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Monday, May 20, 2019

Two Upright Canine Incidents in Wisconsin

“I saw this beast in Wausau, Wisconsin on September 21, 2008. Me and another person were in the car on a two lane road with farms on each sides. I passed at about 100 mph in a AUDI (1:00 or 2:00 AM) RIGHT NEXT TO IT, it was in the opposite lane, right next to the markings on the middle of the road. I asked the person next to me to explain what she saw, she described everything in detail, exactly what I saw. This thing exists, it has a wolf face, and is bear sized. I turned the car around in 20 seconds and it was gone! I saw it, and it was eating a carcass of a deer, in the middle of the road. I have nothing to gain from lying or inventing. I asked the passenger of the car I was driving to describe what she saw- bear-like creature, size, with wolf like face and teeth, red eyes. I would rather it eat road kill then it go hunting humans. I almost killed the damned thing as I sped by at 100mph, it was in the middle of the road. If I had killed it, at least someone would have believed me. Some people may call me crazy, but when I saw this crazy beast, I turned my car around in 20 seconds, and it had vanished.” YL


“My husband saw a creature in Orfordville, Wisconsin back in the late 90's off of Old Highway 11. He was picking up speed to continue onto the highway and the wolf (?) was on the side of the road on all fours and it then got up and walked in front of my husband's car and looked right at my husband. He said the wolf creature had a huge muzzle and yellow eyes. He said it then ran on two legs across the road into the cornfield. Needless to say, my hubby got the heck outta dodge! Believe! My husband and I live in Janesville, Wisconsin which is less than an hour from Elkhorn. In 1998 or so my husband was coming back from visiting a friend of ours in Orfordville, WI and he saw something on the right side of his car as he was driving down Hwy 11 heading back to where we lived at the time. This creature was down on all 4's at first but then got up on 2 legs and ran in front of his car. It had a long snout, very hairy and about 6 ft. tall. There are things we can't explain but do exist.” Medusa63

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