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Monday, July 15, 2019

A Strange Scary Night in DeSoto, Illinois

“It's been about a decade and it's finally time. I want to say before I even get into this story is that, one, I don't have any neurological disorders. I do have ADHD, but other than that I don't have any sleep disorders, any neurological disorders. I'm a pretty healthy person in general and I haven't had any, I mean, there's nothing of note. This story that I'm going to tell you, this is something that actually happened. Am I saying that I was abducted by aliens if actually that is what happened to me? No, but this thing that actually happened to me does...it does parallel abduction stories and I can't explain it. I've never experienced anything like it before and I don't think I'll experience anything like it again, at least, I hope I won't because it's terrifying.

Okay, so for this to make sense I need to kind of explain my living situation at the time when this event happened. I was living back on my parent's property which is my grandparents old farm in DeSoto, Illinois. So my parents have a house on this huge field. I had had to move back in due to the Derecho (a storm that ravaged Illinois in May 2009). Earlier that year this big storm came in and devastated the region, destroyed the house that I was living in, so I had moved back in to my parents but there wasn't anywhere for me to move back into, in the house, so where I ended up staying was this finished room inside an otherwise unfinished garage. Now this garage, I'd say, is at least a couple hundred feet from the actual house where everyone else is staying. So it was me living in this finished room inside this huge unfinished garage. And then around us is a field in De Soto.

So the night this event happened, I was sitting on my couch in my room in the garage watching 'Band of Brothers'. I'm content just enjoying myself, enjoying my time away from work at school. I have no negative emotions. I was fine. I was enjoying my time and, out of nowhere, there is a huge like 'THWACK' sound, like, if this was a graphic novel or something, it would be just written out as 'THWACK.' So this is a loud cracking noise, like if you took a huge piece of wood and like slammed it down on cement or something like that. Just this loud clap. I can't describe it but that's as close as I can. This noise, out of nowhere, came from behind me but I had a sense of, like, that it was in the air behind me, like, right outside the window that was to the left of me. And simultaneously the dogs...Diego, my dog, who is still here and also this pitbull that I had at the time, go ballistic! I mean, you know, I grew up with dogs. I was always responsible for taking care of the dogs when I was kid, like, I've always had dogs. I've never heard my dog or any dog sound as just, like, ferocious. I don't know... the dogs went crazy and I don't know how to describe it. You could tell that they were like ferocious in a way that I've never experienced them being before but anyway, simultaneously with that sound happening, which in and of itself, a loud noise is not a scary thing, the dogs freaking out is not a scary thing, though, they were barking and yelping and making noise in a way that I've never heard before. I moved out really young. I lived in a trailer park with like meth heads and stuff when I was a teenager, like, alone. I'd had a lot of life experience. I didn't scare easy.

Those things alone don't add up too much but simultaneously to that, and I guess this goes without saying, but that summer and the months leading up to this, I'd been seeing orbs regularly. I'm not sure if I'd seen the triangular craft at this point but I'd seed mini-orbs in the sky, lights in the sky that moved in ways that didn't make any sense and, at first, I was really curious about them but then as time went on I started to become a little uneasy about all of the orbs and activity because they started following me too. I worked in Carbondale, going on Highway 51 to go to work at night. I worked in a movie theater at the time and they started to follow alongside of my car. Then once I get around the Big Muddy River typically is where they would either stop or they'd like shoot up in the sky or something. So that kind of left me uneasy, them following me and stuff. The amount that I was seeing them was daily at times, daily occurrences. But anyway, so I'd been seeing orbs. They weren't making me feel too great.

So this loud THWACK...with no thought, immediately after that noise, like with every cell and fibre of my being, I knew that I was in danger. I got up immediately and went to my bed and pulled the covers over my head. I'm 19, I've been through some sh-t and because of a noise I'm, like, pulling covers over my head...and this thought kept running through my head: 'You need to turn off the lights because they they can see you. You need to be undercover so they can't see you. You need to hide so they can't see you. You need to make it so they can't see you.' This kept going over and over in my head and I remember laying on my bed and the TV's right beside me. I'm trying to muster up the courage to turn off the TV but I couldn't. I was frozen. I couldn't muster up the courage to do that. My lights were still on. My phone is dead. My house is far away and I'm just under these covers, like, scared for my life. It's so hard to describe because I've never experienced terror in this way before but as I'm laying there, scared out of my mind, for seemingly no reason, with the lights on, wide awake. I wasn't sleepy before this happened. Everything was fine.

This generator noise starts up or it sounds like a motor. It's hard to describe but basically it was so low, the frequency was so low, that you couldn't really audibly hear it. You know when you're at a concert and the bass, you don't hear it but you are feeling it in your chest, rather? It was basically like that. So this motor kind of generator sort of frequency, is something that I'm now aware of all of a sudden and I can feel it in my body during this event. I'm still terrified. All these things I'm telling you happened in maybe two minutes. It felt like an eternity but this is all really fast.

So I'm laying there terrified. I'm hearing or just sensing this motor thing. It wasn't an earthquake. I've like experienced earthquakes before. It was nothing like that. I'm laying there and I'm looking down at my body (under the covers), and I remember it starts moving. I'm laying down and my body starts moving like this (back and forth horizontally). It wasn't a lot. I wasn't coming off the bed or anything but the bed was still and I start moving back and forth just a little bit and I'm still making contact with the bed. My body is moving back and forth...and then I wake up the next day. The time was just gone in between. I woke up and the lights were off. The TV was off. I was in my bed like nothing had happened and I have no way to explain it.

Up until that point I'd been kind of vocal, like first time I saw an orb, I told my friends. We were at Steak and Jake's and I told them, ;I think I saw a UFO. Let's go stargazing to see if we can see something again. It's kind of interesting.' But the more I started seeing things, the more I started thinking, maybe I should keep quiet about this. And then by the time I had whatever that experience was that I just told you about, I didn't really tell anyone about it. I told the person that I was with, my partner at the time but I didn't tell anyone else about it and since that happened.”

Source: Youtuber Lilly Dee from a video titled “My Alien Abduction Experience” published on 22 Feb 2019

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