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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

BABY BIGFOOT Encounters in South Dakota & Arkansas (PHOTO)

A South Dakota man recalls an incident that he heard. A lumber contractor who found a baby Bigfoot. I also include a photo of a supposed baby Bigfoot that was sent to me by an Arkansas witness.

I received the following account:

“I met a guy at a stock show and we were talking about hunting and he's a predator caller. And he called one up in the Black Hills, South Dakota and he and another guy and his friend won't go hunting with him anymore. He showed me a picture of the footprint, his foot next to it and it was like three times the length of his foot. It was like 10 or 11 size foot. It was in the brush screaming and yelling at them and breaking stuff. He kind of wanted me to go hunting with him but, you know, I've never seen one and I don't know if I want to be lucky enough or unlucky to run into it.

Here's the other spooky story. Now, this isn't a first-hand report to me but the friend that told me said the man that told him, and he knew the man that told him this story. He said he had no reason to lie to me, and it was in the limestone area which is on the western side of the Black Hills and he had a lumber contract out there. Instead of going out around, he decided to walk across a meadow and go on the back side of it. And the man claimed, this is what my friend Ronald told me, the man walked up on a baby Bigfoot in a grass nest out there in a meadow. It had humanoid features. All by itself only it was, like, twice the size of the human baby or something like that. He walked up on it in this nest, in the grass, in this meadow and he turned around and walked back out and he didn't go back until the next day. When he went back, the nest was empty, and off they went.” B

*Possible photo of juvenile Bigfoot taken in Arkansas, October 2009

The above photo was forwarded to me by the original witness. Here is the story behind it:

"Hello Lon, my name is Louisa Clingan and my cam captured this photo back in October 2009. Thank you for posting it on your website. I am including it in this e-mail attachment. The cam was set in that location to try and catch what was killing the barn cats, and chickens and stealing the eggs.

I don't know if you know the background, but the photo was not taken seriously. Also, I really think that people think that these animals are born 9 feet tall, LOL. This is a small juvenile. From what we figured using the reeds, fence line, and bottom of the power box for height comparisons, we believe it is no taller than 18" from the top of the head to the ground in the sitting position. Hypothetically, it would be roughly 36" or 3' in the upright position. The visual that me and son had on this same property back in 2006 was no more than 3 1/2' to 4'."



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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