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Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Bizarre Canine-Like Creature

Bizarre Canine-Like Creature

Sarah in Ashland, Oregon called to tell of her weird dog creature sighting:

“I wanted to tell you about a supernatural experience I had about seven years ago. I live in southern Oregon. And I was driving on Upper Applegate Road to my job at a small ranch and I had heard about a fatality accident. Quite terrible accident that had occurred on that road. The road is rural and it’s quite winding. And so I was looking as I was driving to my job, I was looking onto the road to see if I could see where the crash occurred because I wanted to be a better driver, a more careful driver. So I came to a point where I came around a bend and I saw these horrendous skid marks all over the road and just as I was observing these skid marks, I saw this dog-like creature from my side of the road, run across the road in front of me, right over the skid marks and into this embankment that was on a 90 degree angle. This dog-like creature started to just run right up this embankment that was at a degree angle and then it just disappeared. And then I was driving slowly because it was a difficult corner and I was absolutely in shock because I'm fairly familiar with wildlife and this was the type of creature that I had never seen before or since and it vanished. It vanished into this embankment.

To this day I just have no explanation for what it was. It kind of looks like the pictures of Chupacabra on the internet that I seen because it wasn’t large, it was larger than a dog and kind of hairy and shaggy and hunched over looking. It was very fast. It was very fast and the way it climbed up the side of the embankment was very unnatural for most animals. I don't know what to make of it but I thought it was very eerie to me that I saw this creature right at the same spot where there had been this horrendous fatality accident. I arrived at the ranch, I felt very shaken because I couldn't wrap my head around what I had seen but, you know, that was my story. That’s what I saw. I have no idea what that creature was. It was kind of ugly looking, very shaggy, dirty looking something, I don’t know but it completely disappeared into the side of this embankment. It just disappeared. It startled me because I was on alert because I was looking for the place where these people had skidded out. And, you know, I had my mind on that and I wasn't expecting to see this creature run across the road. It was very unexpected. And, you know, the creature was far enough ahead of me that I didn’t have to slam on my brakes but I could clearly see it. And then it just started up the embankment at a 90 degree angle and disappeared.”

Source: Coast to Coast - August 31, 2018

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