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Friday, September 14, 2018

Did We Confront A Reaper?

Kim from Texas spoke to Dave Schrader about a bizarre experience she had:

“This is when I was much younger and I lived in California. I was going over to a friend's house and I was driving. I had a little MGB stick-shift at the time and I turned left on a one-way street and I pulled up in front of the place that I was going. To kind of set it up, it was two kind of rectangle buildings facing each other. They were apartments. And there was a long walkway in between those and where I pulled up there was a big gate where you go into the apartments with a large archway with a big, kind of, spring-loaded gate that you would walk through.

So when I pulled up, I pulled up with the passenger side closest to the gate. I had just pulled up, stopped and turned and looked and saw that there was this figure walking down the pathway towards us. I had a girlfriend in the car with me and we both just stopped. It was, I would say, about 8 to 9 feet tall and it looked like the Grim Reaper to me but there was no skull, there was no hands. It was just kind of blackness where the holes were. The robe was huge. I remember thinking that there was a lot of volumes of material and it was moving in slow mo. Very flowy. And as it moved toward us, it was just very slow and I was instantly just horrified, scared. That's probably the scaredest I can remember being. And you know when you get that, kind of in a panic, scared situation where it's just seconds but it feels like it lasts forever, so you have a lot of time to think? So I remember my friend yells at me to 'Go!' So I jammed the car into gear, I put the gas on it. I don't know, you have to kind of know how to drive a shift, stick-shift, but if you have the emergency brake on, you know, if you press the gas, the car will kind of hunker down and it won't go. It did that and I had enough time in the split second to look down and say, 'Okay, my brake is not on and if I make it out of this people are gonna say I had my brake on.' And so the car slowly kind of edged forward. It was like it broke free and I just kind of took off.

I remember driving for like 45 minutes before I would stop. I just was so frightened. I just drove completely across town. It was at night so I found a parking lot that had, really lit up. I pulled in there and just sat. I turned to my friend and said, 'Tell me what you saw.' And we both basically saw the same thing.”

Source: Beyond The Darkness - August 25, 2018

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