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Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Experiencer Recalls Abductions and UFO Incident

I received the following account from an experiencer, after they had heard me during my recent interview with James Bartley on the 'Cosmic Switchboard:'

Abduction experience:

Date: in the year 2000 or 2001 (I can't pinpoint more precisely), I was in my early twenties (born in 1977).
Location: city of Lausanne, Switzerland (on the edge of Lake Geneva/Lake Leman).
Recurrence: 3 nights in-a-row, then never again (that I remember).

I was in nursing school at the time, renting a small room in the tower-like school building (next to the CHUV, the University hospital of Lausanne).

At a personal level, I wasn't doing very good. I was struggling with a problem of bulimia-anorexia. I would have a binge eating crisis every evening, and if, for whatever reason, I couldn't, I would go into panic mode. Much like a junkie.

But one evening though, while in my room, I became aware that the compulsion wasn't there. It simply was gone. That was startling, and very empowering. I could feel that "something was different in the air" beside that fact, without being able to say what.

Eventually it was time to go to bed, which I did. As I recall, as soon as I laid my head on the pillow, without going into the phase of getting asleep, I felt myself being powerfully "sucked" backwards, extremely quickly, with a strong vertigo feeling in my stomach. Next, I was aware of being in a circular, dimly lit "room", with several rectangular "doors" - or what felt like doors - along the curved wall. Unfortunately, I cannot describe the environment more precisely than that. The type of materials, how were the doors exactly, the wall... I don't remember. I will say though that it didn't feel like I was inside of a craft. That's about what I can say about the environment.

I was aware of lying on my back, with a heavy weight on my chest (no respiratory problems felt). I was feeling afraid, but not panicked. I began feeling angry because I wanted to stand up and couldn't. I was able to move my limbs freely and began struggling mightily to try to get up. I thought to myself, "Gee, I'm struggling so much that when I will open my eyes in my bed, I will see the mess I'm making".

In fact, I "knew" that I was in two places at the same time. I had the awareness to be in that room, and to still be lying in my bed. I was convinced that the movements I was making in that "room", I (or my body) was making them in my bed also. I think this is what is called bilocation.

I was aware of the presence of one or more beings, responsible for the weight I was feeling on my chest. I didn't have the feeling that an entity was literally "sitting" on my chest, though. I don't remember either the number of beings nor how they looked. To the most, something that I could say would be a color: brownish. But with regard to their shape, height and other details, it's not in my memory. I don't remember what might have happened further in that circular "room".

What I do remember next is opening my eyes in my bedroom, utterly shocked to find myself laying fine in my undisturbed bed. That fact was even more shocking to me than the rest of the experience.

I spent the next day at school trying to understand just what had happened. I knew it was not a dream, it felt completely different. At the time, I had next to zero awareness of ET's/aliens. Zero awareness of "abductions". It was making sense to me that we humans were not the only sentient species out there, but that was about it at the time.

In the evening of that second day, I got the sensation that the experience would happen again. I was feeling somewhat afraid, but again, strangely, not panicked nor terrorised. When I went to bed and laid my head on the pillow, it happened again. I thought to myself, "Oh no" while feeling the "sucking" backwards phenomenon. And the exact same scenario repeated: I was in the same place, laying on my back, same weight on my chest, again unable to free myself and stand up. Next thing I remember is like the night prior: I open my eyes in my bedroom, not recalling anything more of what might have happened in that circular room.

Now on the third day, I was feeling fed up. I was mentally preparing for being able, this time, to stand up. I was going to show "them". :)

I was anticipating the night and the reoccurrence of the experience. So when it did happen again, I was satisfied and all pumped up. However, the same scenario repeated and I was unable to stand up in that circular room. I "prepared" for a fourth occurrence, but it didn't happen. It never happened again since. On the fifth or sixth day, my eating compulsion came back and my bulimia-anorexia problem resumed.

NOTE: Since then, I have read on the internet that those instances of feeling a weight on the chest are often linked with a rape scenario by Reptilians. That's probably why I can't remember (yet) what really happened during the experience.

UFO sighting:

Date: end of June 2017.
Location: small town of Ascona, Switzerland, near Locarno (on the edge of Lake Maggiore).
Type: 4 dim lights, of a light blue color, silently gliding over my rooftop, at slow speed and low altitude.

It was night time, I was sitting on my balcony watching the stars as usual. From the corner of my eye, I saw a movement on the left and looked at it. I saw four dim lights silently and slowly gliding, disappearing after 2 seconds behind the rooftop of the building. My first thought was an emotionless, "Yeah, that's a UFO." Then, I thought it would be stupid not to try to see it better, so I jumped off my chair and ran to the corner of my balcony, leaned over the barrier slightly and could see the four lights for 3-4 more seconds before they disappeared again behind the roof.

"This doesn't make any sense", I thought. Here, in Ascona? This is a very touristic small town, the whole region is dotted with villages, hamlets and houses all around the lake. No wilderness at all.

The other thing that didn't make any sense was the neighbour's absence of reaction. In the neighbouring building, positioned at 90° from mine, a neighbour was also on his balcony, smoking a cigarette. The UFO was to my left but for him, from where he was positioned, the UFO was straight in his line of sight, directly in front of him. He couldn't have missed it, because it was rather big and noticeable.

When I say "big", I don't mean that the craft itself was big but rather, it appeared big because it was flying at such a low altitude. I'm not good with distances and measurements, but the craft would be almost as big as my fist with my arm extended. The four lights were on the bottom of the craft, probably either at each corner, or along the edges, indicating a flat bottom. I didn't see the entire outline/silhouette of the craft, but I have a sense that it was a flat craft, not domed.

Moments later, upon thinking about why the neighbour didn't show any sign of agitation or anything, I remembered having read on the internet that sometimes, crafts could somehow be made to be noticed and seen only by one or several targeted persons.
Somewhat disturbed by that thought, I decided that if something were to happen that night, I would wake myself up.

I did have a strange dream that night. And it was a dream, it had the typical feeling and symbolic language of dreams.

In that dream, I was on my balcony - another one that the actual one - and I was looking at an owl (I don't consciously recall having ever dreamt of owls before. I did dream, as a child, of the rectangular head of a grey vacuum-cleaner gliding in the air towards me though... and many other nightmares). Anyways, that owl didn't have spread wings though; it was just the head and the body approaching towards me. At some point, it shifted its position to 90° as it continued to come closer (much like, as an analogy, when someone lying in their bed opens their eyes and sees someone leaning over them from the side of the bed, at 90°).
Next, I was leaning over the balcony to watch the balcony below. It was packed full of baby owls. And there were also other baby creatures that I couldn't figure out. They were unknown to me. They felt mammalian, possibly feline, with a fur that seemed very soft, the same grey color as that of baby penguins. I was trying to recognise them and couldn't, so I went in the apartment to fetch a camera and take a picture of them. But that's when I heard the telephone ring. The voicemail was on and I heard a masculine voice asking, "Miss? Miss? You haven't forgotten our appointment, have you?" I pondered the possibility of not answering and strangely, I began feeling a sensation of sexual arousal increasing. And then I woke up, becoming aware that my body was sexually very aroused - which I didn't appreciate, of course. Odile

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