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Sunday, September 03, 2023

Experiencer Encounters INSECTOID 'ANT' BEING in Joshua Tree National Park

A woman and her two friends were camping at Joshua Tree National Park when she perceived an insectoid 'ant-like' being. She later wonders if there was a connection with the Hopi Ant People legend.

“In October 2016, Rae Dove claims that she and two friends traveled to the Joshua Tree National Park to camp. All of them had an interest in ufology and hoped something would happen on their trip. On the first night, while lying in her tent, Dove was awakened by a large bug crawling across her face. Thinking it might be a spider, she immediately sprang up grabbed the bug off her face, and tossed it. “I could hear it hit the side of the tent, it was that big,” she noted. She began to fall back asleep. She felt guilty (or something) and thought about removing the bug from the tent but was tired. “I suddenly woke up again feeling that same squishy bug walking across my face however this time with more composure and care I gently pulled the mystery bug off my face. I did that and placed it on the floor of my tent and shined my flashlight on it to see what it actually was. It was the largest ant I have ever seen. It must have been half an inch long.” She noted that it was a transparent golden color. “Not your normal everyday red and black little ants walking around, for sure. This ant definitely didn't resemble the little red ants I had seen earlier that day outside our camp.” She gently scooped it up and put it outside. That morning they all left.

The very next day, a Saturday, they decided to return that night and do another campout. They went off the main road far into the heart of the park. It was a bumpy dirt road in the middle of nowhere. “We found a spot next to a small dried-out wash to one side of us and tall bushes surrounding us. We set up our chairs facing each other as we meditated, something we practice in order to raise our consciousnesses for sharper perception,” she noted. Soon, the person sitting to her left, via his third eye vision, told her that two bright basketball-sized light flashes were going off next to her about three feet off the ground and 15 minutes apart. Dove, of course, could not see anything but she began to feel something and it was weird. “I could feel in the back of my head this is similar to what some would refer to as hair raising. It felt like someone was standing directly behind me. About this time I said out loud, 'They're here!'” The person seated next to Dove noted that he could feel them too. “We didn't know who they were but intuitively knew that non-human beings were very near us. We could feel their presence.” Dove attempted to communicate in her mind, and at one point felt a connection though it felt emotionless. “This being felt void of any strong feelings that I could pick up on although there did seem to be a hint of curiosity on his part,” she recalled. “With my eyes closed I saw the being, with what some would call your third eye or intuitive vision. I only saw the outlining shape of the being's head. It was like that of an elongated upside-down triangle. At the same time the person sitting next to me also intuitively picked up on a feeling of an insect with an elongated upside-down triangular head, as well. Then with my eyes still closed, I saw in my inner vision an approaching tall maybe six-foot non-human being walking down the wash that was directly in front of me up towards the person to my left. Surprised, I opened my eyes and could still see the being approaching.”

According to Dove, the being seemed to be phasing in and out ever so slightly as he walked. “He had his head turned to the side looking directly at me. It was as if he was not actually touching the ground as he walked but was gliding over It smoothly like on an elevator belt. He stopped within two feet of the person to my left, then turned slightly towards me almost brushing against the person's side which was felt on the arm of my fellow participant as a light brush. The being then phased out I could no longer see him for a moment. Then suddenly I sensed the being standing directly in front of me very close and watching me intently. It felt like a presence of warm energy. I could strongly sense the energy of this being.”

Dove attempted to communicate in her mind with the being, pushing thoughts of benevolence and peace. “He was still looking straight at me. His body then faded out leaving only the outline of his head with large round dark shiny eyes... I then asked him telepathically, 'Who are you?' As I waited for a response, his face slowly moved closer to mine until it stopped just one foot away from mine. He drew in closer still as his face phased out completely leaving only his two dark eyes at eye level with my own eyes, fixated on mine keenly and piercing me as though he was trying to read me. I would open my eyes then close them, then open them again but his eyes were still there. His eyes drew in closer still and in an intensely piercing fashion he said to me, slowly telepathically, 'We are of the Earth, and from the Earth, we are from an ancient line going back eons.' Then his eyes dissolved into the night as I started feeling this strong connection like connecting the dots from this being and that mysterious gold ant that was in my tent the night before. I would see this ant-like being in my mind and then the visual would suddenly switch back to the ant then back to the being again. This repeated several times back and forth I felt a great respect for this being and the ant equally. We all sat in stillness and quietness for quite a while afterward feeling the beings continued presence surrounding us. It felt as though there was more than one insectoid like being there with us.”

In the years since her experience, she wondered if the being she saw was connected to the Hopi Ant People. “Could these ant-like insectoid beings that I met not be confused with mantis-like beings, Greys or others similarly described beings, possibly be the same ant people of the legends and lore of the Hopi and other indigenous peoples. I believe that this is entirely possible and I get a strong sense that after my experience with them, this is the case. The Hopi people have described ant-like beings that were friendly, and helpful and acted as teachers. They were kind and were ultra peaceful people. The one I met certainly fit all of these characteristics.”

Source: “Insectoid-Like Beings: I Met One Face to Face! The Legendary Hopi Ant People?”. Rae Dove Podcast. Dove, Rae. Host. 19 May 2023

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