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Saturday, July 27, 2019

ET Encounters in the United Kingdom - Part III

ET Encounters in the United Kingdom, Part III

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” author of the international, awards-winning Venus Rising series of books, available on amazon.com, while supplies last

Tales of the “Wee Folk” Abound

Long before little green men from Mars ever showed up in the British Isles, there were countless tales of the fairies, or pixies, that had been passed down through the ages. Some theologians of Medieval times speculated that the fairies in their midst were Druids being punished with a small stature for their refusal to be converted to the Christian faith. Others assumed that they were descended from the Picts, a people hailing from eastern and northern Scotland who were allegedly steeped in the occult and supposedly engaged in improper relations with demons. It wasn’t until the modern era of ufology that anyone gave any thought to the possibility that these “wee folk” might be a type of extraterrestrial or ultra-dimensional visitor.

The fairies and pixies abound in the art and folktales of all peoples scattered throughout the British Isles. Keen mythologists who study reports of the wee folk have noted some differences between the so-called fairies and pixies. From the plethora of available reports, it appears as though the pixies exhibit a proclivity to joyously prance around in the buff. Most of the pixies are wingless. However, those that have been observed in flight, fluttering their wings like butterflies, have flung their pixie dust down on their admirers below. The pixies are quite fond of human beings and physically appear very human in their features. The pixies tend toward rewarding those who demonstrate thoughtfulness or perform acts of kindness. On the other hand, they are quick to scold those manifesting ill will toward fellow humans, or even disrespecting animals or insects. Pixies have sometimes been held responsible for the abduction of babies or little children. But to their credit, the babies or children are usually brought back the next day, unharmed.

The fairies are more enigmatic than the pixies. Peoples of the British Isles believed that the fairies were more metaphysical, preternatural or supernatural beings due to their manifesting the ability to shape shift. The fairies usually take on an attractive human form; although some appear in more repulsive forms, such as trolls. In many instances, the fairies have assumed the form of a family member, usually a baby, child or elder person in order to win the trust of a percipient. Of the fairies, it has also been recognized from the earliest folk tales that at times they have taken on the appearance of tall, fair and alluring Nordics. The most popular identification of fairies, however, rests in the image of small, sprite-like creatures that originally could fly without visible wings. They were believed to accomplish this feat by magic. Wings were not considered a common trait of the fairies in the older accounts. During the Victorian Era, fairies became more romanticized, so to speak, and were described as possessing beautiful wings like those of butterflies or dragonflies.

The “Cottingley Fairies” appeared in a series of five photographs taken by Elsie Wright (1901–1988) and Frances Griffiths (1907–1986), two young cousins who lived in Cottingley, near Bradford in England. The photograph above was the first in the series, depicting the then younger Frances at age 9 and snapped by the older cousin Elsie. The pictures came to the attention of the great spiritualist writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who used them to illustrate an article on fairies he had been commissioned to write for the Christmas 1920 edition of Strand Magazine.

The Fencehouses Occupant Encounter

One has to wonder if many of the accounts of fairies and pixies throughout the United Kingdom might have been misinterpretations of extraterrestrial visitations. The following encounter occurred on 3 September 1976 at 9 p.m., when a 63-year old woman that we shall refer to as Mrs. A, was walking past a waste dump with her 18-year old granddaughter, that we shall hence acknowledge as Miss B, in the little village of Fencehouses in the County Durham, England. Since the time of the incident, the area has been cleaned up and leveled for construction. However, it is still peppered with disused but cordoned-off mine shafts. The case was initially investigated by Northern UFO Network (NUFON) researcher John Rouse.

As the two were returning home to Fencehouses after a visit with relatives, they passed the dump as they had done on countless other occasions. But this time they saw a strange object on a mound of dirt. It was very small and irregular in shape; so it was difficult for the grandmother and her granddaughter to provide an estimate of its size. Mrs. A guessed that the object might have been about 5 feet in length and perhaps some 3 to 3 and ½ feet in height. It was roughly oval in shape and had a large, glass-like compartment in its center. The object also had a bright orange dome on top. It was resting on sled-like runners. These were seemingly composed of chrome or steel.

The witnesses stated that they were not afraid and were somewhat attracted to the object, almost in a “hypnotic fashion.” As the two approached the object, both were overcome by an odd effect. There had been a moderate wind and scattered clouds in the twilight sky; but all of a sudden, the wind stopped. The trees seemed to stop swaying and all of the traffic that was on the road had just disappeared. Even the grandmother’s watch had stopped ticking at this point; although it did resume working normally afterwards. Rouse noted that, “It was almost as if they were suspended in time.”

With Mrs. A right up to the craft, she was able to run her hand along the side of it. She noted that it was very smooth and glass-like. It even felt warm and pleasing to the touch. Suddenly, two entities appeared by the side of the object. They were the size of dolls, each being about 1 foot tall. “Basically,” informs Rouse, “they were humanoid in shape with long, white hair parted down the middle. They had large eyes and claw-like fingers. They appeared to be frightened by the witnesses and put both hands up to their faces.”

At this point, the witnesses became somewhat confused and disoriented, particularly as to time. There was a missing half-hour in which they could not remember what happened to themselves or to the mysterious beings. All that Mrs. A and Miss B could remember was being startled by the object taking off, at great speed, and making a sort of buzzing noise, like you would hear in the vicinity of a beehive.


On the following day, as Mrs. A was attempting to plug in a vacuum cleaner in her home, she discovered that she could not insert it into the socket. Rouse comments that, “It was as if some force were pushing her hands back.” Keep in mind, dear readers, that she had touched the object. Well, in the end, her daughter had to come over and put the plug in the socket for her.

Rouse believed that the case was genuine and called for samples of soil and vegetation analysis from the site by qualified representatives of NUFON. Nothing conclusive was found.

While Mrs. A and Miss B were not distressed during the incident, they were extremely so in the days that followed. Remember that during the event, they felt calm, as if they were in a state of hypnosis. The witnesses said that they felt good about getting this whole episode off their chests by talking with the NUFON investigator John Rouse. Nevertheless, neither of them desired any publicity about their encounter. Rouse reasoned that, “She is very worried about the consequences of the press getting hold of the story.”

Rouse noted a similarity with the case of Mrs. Lainchbury as reported in the Flying Saucer Review, Volume 22, Number 3, October 1976 issue. In this incident, the witness claimed visits from similar, small-statured entities from an extraterrestrial base on Pluto. Throughout most of the encounter, Mrs. Lainchbury found herself in a trance-like situation; and subsequently acted in a very similar manner to Mrs. A of Fencehouses. Also being in her mid-60s, Mrs. Lainchbury decided that she had said enough about the matter and asked the UFO investigators to just drop the whole matter, which they did.


One cannot help but note the similarities in all three of the UFO cases from the United Kingdom that we have explored in this series. It was clear that all of these incidents exhibited a high degree of subjectivity insofar as there was no trace of the object in question, almost as if it had never even been there. There was something “unreal” about all of these encounters, even to the point of classifying them as “psychic” in nature. However, just because they are subjective does not mean that they should be ignored. I have to agree with John Rouse’s assessment that, “There is the possibility that whatever causes the UFO phenomenon has the ability to make us see just what it wants us to see – or what we want to see.” He adds that, “The trance-like condition of time suspension is another familiar aspect of close encounters, although the extreme small size of the entities in the Fencehouses incident is most unusual – but not unprecedented.”

Attempts to solicit more information from the 18-year old girl proved futile. She refused to say anything more about the spritely alien visitors.

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