeville & saw many UFO , ET & Paranormal things with a great increase during the 2007 though 2009 years then just about coming to a stop since then . I have not had a MIB encounter as of yet so I'm not sure how I would handle that .

I have never been frightened by this yet but from my memories think it's been going on since I was a small child & I've been conditioned to them like their just part of the family . I do get startled though when the black shadows & spheres just pop in on me all the sudden without warning but that subsides quickly as I've come to think it's just them checking in on us .

alanborky said...

Cary when the MIB asked if you'd experienced any unusual activity you "should" report it seemed so odd you answered no.

And if this'd been a recent event I'd've been pretty certain the 'question' was actually a 'command' to do exactly what you HAVE done - report it (via this blog).

I'm almost as certain though it was intended all along you'd get round to reporting it when you have.

The details in these things tend to have a sort of Tarot cardy interpretability to them.

For instance lavendar as a colour's towards the violet - high - end of the light spectrum suggesting this 'MIB' might've actually been there as a representative of a 'higher' order of existence (in say a protective capacity).

And as a plant some associate it with warding off the evil eye (particularly after a death).

And generally MIBs which let you look 'em in the eye're preferable to those which conceal their eyes behind dark glasses

Which kind of fits because as you say you haven't been paranormally pestered ever since.

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