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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Excerpt - 'Alien Disclosure: Experiencers Expose Reality'

The Abduction Scenario - (Excerpt)

Human technology has dramatically expanded in the past century. It’s difficult to believe that there has not been some degree of support offered by a higher intelligence. But at what point did this intervention begin? Were the seeds of advanced science sown during early contact, and allowed to germinate at a specific pace? Was humankind then given a green light to accelerate their technological prowess during the 20th century? How has this altered the human-alien connection?

In the past decade, there seems to be more diversity when it comes to alien contact with humans. A progression of advanced intelligence and technology by non-terrestrial beings has become more evident to experiencers. Abduction and close encounter descriptions are more complex and esoteric. Accounts of cloaking, portals, physical transformation and other extraordinary activities are becoming more apparent.

In the 1940s through the 1990s, an abduction scenario usually followed a similar process. Most times, the alien captors originated from a type of craft or UFO. After securing the human subject, they would return to the craft. The subject was rendered immobile by hypnosis or by an induction of a drug, then laid on a metallic table for examination. The alien captors would conduct a variety of tests and scans, which was usually followed by a collection of body fluids or tissue. On many occasions, these collections involved procuring sperm samples from a human male and embryos from a human female.

After the examination and testing, the human subject would be shown images of the future of life on Earth. It was always a gloom and doom sequence of events; a warning that Earth was destined for destruction by our own hand, and that changes must soon begin.

But in some cases, a glimmer of hope would be introduced to the abductee. An image of a group of humans, performing every-day tasks, would be shown. A question was then asked to the subject, in essence; “Which of these people are not human?” The subject would look closely and then respond that all the people were human. Then a reply would follow; “You now see; this is the future and it will be good for all.”

I was beginning to hear these suggestions of human-alien hybrids and integration being presented to abductees around the late 1990s. More and more female abductees were coming forward and talking about lost pregnancies after the first trimester. In other words, the female experiencer was abducted, and the fetus was removed. As well, male abductees were describing situations where they would ‘meet’ a hybrid child during their abduction, where it was obvious that this was his offspring.

The types of non-terrestrial races involved in these incidents was also evolving. Rarely were abductions only carried out by the ‘Greys’ and human-like hybrids. In recent years, we have interviewed abductees who have described upwards to 4-5 different types of beings carrying out various functions during the abduction event. What could be the reason behind these noticeable revisions in alien abductions? Are humans now being subjected to an intense ‘redesign’ by these captors, resulting in an integration of the species? Has alien artificial intelligence already become a distinct part of modern humans?

I stated in the introduction of this book that I was conscious of a single personal abduction, even though I am positive that there were other incidents. These personal incidents also include several close encounters. Alien abductions tend to be a long-term endeavor for the experiencer, resulting in multiple events over many years. As well, there is usually a history of alien contact and abductions with other generations of the family. In recent years, some researchers have claimed that a majority of experiencers did not have the Rh factor in their blood, and that most of these people had also possessed the O type. This may be true, but I believe that more research is needed before we can designate these elements as a distinction or reason to why certain individuals are chosen.

Most of the abduction scenarios I will present in this book occurred in the past 20 years. These accounts are from actual experiencers who came forward to me or my colleagues in order to ask questions and to find explanations. I don’t pretend to have all the answers or assume to satisfy each person’s expectations. I can offer my opinions and theories, and in certain cases I can provide additional help through remote viewing or my intuitive abilities. But the experiencer will eventually need to determine how they will come to terms with their ordeal. Lon Strickler - 'Alien Disclosure: Experiencers Expose Reality'

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