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Monday, July 01, 2024

UAPs, UNEXPLAINED ACTIVITY, & ARMED MEN Converge in Rice Lake, Wisconsin

A Rice Lake, Wisconsin family, and their neighbors experience unexplained activity after the sighting of lights in the night sky. Armed men eventually show up saying that they were surveyors.

I received the following report:

"Hello, sir. You have my permission to publish this information. I'm a very fact-driven person. But I have this story I can't explain without it being aggravating to me as I see others blow it off as BS. I lived in Rice Lake, Wisconsin for a bit in my youth. I was 12 years old and lived with my mother, father, and two brothers on a large property with a house set back from our road about 5 acres of kept lawn, and a backyard of 2 acres. It is a really open area. We had a radio station across the road which was a smaller building with a large tower in a field (we basically lived in farm country) and one neighbor near us on the west side of our house through this solid tree line that was the start of a pine forest on our property. The other 2 sides of the property had abrupt starts to wheat fields.

One night my mother, older brother, and I were up watching TV and the power went out. We went outside to the front to see if the neighbor was out as he had a huge barn light we could see through the woods. Nope, it was out. As we sat there we heard yelling from the radio station, "I can't get the generator to start Ted, can you call Chris and get him up here ASAP?" (Again, farm country, so no real ambient sounds beyond crickets). Then within 5 minutes, a car drove past our driveway and turned off. Like it was driving, then powered out and rolled to the side of the road. My older brother made the long 5-acre walk (which seemed long at that age) down the driveway and mother and I watched from the porch. He came back and said the car just lost all power. He couldn't even get it to crank.

Just then a large blue orb, I'd say about 1000 square feet or so shot across from one corner to the other of our rectangular well-cut property from behind our house to across the road no further up than 4-6 stories above our house. We just stood there amazed!

Across the road, we heard the guys at the radio station screaming, "What the Hell was that!" My mom ran in to call the police and wake up my dad and little brother as me and my brother sat there on the porch.

"Sons, come here now. I can't wake your dad up!" We ran into our bedroom which was the closest room to the west side tree line and had this huge glass door wall (8-foot tall glass door basically) and in the bed was my dad and 5-year-old brother. I personally shook them, hard. They would not wake up. Breathing fine, sweaty even. They were solidly asleep.

At this point, we freaked and noticed the phones were dead also. We ran outside again. We started yelling across the yard to the radio station and asking if they had a working phone. They replied no and asked if things were ok with us. Not wanting to yell out a story my brother said, "Yes, all is well, besides all the weird stuff!"

Just then on the west side above the tree line 2 orbs pretty far up danced in the sky. Zigging and zagging in ways I have never seen anything before. It was as if two were puppies playing in a pattern. One would go left other would chase, then right, then up then down, do a big circle, then the other. My brother and I just sat and watched freaking out. "What is going on?" was said about 40 times in the 5 minutes while these orbs moved.

Then they dropped down to a lower altitude. We saw that the orb was a light on a larger object but couldn't make out what it was really. But they went from the north side of the tree line to the south at half speed. Really low and slow. Then swooped up into the sky in a large progressively faster arch. Then gone.

My mother, who was watching from inside her room through those large glass doors mentioned before, was freaking out. Seeing all this and her husband and kid not waking up was too much to handle and she cried. All of a sudden the power pops on. My mom screamed as it startled her. We ran inside to see and she was calming down splashing water on her face in the master bathroom attached to the bedroom. We go out through the glass door to check the sky and see the car that died out near the end of our driveway start up and take off fast. The neighbor's barn light was on and we saw the lights on the radio tower lit.

At that moment my dad woke up and said, "Why are you all in here?" It startled us. My mom explained it all and he and my younger brother just laughed it off. "I was just sleeping, you must have not tried very hard to wake us!"

The next day my mom buys a rifle, a telescope, and a bunch of alien books. She always said the gun was just in case. She would never bring it out unless she felt she had to. I think my dad not waking shook her to the core.

Fast forward to a week later, after so many calls to the police, the radio station, neighbors, etc. We finally got someone to listen to us at the police station and take a report. They all met in our front yard near the road as I watched from the porch pretty far away trying to make out what they were saying.

3 days after that 2 men come to the house who claimed to work for a surveying company and just so happened to be taking aerial surveys of the area and wanted to see if we wanted some pictures of our house (We had a rather nice house and a well-kept landscape) and they said they visited our neighbors prior that day and heard a crazy story.

My older brother swears, and I mean swears, the men had guns on them. Large handguns under the backs of their shirts. Again, not super weird in the area to see guns, but if you're going door to door with pictures of their house, anyway, it's weird enough to mention. He saw these guns as he walked in the front door behind them to ask why the guy in their van was taking pictures now. They abruptly left. As they left we got the license. We called the officer who took our report and called the neighbor to compare stories. A month later the officer called back just to tell us that they found out that the plates belonged to a Federal Agency.

I know this sounds dumb and made up. If I didn't live through it I wouldn't believe it. Me and my brother have been blown off so many times about this story we just stop saying it anymore. It's like we just nod to each other whenever someone brings up UFOs or weird stuff. Besides my wife, I haven't told this story in at least a decade. I start second guessing my memories and it's as simple as these things I remember did happen." F



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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