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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Romanian Families Experience Horrible 'SPATIO-TEMPORAL HOLE' Event!

Three families from Romania found themselves in a kind of "spatio-temporal hole" in the Carpathian Mountains! There, they experienced a horrible event.

I received this from my friend and research associate Christinne Radu. A new shocking report from General Emil Streinu:

In this article, I will talk about another incredible revelation of the general, which is actually about an incident experienced by three families from Romania in the early 90s. So, the three families decide to spend a weekend in a wild mountain area, in tents, in the middle of nature. The place had been carefully chosen in a very wild and relatively inaccessible area.

Upon arriving with great difficulty at their destination, the tourists were met by an old shepherd, who was tending a small herd of goats. He asked the hikers not to set up their all-terrain vehicles and tents on that wild mountain plateau, warning them that otherwise, something bad would happen to them. The strange warning was taken as a misplaced joke, it is thought that the old man probably wanted to keep the meadow on that plateau for his goats.

After spending the night well, the men in the group of hikers began exploring the surroundings. They noticed among the surrounding bushes and vegetation a variety of small sparkling orbs, from the size of a coin to the size of a tennis ball, appearing and disappearing intermittently. They thought it was static electricity or optical illusions created by the ozone charge of the place.

However, something strange was noticed: the compass showed anything but the direction of north, spinning randomly, regardless of the position in which you held it. Therefore, the place had a special energy charge, a kind of intense geomagnetic anomaly. But the most bizarre thing was the following: those who had explored the surroundings said that after 500 meters of exploration around the plateau, although they were walking radially from the camp and in the opposite direction, they still ended up in the camp.

In the evening, the sky darkened and then it started to rain. After the rain stopped and cleared, suddenly there was a piercing cold that made your teeth chatter. Even more bizarre: a very thick and bluish fog settled on the plateau. And now comes the "bomb": the fog suddenly lifted as if on command, and although it was 10:30 PM (so night), it was light everywhere, as if it were broad daylight! And, to make everything seem like something out of a sci-fi movie, the hikers saw to the left and right of the mountain, several horsemen dressed in shining armor and helmets, nervously waving some terrifyingly large swords!

At one point, the battle ended, the fighters retreated, and then it started to get dark again and rain heavily. Curiously, after the rain stopped and the clouds retreated, it was day again. The cars started their engines and, on the car's radio, the announcer's voice was heard saying that it was 7 o'clock in the morning! The hikers packed up everything and ran away from that cursed place.

A previous encounter report from General Emil Streinu:

There have been several anecdotes referencing reptilian draconian beings in Romania since it joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in 2004. There is no date given for the scenario detailed by General Emil Streinu (below) though, I suspect, it occurred post-1989 Romanian Revolution and pre-NATO membership. Again, this is not the only reptilian claim to have come out of Romania.

Romanian General Emil Streinu is an expert in radiolocation (radar technology) and has a doctorate in geophysical warfare (HAARP technology). He has served as the Advisor of the Romanian Parliament on unconventional issues and asymmetrical threats - Director of The Special Situations and Research Center on UFOs and Psihotronics - Founder of the Association for the Study of Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena and author of several esoteric publications.

For many years he has claimed that reptilian extraterrestrials exist and that they have huge underground bases/cities, but nothing more. Each time he concludes by stating “I’m not going any further on this subject”

After reading Aryan Hava's book "Inuaki, The Reptilian Inside Me" (Vol. 1 & 2), General Streinu contacted her to convey a remarkable story as she was about to publish her third book on this subject: "Anunnaki vs. Anunnaki" (or "An.unnak.ki versus An.unnak.ki"). Streinu eventually wrote the book's preface.

In the introduction, he speaks about a good friend of his who had seen two reptilian beings in the early morning (5:00 AM) in the Retezat Mountains (A group of mountains in the Carpathians).

His friend is also a military figure, a high-ranking officer specializing in commando warfare, who asked for his identity to remain hidden. He served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, and Latin America (South America). General Streinu also mentioned that his friend is not a fan of either science fiction or ufology and that he trusts his friend above any doubt.

This high-ranking officer, let's call him "Colonel X", was driving back from a short camping trip, which he took alone in the mountains. He was close to Bucharest when he noticed that he was low on gas...so he pulled into a small rural gas station.

It was 5:00 - 5:10 AM, so nobody was around. Colonel X noticed a khaki Hummer with black windows parked outside the gas station with the engine on, but nobody around it. After filling up his tank, he paid and walked back to his SUV. He then noticed that the driver's door of the Hummer was opened and inside it he saw a reptilian being. The reptilian had no clothes but it was wearing military boots...it was entirely covered with green scales (like a crocodile) and had a lizard-type crest on the head. The reptilian saw Colonel X, then he got out of the Hummer, while still staring at him. He directed some sharp sounds at someone from inside the car, this time looking irritated, then got back at the wheel and quickly drove away. The car had no license plates, either on the front or back.

Colonel X estimated the reptilian to be 2.00m (78.7 inches) high, with yellow eyes and cat-type slits.

The Colonel looked around to see if someone else had witnessed the event, but he was alone. Then he noticed the gas station's video camera. Unfortunately, the attendant told him that the camera was "just for decoration" and had no practical use, other than scare any potential robbers. Thinking that this was a very well-played hoax, he got back into the car and continued his journey.

After several miles, he was still very upset by the events, when he saw the same Hummer with all four doors opened. On the shoulder, he noticed two dark green reptilians that seemed to be arguing. The second reptilian was 15-20 cm (5,9 - 7,9 inches) higher than the first one. It wasn't wearing clothes or boots and had lizard-type feet and unlike the first one, it also had a tail.

On the street, trucks were passing by in both directions and the drivers were pointing at the creatures, but nobody pulled over. Then, Colonel X got his mobile phone out and took several photographs of the reptilians who seemed oblivious to the situation.

After 3-5 minutes, the two reptilians got back into the Hummer and drove back, at high speed, in the direction they initially came from. The Colonel looked again at the pictures from his mobile phone and rushed for Bucharest in order to contact General Streinu and together decide what to do with the astonishing pictures.

Back in Bucharest, the phone clearly showed 11 pictures, but all of them were completely green. Together with General Streinu, they headed to a phone service company that couldn't help them either. It was like the Colonel photographed a bright green light.

For two weeks they analyzed the story in great detail and searched for witnesses, but all efforts ended up in failure.

General Streinu concluded: "Only one thing is sure: we live in a world that we only THINK we know, having a false impression that we are its masters. In fact, we are only subtenants in transit, on a planet that never belonged to us, and have no idea what our purpose really is..."



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