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Tuesday, July 09, 2024


A young Filipino boy encounters an Aswang that is hanging outside of his window. It flies off after realizing it was seen. I have received several Aswang sighting reports over the years!

I received the following account:

"I saw an Aswang. It is a mythological creature based in the Philippines.

This is my story. It happened in December many years ago, in the 1990s. I forgot my age because this happened a very long time ago. And I was still young when this happened.

I woke up because of the light. My aunt was getting ready to go to church. It was already 5 am. I pretended to fall asleep because if she knew I was awake she would take me to the church with her.

My aunt left and turned off the light but I was very scared at that time. I don’t know why but I can’t shake the uneasy feeling so I turn on the light. My brother and I were sleeping on the opposite side of the window. The curtain was open but there was a screen so that mosquitoes could not get inside the room and I put the blanket over my head because I was scared.

Five minutes later, I felt very hot and I was sweating all over so I removed the blanket from my head and my eyes suddenly looked by the window (you know when a person is staring at you; your brain can detect that he/she is staring so you look back at the person)

Anyway, what I saw in the window made my jaw drop. I saw a human dangling outside our window. The eyes are bloodshot and the face is covered with hairs. I cannot tell who because of the hairs all over the face, but it looked female-like. When she knew I saw her. She immediately flew off, like the wings covered the entire window and she flapped the wings very very heavily. There is no way in hell that was an ordinary bird because it flapped very heavily as if it were a person.

Also, It is impossible that it is a prank because we are on the second floor and our second floor is very high like the steel ladder cannot even reach it. That's how high it is. Also, there are no railings outside the window that a person can hold on to. So it is impossible, just impossible. There are no posts near our window and no trees for a person to climb and peek through the window.

If I had never seen that thing or whoever it was, I would never to death believed that they existed!

As they say— “to see is to believe.”

I always ask myself even to this day, "Are they the fallen angel? What are they?" Like I have so many questions but no answers about them.

Only they can probably answer or probably most of them do not know their origin because I heard it's been passed from generation to generation.

It is similar to a spiritual healer? Or a legit psychic, if the psychic/ spiritual healer die?" T



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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Thanks. Lon

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The term 'feral people' refers to those who have been isolated from human contact, usually from a young age. These individuals may have had minimal experience with human care, language, or social behaviors. They may also have suffered abuse or trauma before being abandoned or running away. Feral people are sometimes portrayed as having been raised by animals.

But is this phenomenon more than a legend? Are there larger populations of these hominins living in isolated areas? Have they developed characteristics that make them less human? Are these individuals the 'wild men' described in folklore and long-told stories?

I'll examine several reports that I have received over the years so that you can develop your rationale for their existence.


Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

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