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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Departed Cat Makes Herself Known

“I had a cat related paranormal encounter in 2015. My oldest cat Suzie (an all black domestic short-hair female) passed away in May of 2014 at about the age of 21 years old. I had her cremated and decided not to have the remains returned to me. I think I made that decision because I don't think pet animal cremations are individual cremations and rather they are group cremations and the remains are a mix of several pets together. Maybe I'm wrong. Even if it is a group, maybe that isn't so bad as you would have remains of several special friends. The vet was thoughtful enough to save a clipping of her fur and sent it to me with a sympathy card. I was truly touched that the vet took the time to do something so special. Until that point I had never thought of keeping a physical portion of the deceased pet. A clipping of her fur was in my opinion better than cremated remains because it was the actual fur she had when she was alive. I keep the card and fur in my bedroom.

One day in 2015, I can't remember the exact date (though I should have recorded it), but I think it was either May or June, so about a year after her passing. My sleeping pattern was still set to when I was working third shift even though I had left that job 2 months earlier and was taking some time off before finding something else. So I was sleeping through the morning and waking up in the early afternoon. There I was sleeping and sometime around noon I was slowly awoken out of my sleep to the sensation of cat paws pushing down into the blanket like a cat kneads at soft cozy spots. Years earlier, I lived in an apartment and Suzie and another cat Cuddles was there and would knead the blanket when they were about to lay down on top of the covers with me in bed. That was 1998-2000 in that apartment with them doing that on top of the blankets. Now here I was, about a year after her passing being awakened to the feeling of little cat paws kneading on top of the blanket. My head is laying down so I can't see above the blanket. I am just taking in the sensation of what I am feeling to make sure I feel what I think I feel. The paws felt like they were moving up the blanket barely off the right side of my body toward my arms which were in front of my chest as I laid mostly on my right side and the blanket was pulled up far enough over my face that I could not just look down to see what was there if anything.

At this time I am also feeling the presence of someone in the room with me, but I cannot see them. I was mostly on my right side and the room felt like someone was behind me out of view. It was a very weird feeling. Like somebody was behind me out of sight about to jump and yell to scare me in a prank. There could not have been anyone there because I live alone except for my other cats (3 at the time). I kept the other cats downstairs while I would sleep. I thought for a second maybe my cats downstairs somehow managed to get a locked door open and come into my bedroom. I stayed still listening for anything that would reveal a physical body in the room with me, but nothing. My heart rate was definitely up as the realization of this being a paranormal encounter was becoming evident. I have never had something this intense happen to me before. I laid there and kept verifying what I was feeling in my mind. The cat paws kneading and the weight of them and something on top of the blanket.

This went on for what seemed like a 2 to 4 minutes then I didn't feel it anymore. When it stopped I very slowly moved the blanket so I could look down toward the end of the bed to see if something was there or if there was a spot in the blanket that something was sitting. I couldn't tell from looking at the blanket. My other cats were still downstairs after I got up. I was amazed by what I felt through the blanket for the next several days. If it was my departed Suzie, maybe having the clipping of her fur, her actual being, was like a kind of phylactery for her soul to visit me.

After this encounter I have and will continue to get a clipping of fur from my cats before they pass from this life. To anyone out there who has lost their dearly beloved pet(s) I leave you with the passage on the sympathy card for me when my Suzie passed away.”

"Grieve not,
nor speak of me with tears,
but laugh and talk of me
as if I were beside you.
I loved you so -
'twas Heaven here with you." - Isla Paschal Richardson

Source: Miller Thyme

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